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Hamilton Township (Mercer) Council

The Township Council is the legislative body of Hamilton Township.Hamilton's Mayor-Council form of government calls for the at-large election of five Township Council members, who at its annual organization meeting, elects a president and vice-president to serve for a one-year term each.The Council represents the public and develops and adopts policies, addresses public issues, formulate township policy through motion, resolutions and ordinances which reflect the needs of the public, and maintains a working knowledge of intergovernmental issues and how they will affect Hamilton Township.Member will serve a 1 year unexpired term. Vote for one (1).

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    Charles F. "Chuddy" Whalen

What will be your highest priorities as Council member? And why?

What are your budget priorities for the township?

What can the Council do to assist homeowners and renters facing eviction due to the high unemployment during this pandemic?

What can the council do to assist small businesses during the phased reopening?

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My priorities on Council is to continue to work with the Mayor and my colleagues on Council, first and foremost keep our residents informed and safe especially during this COVID pandemic. I have been working with our local businesses to help them open safely. I have met with our local restaurant association to find innovative ways to help them adjust in these very difficult times. I have taken the lead along with our shelter volunteers to encourage Council to bring our Animal Shelter to the next level and make in a no kill shelter.
Council just passed a very lean budget here in Hamilton. During that budget I am proud to say that even in these most challenging times, not one township employee lost their job or benefits. As for the impact on the township budget during the COVID pandemic, has yet to be seen. Moving forward it is my priority to asses and redevelop vacant properties here in Hamilton Township. Developing these buildings, along with encouraging businesses to come to Hamilton will help the local economy grow and provide local worker's jobs. Recently Council approved hiring a Grant Writer which will enable the township to assist in seeking out all federal and state grants available which will hopefully help in reducing our tax burden.
Through the use of CDBG money, council authorized tens of thousands of dollars towards helping residents needing rental assistance. To accomplish this, we partnered with non-profits such as Arm in Arm formerly the Crisis Ministry of Mercer County, who identify those in need, along with helping the township with ways to get the funds distributed. HUD recently announced Hamilton will get an extra $667,000 to help pay back rent/mortgages , so they can avoid eviction/foreclosure. With that being said all told, Hamilton will put well over $700,000 toward helping the residents of Hamilton stay in their homes
We need to continue to do what we have been doing since the partial re-opening of businesses and outdoor dining for restaurants. I have met with many of our small business owners and I have also met with our Restaurant Association. At this point, we are promoting our local restaurants through the township website. Council and I have been listening to the needs of our local businesses, to incorporate ways to adapt to their needs. Along with making sure that the customer feels safe, when that occurs I feel our businesses will succeed during these stressful times dealing with COVID.