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    Christine Carey

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    Jeanette Hernandez

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    David Timpanaro

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    Joanne Veech

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    Joshua Weiner

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What do you consider the most important challenge(s) facing your town and how do you plan to address it/them?

What in your personal and/or professional experience prepares you for this office?

What steps would you take to address the economic, social, and personal impact of the COVID-19 crisis and to prepare for future pandemics on the community?

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The challenges facing Randolph are similar to those facing many other towns in New Jersey and across the nation. Overall, residents want to feel:

• safe in their community, • that their tax dollars are being spent wisely to provide services that enhance their quality of life, and • to feel connected to and part of a welcoming community

The ongoing challenge for all elected officials is to meet these expectations and provide a community environment where people can live happily and thrive.

To ensure safety, it is important to provide well-trained and well-equipped first responders; prioritize budgeting for all equipment, training, vehicles and technology that will help ensure the safety of our community members and the first responders.

We must continue to engage in fiscally responsible planning and decision-making that has resulted in no increase in the municipal tax levy for the past four years, and earned us an exemplary AAA bond rating from financial credit rating agencies. Continue to use tax dollars wisely to deliver all of the high quality services that residents expect.

Continue a new residents welcome event; partnering with organizations for town-wide events to build a sense of community; offering many activities, programs and opportunities for residents to get involved and connected. All residents need to feel welcome and respected. Current initiative to address bias-related incidents; recommendations forthcoming will lead to a stronger community.  
I have been a member of the Randolph Township Council since 2013, and am currently serving as Mayor of Randolph. I have been volunteering in the Randolph community since moving here 28 years ago.

I was first appointed to the Library Board of Trustees, where I served for 10 years, as president for 3 of those years.

As my children grew, I volunteered in their schools and was President of the Center Grove PTA and then President of the Randolph PTA Council. In 2002, I was elected to the Randolph Board of Education and re-elected twice to serve a total of 9 years, with 4 years as President.

I have volunteered on many Randolph Boards and Committees, including the Board of Adjustment, Recreation Committee, Planning Board, Parks Committee and Economic Development Committee.

My experience also extends to the Jersey Battered Women’s Services where I was a volunteer and a member of the Friends group, serving as President for 2 years. I have also been a Girl Scout troop leader and I’m an active member of Resurrection Parish where I had the pleasure of teaching religious education for over a decade.

My extensive experience on different committees and various organizations has given me the opportunity to meet many residents and has provided me with in-depth knowledge of the community and insights into what residents value and expect. Serving on the Council and as Mayor has given me significant direct experience and prepared me to further serve the Randolph community.

I am serving as Mayor of Randolph in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. My first-hand experience will provide a framework for outlining procedures to follow in the future to ensure a prompt and effective response.

During a crisis, it is important for elected officials to be visible as leaders and to communicate promptly, regularly and openly to provide information and reassurance to residents. Staying in contact with county, state and federal officials and public health agencies to share information, ask questions and provide insights is essential in order to effectively connect residents with programs that can assist them directly.

In Randolph, we continued to deliver all essential services. We worked quickly to organize food distributions, to accommodate outdoor dining, to extend tax payment deadlines. We kept trails open and opened a new community garden to provide outlets for safe outdoor recreation. We worked with businesses to help them get the assistance they needed.
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The 3 main challenges Randolph faces were already problems long before the pandemic.

Racism: We are committed to working with all anti-racism/prejudice groups. At our suggestion, the Council formed an ad hoc Diversity & Inclusion Steering Committee. We will form a permanent committee to eliminate racism & prejudice in our town. As potentially the 1st Latina elected to office in Randolph, I tell voters that minorities represent 20% of our town, making us far more diverse than an all-White, all-Republican Council. We will foster a culture where everyone is equally valued and included, & encourage wider civic participation that more fairly represents our demographics.

Business Development: The last local Democratic candidates discussed the lack of progress on a Town Center, which has been in the Municipal Plan for decades. After 2 years there is still virtually no movement. They claim to be pro-business while simultaneously hindering business growth. We will empower the Economic Development Committee to have a stronger voice & more active role in pursuing new ideas for growth.

Taxes & Budget: Opening municipal contracts to public bid will eliminate the partisan cronyism & nepotism that fuels Randolph politics. This alone will save us hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. We will ensure all contractors are carefully vetted, so as not to repeat our opponents’ 2 million dollar mistake hiring a construction company known for abandoning projects as soon as they’re paid.
With 15 years experience as a Registered Nurse, I have dedicated my career to advocating for and providing excellent care to all of my patients, with compassion and understanding, regardless of how they look, love, vote, or even behave towards me. The ability to be judicious but not judgmental, calm during an emergency, and even-tempered when tempers around you flare, is as important to good governance as it is to good nursing practice. An essential part of my professional role is the ability to coordinate with multidisciplinary teams, and to advocate for best practices in achieving collective goals together.

I have shown my dedication to serving the community through my many years of volunteering. I volunteered as an EMT for nearly 10 years in one of the busiest squads in the state. I am an active member of our local Democratic Committee, where I currently serve as a District Chair and as Committee Secretary. I have shared my love of volunteering and service with my son, and together we have chosen to tackle the issue of food insecurity. We have spent many hours volunteering with the Community Food Bank of NJ, we have participated in Table of Hope food distribution events, and he has assisted me in the local food drive my running mates and I started. To date, our food drive has raised over 2000 pounds of food and well over $1000 in financial donations.
Having worked many years in the ER during highly contagious disease outbreaks, I know that a safe, evidence-based, and coordinated COVID-19 pandemic response is the top priority to maintain the physical health and safety of our residents. Making sure these plans are flexible and responsive to the resurgence of the virus during the next wave(s) will help lessen its impact on our community.

Promoting the mental health and safety of our residents is no less important. Public education regarding available resources must be highly visible and ongoing. Finding ways for our children to interact safely in order to maintain their emotional and social development will remain crucial as well.

I will advocate strongly for all funding due to Randolph through the CARES Act. I will work with our County and State government to ensure that the professionals who care for the most vulnerable people – our children and our elders in facilities – have the protocols and supplies they need to do so safely.
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1. Diversity and Anti-racism We have requested the township develop a standing committee to be a permanent committee and we will bring such a committee that can immediately tackle the issues of bigotry and intolerance, sponsor related programs and events to combat these problems, and give the members of our community a platform and a method for addressing all related concerns to the Council. This committee should consist of members of our community and be chaired by a person of color who has experienced firsthand the ways in which our current leadership has let our community down.

2. Business Development and Support We will create a new or empower a standing township committee that will have the ability to reach out to contacts and encourage appropriate jobs and expansion to Randolph. It is time we start to encourage appropriate business growth to create local jobs and promote tax revenue to take the burden off our residents.

3. Property Taxes and Budget development To ensure we are not overpaying any of our contracted entities we are going to request all contracts go out for bid; this would include township attorney, township engineer, and our insurance agency. It is important that your tax dollars work for you. Through smart development and smart budgeting with our surplus made up of residents tax dollars, we will maintain a stable budget that does not fluctuate with county and school increases.
I was raised in public housing and had to learn from an early age to defend myself, protect my family, and advocate for my community. I have taken my life experiences and put my energy into helping other families that have experienced challenges during their lives. I have worked in the social service profession for almost 20 years working with children with behavioral challenges, mental health issues, substance abuse difficulties, and that are involved in the juvenile justice system. I have been helping to provide a voice for those that often feel silenced. I have a specialization in Multidisciplinary Human Services, which is designed to develop common goals with a team of people with all different skill sets. My profession and schooling have prepared me to govern, not just as a Randolph Township councilman but as a partner with the residents and my fellow council members.
Myself, Joshua Weiner, and Jeanette Hernandez started a food drive to help provide our local food pantry with resources when we were first quarantined. In that time we have helped to provide so much to the Randolph Food Pantry that the township emailed us and asked us to stop donating to the Randolph Food Pantry at this time. We continued to raise awareness and donate to food pantries around Morris County and have donated over 1 ton of and thousands of dollars. Through our partnership with the governor, business owners and residents we will advocate for the financial assistance needed. Our businesses and residents are struggling. I am both a resident and local business owner. I feel the burden and our families are hurting. We do not have an empowered group to help our local businesses. We have the Economic Development Committee (EDC) that can be more than a sitting committee. If we can empower this group we can help our local economy to safely grow during this terrible period of time.
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o Our town has been well managed without a municipal property tax increase in four years. We continue to address ways to drive down our costs while continuing to provide the high level of services our residents have come to expect. I continually look for ways to increase our quality of life and bring new services and programs to our residents and businesses. o Our township’s medical, pension and insurance costs continue to rise, while state aid remains relatively neutral. The Council should continue to address prudent fiscally responsible planning measures to ensure our property taxes remain stable. This has been a main priority of mine for the past nine years.
o Having served as Mayor in 2015, and Deputy Mayor in 2014 and 2019, I feel uniquely qualified to continue to serve our great township, bringing new ideas to increase our quality of living, while remaining fiscally responsible. o I have served on nearly every township committee and board, allowing me to experience the inner workings of our municipal building and how our township government runs I served for several years on the Zoning Board, a semi-judicial board, the Planning Board, Traffic Advisory Committee, Parks Advisory Committee, Recreation Advisory Committee, Economic Development Committee, and the Environmental and Landmarks Committee to name a few. My volunteer service on these boards and committees, as well as with school related booster clubs became when we moved here 25 years ago. o As a resident of over 25 years my experiences have solidified my commitment to Randolph and I want to ensure it continues to be well managed, delivering the highest quality services. o My professional experience includes 32 years with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) as a Director in Global Human Capital. I graduated with a BS in Accounting and an MBA in Finance. My experiences in a corporate setting have reinforced skills that I have used as a member of our township council; aiding my focus on productivity, financial matters and innovative ideas.
o Our Township Council has always made managing our surplus for unexpected events as a priority so the township wouldn’t risk experiencing a sudden spike in our tax rate. Sound management of surplus and prudent planning provided a strong a financial position as our township has weathered the COVID - 19 crisis as well as weather related storms. I will continue to ensure we manage surplus to cover future emergencies. o Sound management and clear communication thorough multiple channels is the best defense of any crisis our municipality may face. Our educated township staff who serve on the front line long with continued communication improvements allow our township to be well positioned to cope with unforeseen events. We are forever grateful to our township staff and volunteers for their heroic efforts.
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RACE RELATIONS, DIVERSITY and INCLUSION- In addition to convincing the Township Council to pass a resolution condemning bigotry and intolerance, we successfully lobbied for the creation of a joint committee to begin researching and compiling evidence as it pertains to local instances of inequality and intolerance. Push for the creation of a standing committee whose sole mandate is to address such issues on a permanent basis, sponsor related programs and events and provide the residents of the community with a platform and a method for addressing all related concerns with the Council. This committee should consist of members of the community and be chaired by a person of color who has experienced firsthand the ways in which our current leadership has let our community down as it pertains to race and cultural relations.

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT and SUPPORT- Further empower economic development committee to encourage small business growth and development. The pandemic has adversely impacted our community's local businesses, and it is imperative that leadership take a prominent role in supporting our local business owners.

PROPERTY TAXES AND BUDGETING- Requiring all professional service contracts go out to bid to ensure that the Township receives the best services available at the most reasonable cost to the taxpayers. Reassess current surplus reserves to determine whether resident tax burden can be decreased.
As an employment and labor attorney, I have represented individuals from all walks of life and numerous business of varied industries, ensuring that employees are treated fairly and equitably in the eyes of the law and that businesses comply with their legal obligations to employees, including issues of discrimination, retaliation, breach of contract and wage and hour. I intend on taking the analytical skills and legal knowledge I have acquired and refined over the course of my career and applying them to my role a councilman.

In addition, my profession as an attorney requires that I not just represent clients, but also provide legal council and advice. Doing so requires close attention to detail, patience, empathy and exactitude, as it is the needs and desires of the clients that matter most when counseling them. Similarly, the only way to properly govern on a local level is to remain focused on the needs and desires of constituents. As with my clients, I intend on working hand-in-hand with my constituents in effectuating sound public policies that take into account as many viewpoints as possible.
At the beginning of the pandemic, and in response to a shortage of resources at Randolph's food pantry, my running mates and I started a local food drive . Having managed to fully stock the pantry, we continued to raise awareness and donate to food pantries around Morris County. We intend on continuing our efforts by creating a community-sponsored food drive so as to ensure that our local food pantry remains sufficiently stocked on a permanent basis. We will also push for the reinstatement of the defunct community services committee, which already exists under current local ordinance. It is also imperative that local government take all necessary steps to promote the creation and growth of local businesses, which includes creating a thriving downtown business district and encouraging residents to shop locally.