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North Platte School Board, Ward 2

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  • Angela R Blaesi

  • Brooke Luenenborg

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How can your school district improve its use of technology, including broadband access, to foster better equity and educational outcomes?

What can be done to ensure the safety of students and teachers in your school?

As a school board member, how do you best advocate for your district's teachers and students in preparing students for the 21st century job market?

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Marital Status Married
Age 42
In this time of remote learning the schools and internet providers in the area worked together to make sure each child had access to internet and a computer. This type of collaboration will hopefully continue after remote learning is done.
NPPSD just tried getting an initiative passed to improve the safety and security of our schools. Although they were very transparent and offered numerous opportunities for the public to attend a meeting and learn more about the issue, it still didn't pass. I think we need to try again. Safety of students and teachers is one of the top concerns and money should not stand in the way of that.
I think we advocate best by listening. We listen to what our teachers and students need. We look at what other districts our size are doing and what is working and we learn from that.