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Nebraska NRD Board: South Platte, Dist 7

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  • Larry L Rutt

Biographical Information

What steps will you take to prepare for changes in climate trends that affect Natural Resource District management?

What educational actions will you advocate for your district's students and adults regarding the changing climate?

How do you address the concerns of citizens and developers who want access to NRD projects?

Has your district tested its water for nitrate levels? If its concentration is found higher than the federal limit of 10 ppm, how would you recommended remedying the situation?

If elected, what would be your first year priorities? Please detail.

Occupation Farmer
Education High School
Current Public Office, dates held NRD Board 2004-Present
Past Public Office, dates held None
Military experience None
Volunteer experience Church Cemetery Committee Property Committee Janitor Altar Committee
Address 2234 Road 181 Chappell,NE
Marital Status Married
Age 85
The South Platte NRD is active in controlling water resource usage to keep adequate available for both irrigation and home use. This has been achieved because the NRD got a head start before all the resources were used up and sever measures had to be taken to keep availability even at a minimum. I have been active in attending all local meetings and all the State meetings during my time on the board. I have been both an irrigated farmer and a dry land farmer so tend to look at these questions from more than one side and try to reach a solution that takes all sides into consideration.
Meetings are not always attended by those who need the information available and newspaper articles are read by some but not all; so in person discussions are usually the best to get information out to those who are really adamant about some particular event or topic.
NRD projects are available for discussion for frequently years before the actual project work begins. Therefore people have already had a chance to comment on blueprints, designs, and other items of interest. If there is no personal danger involved access should not be denied.
All irrigation wells in the South Platte NRD have been tested and home owners are able to bring in test water from there wells to be tested.
I will continue to keep informed by attending meetings and discussions and do my best to add helpful comments on items that come up for discussion. At this point there are no new local programs coming up, but that can change in a short time as events and conditions change. I will continue to do my best to be well informed on all sides of each discussion and use my best knowledge to make a proper decission.