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Morris County Freeholder

Serves as the governing body of the county. Consists of seven members elected at-large for staggered three-year terms.

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    Cary Amaro

  • Tayfun Selen

Biographical Information

What do you consider the most important challenge(s) facing Morris County and how do you plan to address it/them?

What in your personal and/or professional experience prepares you for this office?

What policies, if any, will you pursue to promote social and racial justice in our county?

What role do you envision for the county government in combating the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and preparing for future pandemics?

Due to COVID-19 & recent events, economic stability is reliant on the interaction of all levels of government & services working together.

1. Business & Employment retention

* As leaders we need to make information on state & national grants accessible, assisting with the application process, & partnering with local chambers

* Creating educational & vocational programs to assist residents with employment opportunities.

2. Infrastructure & Green Space (secure property values)

*Morris County’s 39 municipalities are an amazing place to live, sprawling parks, attractive lake communities & wonderful downtowns. All doing relatively well but would benefit from collaboration, creating cost savings with housing, infrastructure, & green space initiatives that are cohesively planned for all.

3. Quality of life -Physical, Mental, & Emotional health

* As leaders, there is an obligation to listen to constituents & serve. Advocating for enhanced supportive programs
As an experienced Controller of over 14 years, I decided to put my experience & MS in Accounting to work for Morris County. I began my career in the nonprofit sector pioneering comprehensive training programs. After moving into the private sector, I’ve guided organizations through tough situations. I know how important it is to see the entire picture, making sure every dollar counts because a balanced budget doesn’t always mean money well spent.

We need a fiscally conservative budget along w/ ensuring county services which span from planning & preservation, human services, higher education, & law and public safety are efficiently serving the community. All working together for a sustainable future. My experience spans from; overseeing & planning operational & capital budgets, creating contracts, fostering proactive & preventive resolutions amongst diverse minds. I'm someone who will advocate for our community. How we move the ball forward & correct from this pandemic is key.
Voting, Climate, Income Gap, Food Insecurity

* As a county we rise & fall together. I will pursue policies that ensure secured elections, ensure every contract has sustainability & green initiatives at the forefront. I will also pursue policies which ensure contract bidding processes utilizes verbiage the follows prevailing wage laws, giving back to the community, require employing local contractors, & protect against one sided tax breaks. I will also ensure we address food insecurity issues in Morris county.

Racial injustice has to be dealt with on broad spectrum, I will pursue policies with the sheriff's office that facilitates law & community relations. Pursue the balance of transparency & proper punishment for police crimes. Pursue policies that look for the prosecutor’s office to seek justice, not merely convictions, seeks truth, serve the rule of law, & approach the task with humility. Jail should not be the only option, look to better the community & see the bigger picture.
Proactive / Preventive Leadership! Active involvement in how to correct the situation. Government officials should be:

* Promoting lessons learned from the past few months & instituting best practices by collaborating with all municipalities. * Create actionable items to further reduce the spread & prepare ourselves to better service the community if a 2nd waive occurs. * Lead by example, regarding safety & cleanliness. * Ensuring the county is ready with PPE, testing centers, & ways to protect essential workers. * Re-assessment of the budget, delaying capital projects that are not necessary & streamlining cost to offset unpredictable expenditures. * Personally advocate for the completion of the census. As a county we need to secure secondary funding, we lost the ability to receive $87MM from the CARES ACT, our neighboring county was able to provide $10MM in aid to businesses. These funds could have been used to assist not only with testing but the financial needs of our community.
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