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Chase County Commissioner, Dist 1

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    Duane Dinnel

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If elected, what are your priorities for economic development in your county?

If elected, what would be your three highest priorities in an extreme weather event?

If elected, what would you consider to be your top three priorities? Please detail.

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Occupation Retired from scrap metal recycling
Education Three semesters college at University of Nebraska
Current Public Office, dates held None
Past Public Office, dates held Chase County Zoning Board ~2005-2008
Military experience Two years U.S. Army, including one year Vietnam/Cambodia infantry
Volunteer experience Eight months staff member with Mexico Caravan Ministries, Tijuana, Mexico
Address 73612 344 Ave., Wauneta, NE 69045
Marital Status Married to Beverly since 9-3-1988
Age 71
Chase County is predominately an agriculture based economy. As such, I will support efforts that will increase production and efficiency of existing farms and businesses. I will also support new enterprises that will add value to the products that are already being produced. I believe that a multi-faceted economy is important to the overall economic health of a community. I will support any new enterprise that can contribute in a positive manner to the county. Such enterprises must be self-sustaining and not rely upon tax dollar support for their success.
1. Safety of all residents, including county employees responding to the event. 2. Preservation of livestock and other assets. 3. Maintaining infrastructure.
1. Fiscal Responsibility. I believe that I am accountable for each tax dollar that is spent. I will scrutinize the budgets of every department to eliminate any unnecessary spending. This may include not funding some requests that have been made in the past. I believe that every dollar spent should have a benefit that exceeds the cost. 2. County roads represent the single largest budget item for the county. I will work to see that we have the best roads that we can reasonably afford. By allocating labor and equipment more efficiently, we can have better roads for the same dollars spent. I have several ideas on how to accomplish this. 3. Work with other local, state and federal agencies to eliminate overlap of services. This may involve eliminating or curtailing some non-essential services. I am not in favor of unfunded mandates from state and federal agencies. My underlying philosophy is, if you alone benefit from a service, then you, not the taxpayer, should bear the cost.
I am retired, therefore I have the time available to do the job. I am fiscally conservative as I believe most of my constituents are. I will endeaver to make sure that every dollar spent is to the taxpayers' benefit. I am willing to listen to any concerns in regard to county functions or operations. I would appreciate hearing suggestions for improvement along with the concern, rather than it just being a complaint. In this way, we can work together to accomplish a better result.