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Nebraska NRD Board: Nemaha, Dist 4

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    Jessica Donnelly

  • Daniel Gittinger

Biographical Information

What steps will you take to prepare for changes in climate trends that affect Natural Resource District management?

What educational actions will you advocate for your district's students and adults regarding the changing climate?

How do you address the concerns of citizens and developers who want access to NRD projects?

Has your district tested its water for nitrate levels? If its concentration is found higher than the federal limit of 10 ppm, how would you recommended remedying the situation?

If elected, what would be your first year priorities? Please detail.

Occupation Environmental Specialist II
Education Hesston College, Doane University
Current Public Office, dates held Nemaha NRD April 2019- Current incumbent.
Volunteer experience Nebraska City Youth Soccer Program and USFWS
With my experience in environmental policy and floodplain mapping, I bring some NEMA and state agency background to help better equip the board in preparation and regulations regarding the flood risk management within community assessments.
Public Education is something I work hand and hand with in my current position with the State of Nebraska. I've seen first hand what school districts can accomplish~ I've managed composting grants with Lincoln Public Schools. We need to get students and the community active in methods to extend the life of landfills and nieghborhoods.
They are always welcome to public meetings that are hosted the second Thursday of every month at 8pm.
Yes, there is constant monitoring as directed by DHHS Drinking Water Department, per state regulation. We would comply and work with State Agencies in order to comply.
Bringing diversity and a fresher set of eyes on an ever evolving board. During my short half year, so far, I've helped with public education projects and brought some of my expertise of floodplaining mapping to discuss in meetings.
Occupation City of Gretna Development Services Director
Education Nebraska City Lourdes Central Catholic SECC MIlford Assoc. 'Degree- Civil Engineering
Current Public Office, dates held none
Past Public Office, dates held Two Terms- Otoe County Commissioner 2nd District 2000-2008
Military experience none
Volunteer experience Choir Director Church Adult Choir President Nebraska City Apple Corp. Barber Shop Singers
Address 601 N 60th Road Nebraska City, NE 68410
Marital Status Married- Wife Richarda Gittinger
Age 65
Website http://none
Facebook http://none
Twitter @none
The biggest needs as I see them for the NRD's are storm water issues and related clean water issues. Controlling water release from construction sites and developments is the key to keeping our streams and rivers will ultimately lead to a better life for all future generations.
Students and adults need to understand that the actions taken today prevent scour, degradation of streams, and clean water that creates an environment for plant life and fish in Nebraska streams and rivers. I would recommend education materials and be a strong advocate for hands on training for anyone with interest in how to implement best practices to control runoff of silt from construction sites and farmland.
Access for NRD projects needs to be limited to the better good not to developers. These projects should only consider developments if a part of a private public partnership, which can be employed to build projects that the NRD alone can not afford and which the NRD determines would be a benefit to the communities as a whole.
The area has nitrate issues due to the many years of crop production. Smarter technology of application of fertilizers and protection of runoff from fields to streams and ditches by buffer strips and general best practices should be promoted and recommended to the farming community.
Although not a requirement at this time the MS4 regulations will eventually be implemented for smaller communities and education and understanding to these concepts should be started as soon as possible. I would advocate for education of all involved and promote said practices.