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Loup City School Board, Dist 1

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How can your school district improve its use of technology, including broadband access, to foster better equity and educational outcomes?

What can be done to ensure the safety of students and teachers in your school?

As a school board member, how do you best advocate for your district's teachers and students in preparing students for the 21st century job market?

Occupation Operating a farm and ranch in and around Loup City NE. I’m also a Channel Seedsman.
Education Graduate of Loup City Public Schools in 1997, attended NCTA for two years, and finished in Lincoln at UNL.
Current Public Office, dates held Have been on the Loup City Public School Board for four years.
Address 78561 469th Avenue Loup City NE
Marital Status Married
Age 41
We have stayed up to date with our current technology efforts, the best way we can improve here is to become more proficient with our resources.
We have plans in place and just keep practicing them so everyone knows what to do and where to go in case of an incident.
I would like to see a better partnership with the community to make sure we are meeting the needs of it. Also never stop exploring more options to bring business back to rural Nebraska. We have a wonderful community and would like to see it grow.
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Occupation Care for livestock on our family ranch and direct market our pork products.
Education BS Agricultural Honors 1988, University of Nebraska - Lincoln MS Animal Science Reproduction 1990, University of Kentucky
Volunteer experience 4-H Leader 25+ years UMC Youth Group Leader UMC VBS Coordinator Red Cross Blood Drive Coordinator Life on the Farm Educator 15+ years
Address 78009 472 Ave Litchfield, NE 68852
Marital Status Married
Age 54
Our school has quickly adapted to the covid-19 pandemic with the roll out of home based learning using our existing laptops. In order to enhance the opportunities for technology in the long-term, we need to analyze what is available for programming, what can best be utilized by our teachers and what can most benefit our students. Once that is determined, we need to give the best possible training and support to our teachers, paras, and IT staff so that they can truly make the most of the technology and help our students achieve the greatest success. Throughout all of this pandemic, the greatest realization is that teachers and students want to be in the same room. However, we can supplement that interaction with proper and appropriate use of technology to enhance the learning experience.
Our school has a strong locked-door policy and offers one main entrance at each building. In order to ensure continued safety, we need to make sure the surveillance cameras are properly positioned, adequately monitored and also properly connected to law-enforcement officials and school administrators. We also need to consider training for teachers, coaches and staff that are responsible for supervising students at off-campus activities to ensure that the safety standards practiced in our school are continued at all school functions.
Successful students need to learn not only academics but also life skills, people skills, relationship skills, communication skills, career skills, technology skills, professional skills, leadership skills, teamwork and integrity among other things. I will advocate for this by encouraging the hiring of passionate, professional teachers of the highest integrity that will not only model great ideals but will also use their talent and training to meet each student at their level and help them reach their full potential. I will also encourage input from teachers, staff, parents and students so that the atmosphere is continually positive and everyone feels like their voice and their opinion is important. This buy-in is essential to building a strong school that helps to build mutual support for a strong community. By being inclusive, everyone is willing to give their all and their best for the benefit of the students the school, the community and ultimately the future of the world.
Occupation Bank Teller
Education College
Current Public Office, dates held Loup City School Board 2016-2020
Past Public Office, dates held Loup City School Board 1998-2014
Military experience none
Volunteer experience FCE, 4-H, St. Josaphat's Catholic Church
Address 47728 784th RD
Marital Status Married
Age 60
Technology is always changing and having faster broadband access in rural Nebraska is much needed for both school and business. I believe we need reliable broadband at a reasonable price for our staff and students. Due to the current situation with Covid 19. I believe we've discovered that going one on one with I pads has helped LCPS to transition to at home education easier than we would have in the past. Parents from other school districts that have relatives attending LCPS have complemented us on our proactive use of technology.
We at LCPS are always looking at new ways to keep our students and staff safe. Over the years I have served on the school board we have went from being an open door institution to a locked down campus. We have installed cameras in our buildings and on our grounds. We have had our staff and students doing lockdown drills. The board is always looking ways not only to keep our students physically safe but also cyber safe, by offering trainings and have conversations with both parents and students.
I believe we need to build our curriculum from the standpoint of what do we want our students to learn. Then look at the resources need to accomplish that goal. I believe we need to offer our teachers professional development to ensure that our students have the best teachers possible. I believe that the ESUs help us to accomplish this goal.