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City of Gibbon, Mayor

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    Johnathon Pearson

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    Deborah VanMatre

Biographical Information

If elected, what would be your top three priorities your first year in office? Please detail.

If elected, what would be your priorities for economic development in your city/town?

What measures do you advocate for keeping citizens safe from gun violence?

Why are you the best candidate for mayor? Please explain.

Occupation Employee of the Engineering Department
Education High school Graduate
Address 914 West Ave
Marital Status Single
Age 31
The first thing I'd like to change is our landfill layout. It doesn't make any sense having our town dump the grass and tree limbs in one spot then make the city employees transport it a quarter mile into another spot. There is no reason we can't have our town dump grass or limbs directly on where they will be burned. Then all we do is shut the landfill down like on a Friday and Saturday once a month and burn it and let it simmer through the weekend. Obviously a city employee or myself checking on it and making sure it's not out of control. The other thing is our Hwy30 through Gibbon is absolutely horrible and falling apart especially from the east side of Casey's all the way east of the Packing House. It's time to do something about this. There are also a few spots needing attention on court street and also a few cul-de-sacs that have absolutely no storm sewers or help the volunteer fire dept get the supplies they actually need or new welcome to gibbon signs or do a new time capsule
One thing about Gibbon is the town has been great at growth and development on it's own and new businesses have come to gibbon because of that. I think gibbon will continue to grow without issues because it's such a great small community and if new Ideas come about then we should have a discussion about them and the future ideas or plans.
I am a big Believer in the second amendment and it doesn't need to be infringed upon any more than it has been. The United States already has thousands of gun laws and making another new gun law or ordinance will not accomplish anything. Honestly I'm more for our town citizens to be more prepared by owning and understanding a firearm vs being put in a situation where a firearm could have saved your life and someone else's life. Maybe we can possibly create a (Community Preparedness Class) that way we can appease some people.
The big reason I'm running is we need a good mayor for our town and one that doesn't buckle under the pressure. I want the town to know they can come up to me and talk to me about issues or ideas or whatever they want and know they can trust me and I'll do my best to help or work with an individual or business or family on any situation and if I can't I will let them know why instead of leaving them in suspense or with no answers. I know people are going to ask themselves how can I be mayor if I work the railroad? Yes I do work a week away from town but, then I'm home for a week and my answer is what is the difference between a mayor that's here in Gibbon 24-7 and doesn't do much or anything for the city vs me and I most likely and hopefully can get more done when I'm home every other week.
Occupation Retired (Former GM Turkey Processing Plant; Former NE 3rd District Congressional Staff)
Education Gibbon Public School Kearney State College
Current Public Office, dates held Mayor, City of Gibbon, December 2012-present; Director, Central Platte Natural Resources District, February 2015-present
Past Public Office, dates held Gibbon Public School Board, January 1999-December 2010
Military experience N/A
Volunteer experience Currently or formerly involved with numerous professional, civic, philanthropic, and church organizations on local, state and national levels for entire adult life.
Address PO Box 102 Gibbon, NE 68840
Marital Status Married
Age 64
If re-elected, I plan to continue moving the city forward on the positive trajectory we have been on for the last seven years under my leadership. My immediate personal goals include planning for a renovated fire hall/city hall/community room, working on potential housing developments, continued improvement with our wastewater treatment plant operations and compliance, successful application as a Leadership Certified Community with Nebraska Department of Economic Development, and completion of the update of the Municipal Code. I look forward to continuing to work with the city council on our mutually established goals as identified in our strategic action plan.
During my tenure as mayor, we have had numerous new businesses open, in addition to commercial entities moving their operations to our community. We have identified areas for redevelopment, and will continue to work with the Economic Development Council of Buffalo County in attracting businesses, as well as working with developers on affordable housing opportunities.
Candidate has not yet responded.
My experience and my leadership. We have had many successes and seen many improvements during my tenure. We have identified a number of goals and projects with our strategic plan, and I am in the best position to see them accomplished.