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Montgomery Township School District - One Year Unexpired Term

The MontgomeryTownship Board of Education consists of nine members, who serve without pay for three-year terms.The Board's responsibilities include: setting and evaluating policy, establishing goals, overseeing that the district and the schools are well run by the administrators they have hired, and adopting a fiscally sound operating budget for the school district. Board members act on the Superintendent's recommendations, meet with civic groups, and receive input from parents, students, and community members.In 2020, the candidate is running unopposed to serve a one-year unexpired term and is bracketed with Batliwala, Franco-Herman, and Wallace,

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  • Patrick Todd

Biographical Information

What do you consider the most important challenges facing Montgomery Township Public Schools, and how would you address those challenges?

What are the most important factors for student success, and how will you, as a school board member, ensure that those factors are addressed?

Do you have any concerns regarding equity during the pandemic and whether all students have access to the internet?

What are we learning from the pandemic that could change how schools operate in the future?

In your view, what has the district done well over the last five years? What areas need improvement?

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