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Dodge County Supervisor, Dist 4

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    Pat Tawney

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If elected, what are your priorities for economic development in your county?

If elected, what would be your three highest priorities in an extreme weather event?

If elected, what would you consider to be your top three priorities? Please detail.

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Occupation I am currently a captain/paramedic with the Fremont Fire Department.
Education Graduate of North Bend Central High School. Bachelor of Science from Bellevue University
Current Public Office, dates held President of the North Bend Rural Fire District. 2018-Current
Military experience N/A
Volunteer experience Volunteer Firefighter on North Bend and Lincoln Southeast Fire Departments for 4 1/2 years.
Address 615 Shoreline Dr #51 North Bend, Ne 68649
Marital Status Married to my wife Jolene. We have 5 children and 1 grandchild.
Age 55
Lincoln Premium Poultry has been a tremendous endeavor by both the county and the city. We have to continue to support them and businesses like Wholestone foods. But I do not feel that the county can stop there. We need to continue to strive for more local business. I think we are going to see some closures with the situation the country is facing and we need to do our best in keeping those types of businesses open. Along the lines of business, we have to keep an eye on housing. With the increase of jobs in the county,I feel there is going to be a great demand for housing. That issue will be closely monitored. Dodge County is blessed to have people that know how to work,and solve problems. If someone wants to make this their home, we are glad to have them and want to have enough jobs for everyone.
This is easy. With what we all just went through one year ago, this should be on the minds of every citizen of Dodge County. #1 is always life safety. Communicating to the public, and being able to keep lines of communication open as the event unfolds. #2 Having enough help to fix the problem. I feel it is extremely important to have staff and equipment at the ready. It is also important to get that equipment into place as soon as it is needed. #3 Which is as important as anything. After the event you need to be there for the citizens you have been elected to help and protect. They are going to want to be heard and you need to be the person willing to listen to those concerns. And with that comes prioritizing. You are going to have to make tough decisions on what needs attention first. But with time I think those things float to the top and you start putting the pieces back together.
One of the most important things I feel the county needs is to make sure the last phase of the hi-way 30 by-pass gets completed. Once completed we need to monitor it and make sure it opens and opens sa Also, I think the citizens of Dodge County are very fortunate to have an excellent Sheriffs Department. We need to make sure their needs are met. Also, the county is extremely close to getting their new radio system up and running. This will be a huge improvement for the officers on the road. Last but not least, the county infrastructure. We have to continue to maintain and improve on the structures we have in place. We have to make sure the dikes in our county are fixed and are able to withstand another flood.
I have lived or worked in Dodge County for most of my life. I have served on the Fremont Fire Department as a Fire Captain/Paramedic for the past 28 years. I am currently the President of the North Bend Rural Fire District. I have followed county government for several years, and I feel I have the ability to communicate with people, as well as represent the people of District 4. My career has helped me become a problem solver. I look forward to the possibility of serving the citizens of Dodge County. I grew up in North Bend and feel that I have a good grasp of what the county wants and more importantly needs are. I will listen to the people of District 4 and be the voice for them at the county level.