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Nebraska NRD Board: Lower Elkhorn, Dist 2

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    Mark Hall

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    Lee Klein

Biographical Information

What steps will you take to prepare for changes in climate trends that affect Natural Resource District management?

What educational actions will you advocate for your district's students and adults regarding the changing climate?

How do you address the concerns of citizens and developers who want access to NRD projects?

Has your district tested its water for nitrate levels? If its concentration is found higher than the federal limit of 10 ppm, how would you recommended remedying the situation?

If elected, what would be your first year priorities? Please detail.

Occupation Semi-retired, retired military officer, former business owner for 12 years in sport turf industry.
Education B.S.,Computer Science, UNL; M.S., System Management, University Southern California; military professional development courses; Courses and workshops in desktop applications, turf management, beef production, remotely piloted vehicle workshop
Current Public Office, dates held Lower Elkhorn Natural Resource District, Sub district #2, since July 2016.
Military experience USAF, 23 1/2 years, commander and supervisor, information and communications technology, acquisition project management. While serving I maintained my Madison County residency for voting and personal income tax purposes.
Volunteer experience Church service sacristan, Norfolk Public Library Foundation. Member Norfolk Morning Kiwanis Club, 20 years, past club president, board member, Lt Governor Division 18, current Partnership Coordinator NE-IA District; Norfolk Riverfront Develop Project
Address 1642 Hackberry Dr. Norfolk, NE 68701
Marital Status Married, 39 years, Kathy, two adult children both serving as officers in US Army
Age 67
Twitter @HallVote4
Weather patterns have increased in intensity and shorter durations. This has caused increased flooding risks thus more emphasis on flood protection projects. I will continue previous producer practices have reduced runoff from severe rain events. The District has developed a drought management plan and will continue with implementation details. In season draw down for irrigation users and neighbors is a concern. District investment in a ground water modeling will hopefully help provide additional technical information for further irrigation development thus supporting further economic development and broading the tax basis.
I will continue to support funding for producer workshops and demonstration projects that increase notill, cover crop, and nitrate reduction applications. Current water quality sampling projects by area schools will be supported, as well as additional school participation. I will support water quality testing for domestic well users to help identify nitrate pollution issues, especially the depth of the pollution, and subsequent funding for cost share for new wells or purification equipment.
Any inquires from citizens are quickly responded to, answering their questions or directing them to LENRD staff members for support. I will continue to advocate for cost share programs to improve water quality and soil health. As a past user of the tree planting and NRCS EQIP programs and the associated cost share opportunities I can provide first hand experience on the process and outcomes.
Nitrate pollution has been on the rise, especially in the northwest part of the district. Rules have been established and implemented to reduce the amount of commercial fertilizer used in any single application. Water sampling of irrigation systems is also required so that producers can take credit for the nitrates being pumped thus reducing the amount during applications. When rates continue to increase, additional restrictions are implemented. Also deep soil sampling is required on Phase 3 areas where producers are planting corn on corn.
I’m committed to stay engaged. I’ve only missed one board and one subcommittee meeting in the past 4 years. I’ve taken advantage of educational opportunities by attending workshops and demonstration plots as well as Nebraska NRD basin tours. I’ve been a member of the finance, budget, and irrigation variance subcommittees for the past 4 years and a two year member of the executive subcommittee while serving as board secretary. I believe in the carrot versus stick philosophy, for example, supporting to cost share and educational versus regulations which can lead to litigation. While I support using federal and state funds versus local property taxes for studies I consider the cost impacts to the district when it comes to implementation of projects.
Occupation I ran a divirsified farming operation and was a co-founder of Northeast Machine and Manufacturing
Education Battle Creek NE Highschool Course work at the University of Nebraska in L
Past Public Office, dates held Lower Elkhorn NRD July 1998 to January 2007 Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer Madison County Board January 2007 to December 2014 Chairman four years Chairman Norfolk Area Economic Development Council
Volunteer experience National Corn Growers Association Director Vice President, President and Chairman
Address 1202 Eldorado Road Norfolk, NE 68701
Marital Status I shared 49 years with my bride Sharon before her death in March of 2018.
Age 73
We have to balance the human existance and protect our natural resourses.
Continue to monitor all of our environmental interests.
Candidate has not yet responded.
This district has been monitoring nitrate levels for many years. When I served on this board several year ago we instituted control measures on fertilizer quantity and timing.
Protect our citizens and provide a quality environment for living, flood control and recreational uses.