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The Clinton Township School District, in partnership with the community, achieves excellence for each child by ensuring a meaningful and challenging educational experience in a supportive environment, developing life-long learners who are responsible and productive citizens. The Clinton Township Board of Education is a 9 member elected body that adopts policy for the daily operation of schools and sees that school laws are properly explained, enforced, and observed. Each board member serves a three-year term.

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Why are you running for the board of education (Why are you seeking reelection)? What personal and professional skills do you possess that will make you an effective Board member?

What are the challenges and opportunities you see for our school district and how do you propose to address them?

How would you rate our school district’s plan for reopening our schools under COVID-19 pandemic conditions? What are your concerns, if any, about the plan and what solutions can you offer?

Looking ahead to a post-pandemic future, what are we learning from our school district’s experience with the COVID-19 pandemic that will or should affect how our schools operate in the future?

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Campaign Address 5 Maple Ave Annandale, NJ 08801
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I am running for the board of education to continue building on the great work that the current board has started. I am passionate about STEM education and driving the evolution from STEM to STEAM and finding creative ways to incorporate more of it into our schools. My industry experience allows me to approach things from different perspectives and drive to balanced solutions. As a scientist, I like data and like to use it to identify, assess, and solve/improve issues. I am also passionate about equity in education and recognizing and developing solutions towards that. Equity means different things to different people. For me, it is making sure that all of our children have the benefit of the best educational experience possible in all of its forms. I also want to give our educators what they need and allow them to have a voice. The board will continue to be successful as we build on the partnership between the educators, parents and community and I want to be a part of that growth.
Our district has had a bumpy past and one of the biggest opportunities is to maintain the respect, transparency, and trust with everyone. This an active and conscious effort that is already ongoing so it is a matter of maintenance to guarantee success. I believe that we all want what is best for our students and schools in general and we need to accomplish this in a way that is fiscally responsible all while supporting teachers, navigating challenges highlighted in the pandemic. Another challenge is professional development but it is also associated with curricula. Teachers need the time, the training, and the continued empowerment to plan for online teaching. I think we should continue an agile methodology so that we can incorporate the learnings from each iteration.
I think our district’s plan for reopening schools under pandemic conditions was very good. I was not on the planning committee but as a concerned parent, I attended the BOE meetings, listened to the discussions/presentations, sent emails, and asked questions. I appreciated that the plan was supported by data and that parent input was critical in determining the plans moving forward. We discussed the importance of community accountability to minimize possible transmission, the inclusion of the fully virtual learners to support families with concerns, the learning platforms as well as teacher/staff personal development. One opportunity we should continue to explore is the technology challenges.
The importance of technology in a post-pandemic state is going to be critical for our district's continued success. We should consider comprehensive technology gap assessments (including, but not limited to, devices numbers, platforms, infrastructure school wide and in students homes, equity, curricula, etc.). Each element of that gap assessment will likely uncover new information but that will allow us to and develop the action plan. It is important to understand that navigating technology is key for the adults and the students and it is equally important that we expand our capabilities to in developing online curricula and find the balance to ensure the students and teachers are engaged and not experiencing screen fatigue. Another element that we need to address is the educational equity specifically in terms of remote learning. What tools (e.g. are available to keep children engaged to ensure certain populations of children are not disproportionately affected.
Campaign Address 1 Bristol Court
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Facebook Page Alyssa Oliver for CTSD
Twitter Instagram - @alyssaoliverforctsd
I am a 6-year public school teacher turned stay-at-home mom. I have a true passion for education and feel I can bring that to Clinton Township as a board member. I have a large amount of experience and knowledge within the public school system and know that student needs come first. I also know it takes teamwork from parents, teachers, and students to achieve desired outcomes. I've worked as a special education teacher and advocate. I have experience collecting and analyzing data for student planning and success. I have created, implemented, and ran home training programs for parents needing assistance with their child in the home setting, and I have spent hours devoted to staff training. I want to ensure our current and future students are provided with equitable opportunities for highly effective instruction. I want to heighten the integrity and character of our community through a shared vision with all stakeholders. Lastly, I want our district to be known for best practice.
Challenges:Trust & Transparancy - I've reached out to members of the community & school district to receive input on how they feel the board is run, & what can be done to benefit the town and district. An overwhelming amount of residents have had negative expereinces with the board & feel let down by them. They did state they are seeing positive change happening with the board since last election, but are looking forward to the board turnover to be finalized with fresh faces this election.

Opportunities:Adaptive Growth - Families from cities are looking to move into suburban areas, & the first thing they look for is a reputable school district. I see this as an opportunity for CTSD. Concerns last year were centered around declining enrollment & increasing taxes. I have spoken to realtors in our area & have seen the increasing numbers of homes sold over the past summer months. If the district can maintain a cohesive plan for this year, the desire to live here will continue to grow.
I had zero input on the districts reopeing plan, but know as an educator this may have been one of the most challenging tasks for a district to take on. I feel the district provided a well-thought-out plan with open communication & did the best they could do under the circumstances. They were asked to crate a plan to keep all staff & students safe with a number of restrictions, while planning to teach hybrid & all-virtual at the same time with highly-effective & equitable learning. I think it's so important we allow our children to safely feel some sort of normalcy again, & the 75% of families that chose the hybrid option represent that. It's important to move forward with the goal of having students return to school. Socially & emotionally students and staff have suffered. This has impacted us all in ways that we aren't even aware of yet. It's important that we hear all families; hybrid & virtual, to partner together through the challenges & triumphs of adapting to the new education.
With everything this experience has shown us, it is how vital of a role technology plays in education. If every school district equipped themselves with proper and effective professional development for staff, it could assist them by providing tools they need to reach their students academic and social needs as they would in the classroom. With virtual learning would there be such thing as mandated school days, would there be snow days, would the school calendar change? Will the perspective on education change forever? This may just be the start of how the future of education changes, and we must be prepared for whatever that may look like; all in-person, hybrid, or all virtual.
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