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North Plainfield Borough Mayor

The North Plainfield Mayor is responsible for the day to day operations of the North Plainfield Borough as well as ensuring the enforcement of the legislation passed by the North Plainfield Council. The North Plainfield Mayor is elected to a four year term.

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    Francine Gargano

  • Lawrence La Ronde

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What do you consider the three most important challenges facing your municipality? What personal and professional experiences have prepared you for addressing these challenges?

A municipality has two budgets - the annual operating budget and a capital budget. What are your priorities for each of these budgets?

What would you do to make the planning, approval, and development process more efficient?

Campaign Address 302 Brook Avenue, North Plainfield, NJ 07060
!. Crime 2.Lack of code enforcement destroying our housing stock 3. High taxes As an attorney, who is a general practitioner, I am familiar with all areas of the law. I understand and know the laws and I know what is not being followed by the present administration which is causing these problems. I will be going through all of our laws to see what needs to be changes. I will be working with officials to guarantee enforcement of the laws. As for taxes, both my experience as a business person and, in my early years I did a lot of accounting, I will again be going through the budget with the proverbial fine tooth comb to see where changes are needed to reduce, or at least hold, taxes.
Both budgets will be getting a thorough examination. We know that there are some extremely high salaries that will need to be addressed and an examination of perks that may be going out. I will be looking to where we can save on the everyday expenses like utilities, supplies and cleaning and where waste, mismanagement or apathy may be causing a financial bleed.

My first priority in the capital budget will be looking at equipment that may be needed by our first responders and public works. It is important that we provide all the necessary resources for them to operate efficiently, effectively and safely.
Interesting question. What planning, approval and development process? If you are talking about destroying our beautiful historic town by tearing down everything for developers, that will not happen. I love my town, it's rich history and it's beauty and will fight to keep it that way.
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