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City of Crofton, City Council, At Large

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  • Juliet de Shazer

  • Bob Evans

  • James Murphy

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If elected, what are your priorities for economic development in your city/town/village?

If elected, what would be your top priorities in an extreme weather event?

If elected, what would you consider your top three priorities? Please detail.

What is the biggest challenge in your community and how would you address it?

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Occupation I have been a Career and Technical Education teacher for thirty three years.
Education I have a Masters Degree in Career Technical Education. I attended college at USD/S until it closed in the summer of 1984. I earned a Associate Degree and VTTE Degree. I earned my Master Degree for Wayne State College.
Current Public Office, dates held I currently serve as President of the Oversight Committee for Economic Development Council. I just finished a twenty years of service as a Crofton BOE Member.
Past Public Office, dates held I served the past twenty years has a BOE member. The last half of my BOE time I proudly served my community as BOE President. While I was a BOE member I served as Secretary and Vice President.
Volunteer experience I have had the pleasure of serving my church as a Council Member. I spent many years as a volunteer at our local Senior Citizen Center. I proudly as coach in our youth softball, baseball and basketball programs.
Address Bob Evans 315 West Colorado Street POB 82 Crofton, Nebraska 68730
Marital Status I have had the pleasure of having the company of my wonderful wife for thirty-five years this spring
Age 57
As a proud member of this community I have been working with a variety of local agencies to assure the growth of town. I have taken part in researching the potential for many opportunities for growth, both short term and long term. I know that currently we are struggling to meet the needs for affordable housing for working class families in our town. We also have major concerns with daycare in our town. We simply don't have enough providers. We also have several providers that are at or close to the end of their career. We need more excellent places that parents can trust to care for their most valuable possessions. If we can continue to provide outstanding quality of life that our small town offers, and add more excellent daycare along with affordable working family housing, our community will flourish. We have a highly intelligent, highly skilled workforce. That workforce could serve as an excellent employee base for manufacturing or processing information.
My top priority would always be the care of the citizens in this community. Caring for the health and wellbeing of each individual is vitally important. When all citizens are safe and out of harms way, I would go to work assuring the community has the resources needed to mobilize and get things going back in the right direction. I would utilize every resource that was available to assist in the situation. I would seek all potential options for resources to help our cause.
I believe that we are currently in a recovery transition stage. My first priority would be to work diligently with the other Council Members to restore the faith in our city leaders. I have been working in the trenches to support the growth of a healing process. Our fine city has so much to offer. We have tremendous resource in our outstanding people. We are intelligent and very hard working with deep commitment to our faith and family. Secondly, is to help secure a sound financial future for the growth of community. We have to invest in our future. We cannot let opportunities pass us by. We have to maximize every dollar of Economic Development resources to help our community thrive and prosper. The third concern that I want to address is the need for affordable work force housing. We know that we are traditionally a Bedroom Community. We have a great place to live and attracting young workers to the community is vital. We need affordable housing for people.
The single biggest challenge is bringing our great community back to the amazing place that I choose to live in. This is a great town and we need to work together. I was part of the amazing BLUE RIBBON SCHOOL AWARD that Crofton received. I would work very hard to help our town become a BLUE RIBBON WINNER. At the heart of growing our town back together is helping people develop their talents. We have so many great people that have so much to offer. I would work to bring those talents to the forefront to help us be a strong, growing, vibrant community. We need to move forward, learning from the past and investing our efforts in future.
Occupation Insurance Agency Owner
Education Associate Degree from North East
Current Public Office, dates held none
Past Public Office, dates held none
Military experience Air Force Vet
Volunteer experience Head of Crofton Community Club Parish Counsel President for 4 years.
Address 205 W WYOMING ST
Marital Status Maried
Age 53
Crofton is a bed room community of Yankton SD. and living so close to SD we need to create a community that people want to move to. The back bone to any community in my opinion are your Schools & Churches. Crofton has been very proactive with both. We have two Elementary Schools a Catholic & Public, and a fairly new High School with land to grew. With those in place as a community we just need to keep promoting Crofton as a great place to raise a family.
First pray it never happens. Second learn from other communities that have had bad weather events like Pilger. I would send my fire chief down to towns like Pilger and ask questions, What worked and what didn't work? Then put a plan together of past experiences and hope you never have to implement them.
Infrastructure, infrastructure, infrastructure. Our water pipes and roads are terrible shape. One third of our city has rust colored water to drink and no one seems to care.
Crofton's challenges are probably like most small towns in Nebraska. No one in Crofton want's to address the big picture and that is infrastructure. I see other communities working on roads, water, sewer, and trails. We need to find out how they are paying for these improvements. I grew up in Beemer NE. in the early 70's Beemer replaced their asphalt streets with cement and their are still in great shape. Most of the streets in Crofton don't even have curb & cutters. These issues are over do they need to be addressed!!!!