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Biographical Information

If elected, what are your priorities for economic development in your city/town/village?

If elected, what would be your top priorities in an extreme weather event?

If elected, what would you consider your top three priorities? Please detail.

What is the biggest challenge in your community and how would you address it?

Occupation Past longtime district manager for Doncaster
Education UNL bachelor of science in journalism and home economics
Current Public Office, dates held none
Past Public Office, dates held none
Military experience none
Volunteer experience York General Hospital Auxillary UNMC Board of Counselors Friends of Lied Lied Statewide Advisory Ak-Sar-Ben local representative
Address 913 W 4th York, NE
Marital Status Married
Age 76
Continue to fund York County Development Corporation to provide safe affordable housing to attract potential employees for new and existing York businesses.

Promote approval of LB840 to provide sustainable funding for business development.
The two most probable extreme events, in my opinion would be tornadoes and blizzards. My priority would be to work with and review with York County Emergency manager to have protocols in place to provide emergency services for citizens impacted by these weather events.
1. Continued improvement in transparency of city government 2. Maintaining and improving city infrastructure by reviewing and updating the comprehensive plan on a regular basis 3. Continue to provide for public safety of our residents by supporting and adequately funding our police & fire departments
Safe affordable housing which is needed to attract an adequate workforce to support new and existing businesses in York. Accomplishing this through continued support of Y.C.D.C, encouraging LB 840 support and actively participating in all State of Nebraska business incentives.
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Occupation Loan officer at Henderson State Bank and part owner of K9 Kennels in York
Education Double Major in Finance and Business Management, with a minor in Political Science from UNL. One year left in grad school.
Current Public Office, dates held None
Past Public Office, dates held None
Military experience None
Volunteer experience Past president-York Rotary; Rotary District Board Member; Chairman-York County GOP; Vice President-Library Foundation; Treasurer-York County Health Coalition; Peyton Parker Lane Playground Committee Member; YCHTTF; YCDC Board Member; +other groups
Address 931 S Grant Ave
Marital Status Married
We need to focus on growing York. This means not only more businesses, but more jobs, expanding businesses, increasing the average wage, making sure people have access to affordable housing, access to quality healthcare, access to daycare, etc. These are all important functions that the go into economic development, because in order for York to grow, we need to focus on having a well-rounded community that cares about everyone, and works to help lift everyone up.

One simple tool that York doesn't have, that we should, is LB 840. This would give access to resources for our community to help with different projects as needed. Almost every other community our size has this available. I know some towns really were able to use this during COVID to help keep people employed, and businesses operating.
People's immediate safety is always the top priority. The next focus would be figuring out how to deal with the disaster, assessing what type of damage occurred, and how best to repair it. And the long-term focus would be on helping people get their lives put back together. Whether that's related to property, housing, food, jobs, etc. we need to make sure people are taken care of.
- Creating and maintaining a balanced budget: Historically the city's expenses have outpaced revenue, and funds have been transferred out of "savings" to cover the shortfall. I believe focusing on a better budgeting/auditing process will create a greater understanding of the city's financials.

- Growing York: As I mentioned in a previous question, we need to grow York. Not just more businesses, or more people, but all aspects of York, to provide an even greater community to call home.

- Working to make sure all people are treated equally, and have access to resources: This covers many areas, from fixing zoning codes, to creating better infrastructure where pedestrians, regardless of physical ability, can utilize it to get around York. It would also cover working to make interacting with the city easier, so the average person with an idea/question, would feel more comfortable contacting the city/finding the answer.
One of the biggest challenges I see, that could easily be addressed, is the access to areas of town via ADA sidewalks/bike paths. We have some great areas from parks, pools, schools, downtown, interstate, recharge lake, etc. The problem is there's no easy way to get between these parts of town safely, unless you drive. We have a small bike path that is regularly utilized. But even that has limits on access for parents to send their kids to safely. I think we can create a network of large sidewalks/extending the bike path, between the schools, neighborhoods, parks, the businesses by the interstate, etc. We can continue to partner with Four Corners Health Department to address the best layout to help provide access to people in wheelchairs, and to keep our kids safe whether they're walking to school, or to Walmart. There are grants available that could help pay for this project.
Occupation Retired Military
Education B.S. Multidisciplinary Studies,
Current Public Office, dates held City Council Member 2016 to Present
Past Public Office, dates held Not Applicable
Military experience Retired from the United States Army as a First Sergeant. Occupation Specialties were Infantry, Recruiter, and Career Counselor. 27 years of military leadership and associated courses for career progression
Volunteer experience York Veteran's Avenue of Flags, York Junior Chamber of Commerce. Team Mates. American Legion. Veteran's of Foreign Wars.
Address 114 N. Blackburn Ave York, NE
Marital Status Married
I have always been a proponent to see York grow. I support our current commitment to our Development Corporation of $80,000 a year. If in the future additional funds are available I would like to see additional support if feasible.
The people are always the most important part of any problem that affects a community. Because Nebraska weather is so unpredictable and the type of event is not defined, this question is not easy to answer. Based on the event, the scope and impact would have to be evaluated before action is taken after we ensure the safety of our citizens. People cannot be replaced, everything else can be replaced.
In our community it is important to me that we limit the waste of our resources. We need to manage our budgets and not spend them. The monies we spend belong to the taxpayer and they deserve to have the best return on their tax dollar. Maintaining our existing facilities is very important. Why continue to add capital assets if we are not maintaining our existing assets? Before adding to our communities, we need to maintain what we already have before adding additional burdens to our budgets. Streets and utilities within a community require attention. We must always be mindful of what our community needs to keep our infrastructure in a serviceable state and avoid large projects that need to be bonded because of neglect.
Our community has added multiple positions that required the addition of salaries, benefits, vehicles, and assets. We have also added several big ticket items that have added hundreds of thousands of dollars to our annual budget, and millions in bond debt. Unfortunately it was not realized that as the expenses were greatly increased, revenues did not increase to meet the new debt and cash reserves were depleted. We are in a recovery phase to build our reserves and rebuild. I feel that we need to continue to reduce wasteful spending, limit unneeded positions, cut expenses, and build back our reserves.
Occupation Insurance Agent Professional Photographer
Education High School Graduation
Past Public Office, dates held City Council 2007-2018
Volunteer experience Local Animal Shelter, City Functions, Past Youth Group Leader, Dog Obedience Training Assistant and photographer
Address 1229 N Delaware Ave York Ne 68467
Marital Status Married
Age 59
The city has a great partnership with YCDC. Housing for middle income families is becoming available. We need to make jobs with a higher pay scale a priority along with keeping our downtown businesses open. This would include jobs for both women and men and include both trades school type jobs and professional.
Being an insurance agent and married to a police officer, I have attended yearly weather training classes for many years. Safety is of course the top priority. Working with law enforcement and first responders in setting up a plan to do whatever is necessary. This would include a base camp to organizing meals, clean up, and other types of help needed.
Maintaining a balanced budget while making sure we purchase what is needed for each department so that we do not fall behind and maintain what we have as far as buildings. Working with York Community Development Corporation in conjunction with bringing businesses to York which would create jobs, and also the development of housing. Funding for maintaining our current buildings. We need to come up with a plan that would cover the cost of big expenditure items for all of the city buildings instead of letting them go and not fixing them. Items such as a new roof, heating/air, even windows can all be costly as we are finding out. Make sure we apply for and use any grants and funding that is available for these types of items.
Jobs and shopping locally. Overall our community does a great job at trying to shop local, but there are too many times that either because of price or because it is not offered here, people go out of town. Once people go out of town for one item, it is too easy to get everything out of town. There are also people that have jobs in Lincoln, so will shop in Lincoln. We are not bringing in the revenue that we could be because of this. We don’t have the type of jobs for people to make a living off of. It is too easy to drive 50 miles for the higher pay wage.