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City of Pawnee, City Council

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  • John L Dahlgren

  • Donnie Fisher

  • Bruce Haughton

  • Vickie L Zelenka

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If elected, what are your priorities for economic development in your city/town/village?

If elected, what would be your top priorities in an extreme weather event?

If elected, what would you consider your top three priorities? Please detail.

What is the biggest challenge in your community and how would you address it?

Occupation Carpentor
Education High School
Current Public Office, dates held City Council 2012-2020
Military experience None
Volunteer experience Church board, Avenue of Flags,
Address 1237 5th Street
Marital Status Married
Age 71
CJ Foods, Keeping the stores we have! Try to get more housing and rentals, Annexing, that creates more taxes for city streets and more.
A Tornado=if a storm hit the down town it would be devastating! I am sure many of are businesses would not repair. the only thing a would say is help them with grants or with reuse money.
1. the budget for the city, a person has to be smart and use common sense, for you only have what people pay in taxes to work with! 2. Sewer plant, try to keep the cost of maintenance down. each time you raise cost to customers, elderly especially you take away food, for they will pay bill before they eat! 3. Annexing some businesses in to the city limits. that does creates tax revenue.
trying to create more revenue for the city. its something you need to discuss with those businesses, sit down and explain your reason why, what can we both get from this!
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Occupation Landowner, former cattle producer, former Educator, house/apartments rental business.
Education B. S. in Education, (teaching). Insurance Agent, licensed in Nebraska
Current Public Office, dates held Pawnee Housing Authority, Vice Pres., Pawnee Historical Society, Vice Pres., Pawnee Arts Council, board member, Pawnee City Assisted Living, board member, Elder at Zion Lutheran church
Past Public Office, dates held Chartered member of Pawnee City Education foundation, past member/treasure of Pawnee City Library Foundation
Volunteer experience Developed "Pawnee Pride Association." Current and appointed by City Council
Address Pawnee City
Marital Status Same Lady (Karen), for fifty years
Age 73
We are primarily a farming community with property taxes as a real concern. I would like to work with the Economic Development Board and see if we can generate any new business activities. Also be looking at ways to improve (help) the existing small business in this area. Keeping people at home to shop is a real challenge. We are a city of less than 900 and have most everything you would need as a consumer, however we know people drive out of town each week to get their needs. Perhaps there is a need to start an incentive program that generates points (credit incentives) if you purchase at home, much like Menards, Orscheln and Caseys.
I would have the city employees and volunteers check on the elderly, making sure they have safety until the storm passes. Central Nebraska did a nice job of this during the flood of 2019. Volunteers, firefighters and the National Guard rescued a number of flood victims.
I would continue a big push to clean up vacant properties and help with homes that are in a blighted area. The main thrust is to make Pawnee City a pleasant picture to prospective home owners. In the realty business we call this "curb appeal". My second priority would be to generate some affordable housing for teachers, the elderly and single people not wanting to buy or own a house. My last priority would be to generate activities that would include the youth of the area. Encouraging them to take pride in the town they live in. This can be done by developing school-to-work programs and making available apprenticeship connection with local businessmen. This process gives school age youth (namely high school) the opportunity to explore work careers before they leave a community.
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