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City of St Paul, City Council, At Large

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If elected, what are your priorities for economic development in your city/town/village?

If elected, what would be your top priorities in an extreme weather event?

If elected, what would you consider your top three priorities? Please detail.

What is the biggest challenge in your community and how would you address it?

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Occupation I work for First Five Nebraska, a policy group focused on early child hood education.
Education B.A. Hastings College
Volunteer experience St. Paul Library Board, St. Paul Housing Authority Board, St. Paul Rotary Club, GCA Days, Central Nebraska Community Action Partnership, South Central Economic Development District, Nebraska Economic Developer's Association
Address 1604 Custer St. St. Paul, NE 68873
Marital Status Married
Age 42
As a former economic development director, priorities include making sure that our community is spending our economic development dollars efficiently in order to position St. Paul as a number one option for businesses and residents to locate. Making sure smart investments are made to our aging infrastructure in targeted areas will help spur natural growth with housing. If elected, I'll work to make sure that issues outlined in our downtown revitalization and comprehensive plan are addressed and prioritized.
To make sure that all residents are safe and have adequate supplies during the event. After making sure those priorities are secure, start to address preventive measures for future events. This could be flood control, ditch/canal maintenance, community wide shelters, warning systems, etc.
1. Completing the downtown revitalization plan. Because there are opportunities for outside agency funding, we cannot simply kick-the-can down the road. These items (especially infrastructure) need to be addressed while these potential funders are willing to invest. 2. Indebtedness - I would like to thoroughly assess the amount of public indebtedness that the community has incurred and see if there are ways to utilize existing dollars that are in savings to pay off the debt. 3. Public transparency across all departments and spending of the community. This would include utility rates. I've heard from too many residents that can't find out information about where and why their utility or property tax dollars are being spent.
Aging infrastructure and the costs associated with replacing. We already know that we'll need to look at different systems for the sanitary sewer systems in the near future - so we need to start planning ahead with figuring out how to pay for this improvement. I would like to see a schedule create of other infrastructure needs - so that we are not "surprised" when those items need to be replaced. I would like for St. Paul to be more proactive then reactive.
Occupation Former City of St. Paul Utilities Superintendent. Retired in 2014 after 42 years of service.
Education Grand Island Senior High diploma. Various coursework and certifications to meet requirements of municipal work through Central Community College of Hastings.
Current Public Office, dates held Current Chairmen of the Planning Commission and President of the Cemetery Board for St Paul, Nebraska
Military experience U.S. Army Vietnam Veteran, 1968-1970
Volunteer experience 47 yrs American Legion, 35 yrs on the St. Paul Fire Dept. including 5 yrs as Fire Chief. GCA Days. Park Restroom Committee to build a new restroom. Raise funds by collecting aluminum cans for park improvements as we built anew gazebo in the park
Address 1103 Elm St. St. Paul, NE 68873
Marital Status Married for 49 years to my wonderful wife Charlene Schmid.
Age 71
Continue to work on bringing in new businesses and grow existing businesses. Work to improve our Hwy 281 corridor for future business and economic growth. Partner with citizens to identify sound development opportunities for our community.
Maintain the critical infrastructure of the city (electricity, water, wastewater, streets, parks,cemetery. ) Work with local, state and federal agencies to provide aid to the citizens of St Paul. Provide ongoing communicants to the citizens both during and after the event.
First, bring our wastewater system into compliance with current State and EPA rules a regulations. Second is to get our streets repaired which is very much needed now. Third, I would look into any improvements that might be needed by our citizens of St Paul.
The challenges will be to find the funds to pay for the sewer improvements mandated by the State and EPA. We must be mindful to not raise our sewer rates too high for the customers of St Paul . There will be many challenges to lower taxes and I'll work hard to do so.
Occupation Operations Research Analyst
Education University of Nebraska at Omaha
Volunteer experience Religious Education Teacher, A Woman's Touch Pregnancy Center, Siena Francis Clothing Drive Coordinator
Address St. Paul, Nebraska
Marital Status Married
Age 29
I have a lot of experience with financial analytics. I understand that economic growth is important to keep any institution thriving. I would make it a priority to ensure that growth opportunities are met with fiscal responsibility, encouraging new business but ensuring that proposed growth is beneficial to the city.
In an extreme weather event, my top priority is the safety of the people. This would include physical safety from disaster conditions as well as ensuring supplies for continued survival. My goal would be to make sure that those affected have shelter, food, water, medical attention, and any other items necessary to maintain. Once immediate safety needs have been met, my next priority is to ensure the safety of the city itself. This includes maintaining critical structures as well as how to repair and rebuild any damages sustained.
My top three priorities as an elected official are fiscal responsibility, community safety, and to be an advocate of the people. I want to ensure that city funds are spent sensibly in ways that are beneficial to the people of the city. I want to promote community safety through strong relationships with first responders including fire, police, and EMS. This would also include making sure that city services have the equipment necessary to secure public safety. I firmly believe as an elected official, it is my duty to be the voice of the people. I will always work to do my best to serve the needs of my community, addressing any concerns brought to me and always making decisions with the best interests of my community in mind.
I believe the biggest challenge in any community is to maintain a healthy fiscal environment. Last year, we faced difficulties from severe flooding. This year, we're trying to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic. It is important that we work together as a community to overcome obstacles we face. Being fiscally responsible as a city allows us to successfully prevail over any challenges that arise. Prudent spending ensures economic stability as well as continued community growth.