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If elected, what are your priorities for economic development in your city/town/village?

If elected, what would be your top priorities in an extreme weather event?

If elected, what would you consider your top three priorities? Please detail.

What is the biggest challenge in your community and how would you address it?

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Occupation Railroad Conductor for the BNSF Railroad located in Alliance, Nebraska.
Education Masters of Business Administration (MBA), Comprehensive Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing and Entrepreneurship (BBA), Associate of Arts in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting.
Current Public Office, dates held None
Past Public Office, dates held Previously elected to the Alliance City Council in 2002. Served from 2002-2006. Served as Vice-Mayor from 2004-2006.
Military experience Proudly served active duty United States Air Force from May 1980 to December 1990 as a Security Policeman. Honorably Discharged December, 1990.
Volunteer experience Actively civic minded. Served on various Boards and committees such as the Alliance Planning Commission, Northwest Community Action Partnership, Alliance Veterans Cemetery Board, Boy Scout Merit Badge Counselor, youth baseball coach.
Address 603 Niobrara Avenue, Alliance Nebraska, 69301
Marital Status Married to my lovely wife Mary. We have five children and ten grandchildren.
Age 60
To bring aboard immediate community involvement to the process such as asking folks from the entire community in volunteering to become members of an Economic Development Task Force would be paramount in my opinion. In working with them as well as the established boards such as the Citizen Advisory Economic Development Board and Box Butte Development Corporation (BBDC) in bringing about immediate economic change and betterment to our community. Talk is cheap. Action is IMPERATIVE. To employ any and all economic tools at my disposal to include any city sales tax revenue that may be set aside for economic development, LB840 funding, community development grant funds, crowdfunding, etc., in order to better our community economically post haste now, and for years to come.
To insure that action plans are in place well before an extreme weather event would ever take place. That "exercises" designed to enhance first responders, emergency personnel such as fire and police, business owners, schools, medical staff and hospital/clinic preparedness, and the general public are routinely conducted to ensure our capability to handle such extreme events. These exercises can be actual or "tabletop", however, they will be conducted routinely with as many departments and with as much citizen participation as possible. More importantly, I would ensure that the City of Alliance budgets for such activity and for such events each year to help calm the residents of our fine community in knowing that there is such a plan and that such a plan routinely is exercised to the best potential possible to properly maintain a high level of vigilance and preparedness for such an event at all times.
First: Fiscal budget accountability, priority, responsibility, and full transparency. This should be a given. However, in our community, the City budget should be explained in far better detail to the general public so that all hands are on deck and are on the same page moving forward. Second: Economic Development. Economic development should always remain a high priority in any community. With the City of Alliance, that priority has faltered greatly. I would raise that flag to the highest standard! I would gather the best economic minds in our community along with members of the general public, inside and outside influencers, any tools necessary to bring about true economic development change within the community now. Third: I would be an extremely strong advocate in bringing about effective mentoring programs and opportunities for our youth in such areas as business, medical, automotive, plumbing, carpentry, electrical, etc. This effort would keep our youth here and productive.
Our biggest challenge in our community, I believe, would be its divisive culture. The City of Alliance is a historically rich community but fails in addressing its current culture. I would change that by inviting community involvement in the development of a Cultural Task Force that would address such issues as community diversity, income impairment, race, gender, education, etc., and one that would take ACTION. This task force would be headed by a member of the Alliance City Council and would represent the various factions of the community and the issues that remain paramount to so many within our community. Having such a task force will address such issues immediately and decisively. This effort would effectively engage members of the community who may have felt left out of the process so many times before and, more importantly, would greatly enhance community relations, helping to greatly reduce the recidivism of future community outbreaks and foster a far better culture.
Education BS in Business Administration, University of Kansas.
Current Public Office, dates held N/A
Past Public Office, dates held N/A
Military experience N/A
Volunteer experience Box Butte Development Corporation United Way - Box Butte County St. Agnes Academy Foundation Box Butte Health Foundation
Address 1803 Box Butte Ave. Alliance, NE
Marital Status Married
Age 64
1) I would encourage and support any efforts to have good relationships with our key employers and local business owners. 2) We have lost two key retail businesses (K-Mart, Shopko) which provided basic products. We need to continue to try to fill that void, particularly for those who aren't able to travel - or use the internet - to obtain those products. 3) Maintain funding for Box Butte Development Corporation because of their efforts in promoting new and existing businesses 4) Develop funding for the Community Redevelopment Authority so they can assist with revitalization in key areas to promote outside investment in existing and/or new business.
1) Ensuring citizen safety through communication; emergency response personnel 2) Coordination with healthcare services 3) Maintaining (or restoring) access to essential services (e.g., electricity, water)
1) The City of Alliance is in a strong financial condition and I will support policies that would help maintain that strength. 2) I would seek to work with outside partners (e.g., Box Butte Development Corporation, Alliance Chamber of Commerce, etc.) to develop action plans to promote local entrepreneurship and other new business through the use of LB840 funds and other economic development incentives. 3) I think it is important to make sure basic infrastructure needs (e.g., roads; electric, water and sewer services) are maintained on a regular basis.
The biggest challenge for Alliance will be adapting to a constantly changing economic environment. Our major employer, BNSF, is confronted with a declining demand for coal. This has ramifications for Alliance. With the rise of internet shopping we will likely continue to see a decline of store fronts - particularly in rural areas. There are no easy answers to these trends. The City of Alliance has been pro-active in creating incentives (e.g., LB840 funds) and entities (Community Redevelopment Authority), to encourage economic development. Continued emphasis on these - and any new tools - should be encouraged.
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