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An elected school board member serves a three-year term. The school board represents the concerns of citizens, taxpayers and parents to the school administrators, and represents the needs of the students and school district to citizens, taxpayers and parents. The school board does not operate the district on a day-to-day basis; that is the job of the superintendent (the district’s chief executive). Rather, the school board sets policies, goals and objectives for the district, and holds the superintendent responsible for implementing those policies and goals. (Abridged from NJ School Boards Association website)

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Biographical Information

Why are you running for the board of education (Why are you seeking reelection)? What expertise do you bring?

What is your top budget priority and why?

What is your view on test scores? What steps will you take to improve these scores (if improvements are needed)?

What are your views on the latest formula for apportioning state aid for schools?

What measures, if any, do you feel are needed to improve the safety and security of our schools?

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Facebook Page Winslow Better Together
I am seeking to return to the board to complete the many tasks that are going on. I am working vigorously to make sure our children are getting everything that they need.
My top budget priority is making sure that our HVAC assessment and updating will be secured as well our Cares Act monies continue to cover costs as attempt to lessen the digital divide.
Our tests scoring were increasing until COVID and now we must work diligently to make sure that they continue to improve. Approving staff development and increased learning with effective instruction.
The state has made it clear that funding is a priority and that they are constantly making adjustments to the our funding. We are working hard with the assistance of our Business Administrator to make it all work.
As a board member I am constantly looking for ways for us to safely reopen schools where everyone is safe. Currently I am reviewing an application that can be used on your phone where we check everyone in the district every 24 hours. Our building entrances have updated to make it safer for everyone that is in the building.
Campaign Email
Facebook Page Cynthia Moore for Winslow Township BOE (@Moore4BOE)
I am running for the board of education because I believe we need change. We need board members who are willing to ask the hard questions and challenge the status quo. We have loss a massive amount of students, including many of our brightest and most talented, to choice and private schools. We need to find a way to reverse this trend, starting with a good marketing plan to let residents and others know about all of the great things our students are accomplishing and the excellent education that is available here.
At this time, my top budget priority would be to make whatever repairs, changes, and/or upgrades that are needed in order to safely bring our children back to school. Also, we need to bring our aides back to assist with special needs students. It is inconceivable why our district feels the aides are not necessary as long as schools are on a fully remote schedule.
Standardized test scores only tell a part of the story. Many children are not strong test takers but are very intelligent and excellent students. Too much time is spent on teaching to the test in order to try to increase test scores, at the expense of teaching in a more natural way that sparks interest and not just memorization. I agree that students need to be assessed in a way that will help determine their educational needs, not just a test score. The recent standardized test platforms have been inadequate and, since standardized tests won't go away, there needs to be major research by educators into what the best way to assess students should be.
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Although not perfect, our district has made major upgrades over the past few years to improve the safety and security of our schools.
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