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Nebraska PPD - Dist 7

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    Sheila A Hubbard

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    Wayne Williams

Biographical Information

Is increasing the use of renewable energy a priority for you? If so, what is your plan for this increase? If not, why not?

How would you work to ensure transparency?

If elected, what would be your first year priorities? Please detail.

Occupation Nebrask Approved Judicial Mediator
Education MA in Guidance and Counseling; 32 Additional graduate hours in Social Services, Counseling, and Fine Arts; BFA in Visual Art
Current Public Office, dates held City of York City Council December 2014 to present.
Past Public Office, dates held NA
Military experience NA
Volunteer experience Voices of Hope Crisis Line & Advocate; Camp Kindle Psycho/Social Director, a camp for youth impacted by HIV/AIDS; People's City Mission Thanksgiving Meal Coordinator; York County 4-H; My Church: SS teacher & Leadership committees
Address 703 N Burlington Ave York, NE 68467
Marital Status Married
Age 68
Increasing the use of renewable energy is a personal priority. I am running for the NPPD Board to ensure we keep bills low and provide reliable electricity to Nebraskans. Investing in clean energy is a smart business decision that is good for our health, our safety, and our economy. According to a recent Rural Poll on Energy conducted by the University of Nebraska, 80% of Nebraskans want to see increased investment in clean energy. Beyond the potential for a reduction in environmental impacts, renewable and clean energy options present the opportunity for economic gains. As a member of the York City Council, I understand how important it is to bring economic development into our rural communities - it’s how we retain young people, reduce the property tax burden, and maintain a vibrant community. Right now, many companies are looking for places where they can get their electricity from clean sources - being able to provide that means bringing good paying jobs to our communities.
Transparency is paramount in any government agency and it would be a personal priority and a professional obligation. I would be available to the constituents in District 7 through a variety of technology formats and face to face interactions. It would be a goal of mine to regularly share a recap of ideas, public discussions gleaned from board meeting attendance, study, and research about what is happening with NPPD to the people in District 7. While the agendas and minutes of all board meetings are available through the NE Open Meetings Act, I will provide additional context for my constituents by frequently engaging with them. This 360 feedback system would provide opportunities for me to hear ideas and concerns they want shared with the board. My experience as a counselor, and more recently as a mediator, has shown me how important the honest exchange of information is and I bring a diverse skill set to provide many approaches and forums to ensure transparency.
If elected, I will prioritize safe, affordable, reliable electricity. As a member of the York City Council I advocated for a business-friendly environment, and as a director on the NPPD Board, I will fight for low electricity bills and good paying jobs. It will be exciting to learn both the global outreach and organizational details of this outstanding NE Public Utility. Being a professional mediator, I know how to ask the right questions and come up with agreements that work for everyone. Community involvement is important to me from being an educator at York Public Schools, working with 4-H, my church, and youth camps. This backs up my promise to be a voice for District 7 as their NPPD Board Director. I want to ensure you are heard and wasteful spending is eliminated.
Occupation Owner of 2 companies. ISI - Largest solar installation company in Nebraska E-Squared Builders
Education Trade School
Current Public Office, dates held None
Past Public Office, dates held None
Military experience None
Volunteer experience Local Community Serves on Nebraska Christian Foundation Board Serves as Chair for Nebraska Christian Executive Building Committee
Address Wayne Williams 1797 N Road Central City, Ne 68826
Marital Status Married
Age 62
I currently own the largest solar installation company in Nebraska. We span over 11 states from Massachusetts to Colorado. I do it because I believe in renewable energy. However, it cannot be deducted from that statement through conjecture that in today's market I am against the use of fossil fuels in order to maintain spinning reserve or spinning inertia on the grid. Today, fossil fuels are very important to maintain grid resiliency. Potentially is the answer. Newer technologies are being developed that are forecasting the possibility - but it is not completely here yet. I keep my finger on the pulse of all advanced technology. New innovative approaches are being proposed every day. Eventually, the power industry and its approach to energy production will evolve. It always has and it will continue. It's important that we have knowledgeable and experienced individuals at the helm of the decision-making process in order to keep capital costs under control which in turn keeps rates low.
Kenneth Blanchard once said, "None of us is as smart as all of us". It's also been said, "The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but a wise man listens to advice". I've lived by those philosophies. In order to do that you cannot operate in a vacuum. You have to share your ideas and ask for input. In doing so, you have to be very transparent and willing to dialog with many different opinions. Through that process, you need to be vulnerable and willing to listen to opposing viewpoints. Problem-solving is a direct derivative of critical thinking. Critical thinking can happen in isolation, however, it is vetted through collaboration with like peers that understand the issues. Running a $1 Billion company from a Board level requires having experienced individuals that have lived in the space of the core business. If you expect sound fiscal decisions from your elected leaders, you need to elect people that understand the issue and are not spending their first term learning the business.
Projected load growth within our network would be an area that I would want to look at in unison with the cybersecurity of our grid and plants. The world of energy is ever-changing and the challenges are just as predominant. How real are the terroristic threats to our livelihood. Many questions are at hand with the introduction of the electric vehicle. What impact will it have on our current grid infrastructure and how quickly do we need to respond to it. Questions such as how fast will the change happen and what the impact is will need researched and assessed by competent experts that understand power generation, transmission, and distribution. What role will renewable energy play in the answer? NPPD upper management needs a Board of directors that they don't have to teach many of the fundamentals of the power generation business. Leadership needs experienced Board directors when trying to address critical needs through strategic planning and large capital projects. That's who I am.