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City of Fremont, City Council, Fourth Ward

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If elected, what are your priorities for economic development in your city/town/village?

If elected, what would be your top priorities in an extreme weather event?

If elected, what would you consider your top three priorities? Please detail.

What is the biggest challenge in your community and how would you address it?

Occupation Small business owner
Education Educational Specialist, UNL Masters, Educational Administration UNK Masters, History UNK
Volunteer experience KIwanis member since 1993 John C Fremont Days Board 11 years
Address 2055 Parkview Fremont
Marital Status Married
Age 67
Fremont recently added a major meat packing plant to the list of prominent town operations. Lincoln Premium Poultry brought in a massive chicken processing plant, offering, potentially, over 1000 employment opportunities. As a result, providing housing for these workers and their families sits on the front burner of the economic activity stove. When this current health crisis subsides, Fremont needs to return to its efforts to add housing options to the community. While progress has been made improving city streets, Military Avenue could use an upgrade. The flooding issue around the power plant needs attention.
When the worst occurs, the top priority is safety for the population. Working from the most vulnerable to the most capable, aid must be offered to provide for the basic needs for survival. Our town experienced this type of situation during the floods of 2019. City resources, combined with private vendors, staved off what could have been a more devasting event that it was. This spring, the two entities joined up again as the levee broke west of town. This type of teamwork ought to continue. Effective collaboration of agencies is the key.
Our Council is in need of some basic training in the role of an elected board. Any elected committee, council or board serves in a policy making role. There are current members who speak for long periods of time about their personal issues. Seeking to embarass, some members attack city personnel, one another, the mayor and others with whom they have disagreements. This is all done in public...defended by a perverted notion of transparency. Until this is fixed, the Council will struggle. Extending a fire and police presence to the south and east will be on the docket. We are growing that direction quickly. Consolidation of services could reduce costs while maintaining the necessary city functions we have come to expect.
Merging new populations into our town will be a challenge for years to come. Our employment force appears to be expanding. Intergration of those new people has to be accomplished with a welcoming eye. Churches, schools and informal associations all need to focus on acceptance and assimilation. A lofty goal would be to instill pride in being a Fremont resident to all who work and live here. Recognition gives birth to personal pride; aligns the newly arrived with the culture of the town. WE all need to go out of our way to greet one another at every opportunity.
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Occupation Midlands Home Solutions
Education Graduated from Drake University with a degree in Public Relation
Current Public Office, dates held None
Past Public Office, dates held None
Military experience None
Volunteer experience I have volunteered may hours to our businesses industry partners over the years.
Address 2301 E 7th St Fremont, NE 68025
Marital Status Married
Age 39
Fremont is a vibrant town and is currently growing. I plan to work the Greater Fremont Development Council to continue to grow our community and attract new business to our current developments along with championing revitalization efforts to keep Fremont historic and beautiful.
1) Ensure our city administrator is well equipped with up to date processes and equipment to handle the event 2) Make sure the department of utilities, public services and other essential services can continue to provide service to the public 3) Reach out to neighboring communities leadership and Help Organize volunteer efforts to assist those in urgent need if cities emergency services is overwhelmed
I want to maintain a safe and clean city and ensure our streets, parks and neighborhoods remain safe for our current citizens and attract new families to our community. I want to keep Fremont moving forward to a brighter future with economic development and revitalization efforts to the current infrastructure, including housing and commercial properties to keep Fremont historic and beautiful. Finally, I'd hope to help streamline our current city government to be as effective and efficient as possible through a priority first focused city administration.
We seem to have a lack of trust within our current political sphere and our current city administration. We need to come together to best serve our community and keep Fremont moving forward. I have help build a business over the past 10 year and building the right team to carry out a unified mission is not an easy task. Fremont need bold leaders and a solid leadership team. I plan to bring my current leadership experience along with continuing to develop my leadership ability and get Fremont moving forward to a bright prosperous future for all.