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The mission of the Bethlehem Township School District, in partnership with the community, is to provide a safe, nurturing child-centered environment that challenges each child to maximize his/her potential. Students will acquire the skills and knowledge to enable them to become independent, respectful, responsible citizens who strive for excellence and embrace learning as fundamental to successfully adapt to our ever changing global community. The Bethlehem Township Board of Education is a 7 member elected body that adopts policy for the daily operation of schools and sees that school laws are properly explained, enforced, and observed. Each Board member serves a three-year term.

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Biographical Information

Why are you running for the board of education (Why are you seeking reelection)? What personal and professional skills do you possess that will make you an effective Board member?

What are the challenges and opportunities you see for our school district and how do you propose to address them?

How would you rate our school district’s plan for reopening our schools under COVID-19 pandemic conditions? What are your concerns, if any, about the plan and what solutions can you offer?

Looking ahead to a post-pandemic future, what are we learning from our school district’s experience with the COVID-19 pandemic that will or should affect how our schools operate in the future?

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Campaign Email
I am running for a seat on the Bethlehem Township Board of Education because I feel that I have the skills and experience to bring new ideas to the board and the experience to help navigate the board through difficult times in the future. I have spent most of my adult life working in higher education and municipal government. I have also spend a significant amount time achieving an advanced degree as well as professional certifications. I strongly value the education and opportunities I received and would like to help contribute to Bethlehem Twp providing a quality education as well.
Right now I see several challenges facing the district. The biggest would be restarting in classroom instruction in the post Covid-19 world. Additionally, we face reductions in state aid and declining enrollment, both of these challenges could drastically change the way students are educated in Bethlehem Township. At the same declining enrollment is an opportunity to make out school system better. This could be via consolidation of buildings or merging with another district. This could result in more opportunities for students and add diversity to the students lives. The reduction of state aid needs to be addressed within the district by looking for opportunities for operational savings. As for declining enrollment, the Board needs to determine a course of action with the input of students, teachers, parents and the community as a whole
I feel that we have a solid reopening planning given the information currently available. We are lucky to have small classroom that we can accommodate students in the classroom for the hybrid schedule. Hopefully as the school year progresses we can safely extend the school day, add activities and bring back a more normal educational experience.
Looking ahead we need to be able adapt quickly and seamlessly to ever changing world that we live in. The district was quickly able to get into virtual learning and provide students with a quality education given the circumstances.
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