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    Glen Ellis

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    Joey Spellerberg

Biographical Information

If elected, what would be your top three priorities your first year in office? Please detail.

If elected, what would be your priorities for economic development in your city/town?

What measures do you advocate for keeping citizens safe from gun violence?

Why are you the best candidate for mayor? Please explain.

Occupation Software Engineer, Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner, Community Organizer
Education Raytown High School Lee Summit Community College Grace Bible College
Current Public Office, dates held Fremont City Council member, Ward 2 - Elected Nov 2018
Address 1800 N Nye Ave Fremont NE 68025
Marital Status Married, 36 years to my high school sweet heart
Age 56
Here is what I’d like to do when I become Fremont’s Mayor:

Focus on the people of Fremont - together let's determine what matters most to the citizens of Fremont. Let the people of our town have a say in the direction we move. Whether it’s beautifying our city, addressing drainage issues or igniting smart economic development… this is the people’s town.

Restore trust through transparency - town hall meetings, improving video capabilities of council meetings, create a local TV channel for important city information, keep Fremont citizens at the forefront when negotiating with corporations and developers, and do so in a judicious manner.

Prepare Fremont for the future - seek smart economic development that attracts companies outside the parameters of ag and manufacturing to make Fremont a city of choice for technology and the arts.
As a small business owner, I think that our city should be seeking out entrepreneurs to start small businesses, instead of 'Chasing Smokestacks'. I would rather have an entrepreneur eco-system that would generate 10 jobs in 100 small businesses then one company generate 1000 jobs. I know this goes against the norm that has been followed in the past, but I believe that if we want to position Fremont to be competitive in the world economy, we must be looking at other viable ways into the future.

Please don't think that I don't value our heritage of agriculture and manufacturing. That must be part of our future. What I am saying is that we need to add more diversity to our local economy by pursuing technology as another value-added industry.
Gun violence is not a major issue with the citizens of Fremont. I believe our Federal and State laws are sufficient in protecting our citizens.
I am the candidate for change. If the citizens of Fremont want to change, I am your candidate. I have a track record of voting for the people of Fremont. I know what it is going to take to make lasting change and I am willing to make the hard decisions to get it done.

Imagine a city government that keeps you informed about issues that concern you Imagine a city government that cares about what you think and listens to you Imagine a city government that is concerned about keeping taxes as low as possible Imagine a city government that spends your tax dollars wisely Imagine small businesses throughout town growing and thriving Imagine a city with walking trails throughout town Imagine a downtown full of nightlife with eateries, arts, and entertainment

This is all possible but will require a lot of work and effort. Join me in making these images become a reality.
Occupation Business Owner
Education Graduate from Archbishop Bergan High School, Fremont, NE, Bachelors degree in Marketing and Sales, University of Alabama Birmingham (UAB)
Current Public Office, dates held None
Past Public Office, dates held None
Military experience No Military Experience
Volunteer experience Chairman of the Fremont Area Leadership Prayer Breakfast, Rotarian - Fremont Rotary Club, Board Member of the Fremont Area Chamber of Commerce, Graduate of Leadership Fremont, Member of Fremont Alliance Church
Address 2705 Summerwood Cv Fremont, NE 68025
Marital Status Married
Age 30
1. Establish a Core Identity – In my business, I work with hundreds of destinations trying to promote themselves and drive tourism. I know the value of strong messaging and a clear vision. If you elect me as your next Mayor, my family and I will represent the future of Fremont. We are the best place in the USA to live, work, and raise a family! 2. Focus on our Strengths – Our world class YMCA, State Lakes Recreation Area, Midland University, and many other strengths make Fremont the great community it is. We need this positive message out there and in the forefront. 3. Communication and Collaboration - Growing Fremont Together involves being in constant communication with everyone. Unity of purpose only happens when we work together striving for the same goal. My mission will be to Grow Fremont Together by listening intently, committing to the greater good, and leading our community into the future.
Just like many towns in Nebraska, Fremont relies on its Ag economy to grow and provide good paying, primary job growth. My vision for growth is to take our strengths and attract ancillary businesses in these industries. Fremont can become one of the most innovative and attractive towns for Ag related business. Our location, quality of life, and access to work force are extremely attractive and competitive. Having high quality, primary job growth is the #1 factor in attracting people of all backgrounds to work, live, and raise a family in Fremont. I want to help the people of Fremont to have better opportunities for themselves and their families.
Respect and honor all authorities and laws regarding guns. Go through personal protection training and gain new skills and knowledge to take control of your own safety.
In the end, this election for Mayor is not about Joey Spellerberg. This is about you. The people of Fremont. You are the true heroes. To the single mom, working multiple jobs to support her children, to the small business owner who forgoes his paycheck to make payroll for his employees, to the women’s groups throughout our community dedicated to praying for all of us. When we face challenges, they become opportunities to show the the world who we truly are. And we saw that in the flooding last March, all of us coming together, unified. What was our hardest challenge became our finest hour. We will always be much better together than we are a part. As your next Mayor, I will represent your spirit, toughness, and resiliency. May God Bless the great city of Fremont, NE! Join me in Growing Fremont Together! I ask for your vote!