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The Flemington-Raritan School District serves children from both Flemington Boro and Raritan Township. The district consists of four K - 4 elementary schools, one intermediate school for grades 5 and 6 and a middle school for grades 7 and 8. The Board of Education is the governing body of the school district, responsible for developing policy to ensure the proper care, management and control of district affairs, and supporting the mission of educating our students to reach their full potential. To that end, the Flemington-Raritan Board of Education sets district policy which is then implemented by the superintendent and administrators.In addition to setting policy, the Board hires the superintendent; approves staff hiring, resignations, terminations and leaves of absence; reviews and adopts the district budget; approves expenditures; approves educational programs (curriculum), and otherwise ensures that proper facilities and equipment are available to support teaching and learning in the district.The Board is comprised of nine, volunteer members, with seven members elected from Raritan Township and two members elected from Flemington Borough. Members are elected to three-year terms on the November general election day.

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    Pamela R. Baker

  • Valerie Bart

  • Susan Mitcheltree

  • Edward C. Morgan II

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Why are you running for the board of education (Why are you seeking reelection)? What personal and professional skills do you possess that will make you an effective Board member?

What are the challenges and opportunities you see for our school district and how do you propose to address them?

How would you rate our school district’s plan for reopening our schools under COVID-19 pandemic conditions? What are your concerns, if any, about the plan and what solutions can you offer?

Looking ahead to a post-pandemic future, what are we learning from our school district’s experience with the COVID-19 pandemic that will or should affect how our schools operate in the future?

Campaign Address 3 Saratoga Drive Ringoes, NJ 08551
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I am a first-time candidate for the Flemington-Raritan School Board. The primary reason why I am running is I now have the time, talent and desire to give back to a community I have lived and raised a family in for the past two decades. The main reason my husband and I settled here 22 years ago was because we wanted our children to attend good schools. I believe it is essential that our children have access and unfettered opportunity to a comprehensive education in order to reach their full potential as they grow and develop into contributing members of society. I have the time per my semi-retired status to provide a solid commitment to the board and its sub-committees. I have the liberty to be objective in my opinions, reviews and decisions as I foresee no conflicts of interests. Lastly, I offer thoughtfulness, broad knowledge and wide-base perspectives at a time when our community needs to work together in securing a future for our most cherished assets, our children.

I believe my extensive and varied background having served as a Federal administrative manager and executive for more than 30 years has more than equipped me to be a valued and competent member of the school board. I have formulated and oversaw the execution of budgets (ranging between $300K-$3M), managed and restructured personnel and human capital resources, oversaw facility and service contracts and managed information technology infrastructures. As the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Director and Diversity Executive for the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, I successfully steered the agency in its efforts to create a highly inclusive workplace that championed innovation and creativity. I have continued my work in the area of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity serving currently on the faculty for an international diversity and inclusion certification institute. I have carried out my delegated authority to represent the agencies and commands I’ve worked for in collective bargaining with unions and as the senior deciding official in rendering final determinations and settlements in cases of alleged discrimination. I was a federal contracting officer and also served as the NRC’s Director of the Office of Small Disadvantage and Business Utilization, where I steered efforts in meeting women, minority and veteran-owned contract award goals, achieving A+ Small Business Administration scorecard grades in successive years. On a personal level, I listen well, learn fast and remain calm in times of crisis, which has led to many seeking and appreciating my counsel and sound advice.
The obvious and most prevalent issue before the school district is returning students, teachers, and supporting staff back into the optimum learning environment of classroom instruction in a first and foremost safe way that is effective, equitable, efficient and economical. Until this is achieved, virtual learning must be supported adequately for all students. The hard work of teachers and administrators has served this need well and I recognized and acknowledged outstanding commitment and creativity that has kept students engaged during these uncertain and difficult times. We also need assurance that students at home have all the resources they need to engage and sustain their learning is needed. Partnering with local social and community organizations is a strategy that could supplement efforts to check-in with the at home learners. Employing a community-based approach would facilitate the tapping of specific expertise and augment strained district resources. We need to define the basic level of support students across the district should have access to in order to receive a complete and equitable education.
The plan is thoughtful and considers the wide and varied interests of most stakeholders in the community. The fact that the plan reflects a unified partnership among Superintendent McGann, the teacher’s association, school board, and community is commendable.

My concern about the plan is its flexibility and contingencies for adjusting as the status of the pandemic ensues through the coming months. With colder weather coming, a clear understanding of in-door situations and the consideration of additional mitigation strategies may need to be incorporated into the plan. COVID-19 exposed vulnerabilities that in the past could be deferred or addressed with stop gap measures but are now critical priorities. As the district enters into the reconstitution phase of recovery from COVID-19, the challenges include addressing infrastructure deficiencies. All district buildings must support adequate ventilation and spacing as prescribed to ensure safe classrooms. In addition to securing and directing capital funding for facilities, the supply chains for personal protection equipment, such as masks, partitions and hands-free antibacterial dispensers need to be secured and alternative vendors identified if existing PPE supply chains are delayed or fail. The district will need to continue to explore additional funding streams via donations and grants to support its “return to classroom” plans
In looking ahead, I refer to a part of the mission of the school board to “foster growth in a safe and nurturing environment.” COVID has expanded this environment exponentially with the increased reliance on virtual learning. Every household has become a classroom, whether prepared or equipped to be. As the board “strives to respond to the needs of our diverse and changing community”, any sweeping changes in curriculum delivery will first require assurance that every student’s learning needs are considered and taken into account.
Campaign Address 3 Cole court
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Hello residents of Raritan Township!

My name is Valerie Bart and I am an incumbent running for the Flemington-Raritan Board of Education along side of Susan Mitcheltree who is also an incumbent.

I have served the people of Raritan Township for the past 2 years and would like to continue serving all of you on the board of education.

I have been an active volunteer in our school community for 12 plus years, having served on PTO boards at Robert Hunter Elementary School, Reading-Fleming Intermediate School and J.P. Case Middle School. In addition I have served on the Flemington Falcons Youth Football and Cheer board for four years. I have worked with hundreds of fellow parents to support the children of our community and know we have done great things together providing wonderful opportunities for them.

Additionally, I have actively supported the Flemington-Raritan Education Foundation annual fundraisers and efforts. When something is needed, I am always ready to step up and serve.

Currently I am employed at Del Val High School where I continue to support children in a neighboring school community here in Hunterdon County.

I raised two children who went through our district where they received an excellent education.

As a board of education member, I have worked for two years to support the children of Flemington-Raritan by supporting the superintendent of schools and school district. This year we have been challenged by the pandemic in ways never imagined and I have actively attended board and board committee meetings to be involved as we navigate the path forward.

During my tenure on the board I have served or am presently serving on the Transportation, Facilities and Operations, Finance and Policy committees. I am proud to say that Susan and I have questioned and challenged the status quo on spending in many areas of the district. I will continue to do so.

I believe Flemington-Raritan School District is among one of the best in the state however that is not to say there is not room for improvement. We are working hard to meet the needs of the district while being fiscally responsible to our taxpayers continuously.

I would like to continue my service to the district with your support and vote.

Please vote for and re-elect Myself and Susan Mitcheltree for the three year terms on the Flemington-Raritan School Board. Thank you!
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