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Stafford MSD

The SMSD Board of Trustees consists of seven (7) members elected by the City of Stafford community to serve for terms of three (3) years each. Each trustee represents Stafford MSD at large.

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    Jacqueline Jean-Baptiste

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    Christopher Caldwell

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    Clint Mendonca

Biographical Information

What skills or experiences do you have that make you uniquely qualified to make effective and informed decisions about educational programs and policies?

What are 2-3 actions that the Board of Trustees can take to ensure students’ safety at school?

What specific actions would you take to promote an effective partnership with all stakeholders in the school district: parents, community members, students, and teachers?

What are 2-5 goals the school district should have for all students, and what would be your role in achieving them?

Education/Degrees BS of Zoology Minor Chemistry
Experience Over 20 years in policy writing for a medical device company, 3 years as a Board of Trustee
Throughout my three years on the school board, I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience as it pertains to the making effective and informed decisions as it pertains to educational programs and school policy. I have prided myself in attending as many conferences and programs to gain any additional knowledge to help understand school finance and policies involving public school programs.
1. Ensure that our district has the resources to ensure that our school district is prepared for any emergency response and training for our staff. 2. Create policies that support school safety and ensure that the resources needed to implement these policies are available. 3. Support our administrative staff in creating a safe and successful school district.
First and foremost transparency, our stake holders are looking for honesty and transparency. Listen to all our stakeholders, be open-minded and proactive to issues as they arise. Ensure that we have a strong relationship with our shareholders. Promote the strong values of our district.
1. Ensure that we have measurable achievable goals. 2. Ensure that we have programs in place to promote student success. 3. Ensure that our students have a safe school that is conducive to learning. Our role as a school board trustee is to ensure that we have the resources to implement the above goals as well as ensuring we have properly trained staff to promote our student success.
Education/Degrees B.A M.B.A Ed.D expected Fall 2020
Experience 30 years in the field of education 6 years school board trustee 10 years board member Polk Institution of Excellence
Working in the field of education for over 30 years (practical), completing Doctoral level course work in policy, administration, and finance (theoretical,) working closely with state and federal education agencies in policy and program creation and implementation (experience), and having served as a school board trustee for 6 years and as an officer for 5 of those uniquely qualifies me qualified to make effective and informed decisions about educational programs and policies.
1. Create policy that supports effective school safety a. Allow for blended, flexible use of funding streams in education and mental health services; b. Improve staffing ratios to allow for the delivery of a full range of services and effective school–community partnerships; c. Develop evidence-based standards for district-level policies to promote effective school discipline and positive behavior; d. Fund continuous and sustainable crisis and emergency preparedness, response, and recovery planning and training. e. Provide incentives for intra-and interagency collaboration. 2. Implement best practices for creating safe and successful schools a. Fully integrate learning supports (e.g., behavioral, mental health, and social services), instruction, and school
12 points to promoting effective partnerships with all stakeholders 1. Building rapport with external and internal stakeholders 2. Be honest and open 3. Be proactive 4. Be positive 5. Listen to others 6. Have empathy 7. Set a good example 8. Maintaining relationships with stakeholders 9. Involve stakeholders 10. Be honest and accountable 11. Keep an open mind 12. Address issues as they arise
Goal Area 1: Measurable Student Achievement Goal Area 2: Facilities Goal Area 3: Community / Parental Engagement Goal Area 4: Highly Qualified Staff /Technology Goal Area 5: Fiscal Management/Responsibility My role in helping to achieve the above goals are to create policies that enforce and support successful implementation of all goals set by the board of trustees. My role in achieving the above goals is also to create opportunities to reach all targets.
Twitter @clint4stafford
Education/Degrees MA in Faith & Culture University of St. Thomas MLA in Communication University of St. Thomas BA in Psychology & Philosophy University of St. Thomas
Experience 15+ years Organization Management 10+ years Budget Management, Needs Assessment, and Financial Analysis. 15+ years parliamentary procedure. Married to a professional educator with over a decade in public schools. Lifetime Student -- still enrolled in professional development and additional coursework to this day.
I am a bank manager and a lifetime student. I see the evolving needs of employers in colleges and can help direct the programs of SMSD to help students prepare for those next steps.

I have over a decade of experience working in Finance and my wife has over a decade of experience in public education. Our district is land-locked. I plan on using our combined experience to prioritize our limited revenues and resources to ensure the best education possible for our students.
The first thing we need to do is consult and follow the advice of medical experts. Both of my siblings are MDs and are keeping a close eye on developments with his pandemic as relatively new doctors.

The second thing we need to do is prioritize caution over rushing back to campuses-- I would rather students fall slightly behind than put the life or health of any member of our SMSD community at risk.

The third thing we need to do is invest heavily in those things that make distance learning work. SMSD has a lot of families with limited income. We need to make sure they have devices, WiFi hot spots, meals for students, and other such needs met so that the students are equipped to learn remotely and can focus on what they need to get done in class..
One of the major areas that SMSD could use some improvement is in communication. A lot of rumors get spread before initial announcements come out. Streamlining the messages between all of our online platforms (website, email, social media) will be one of the first steps to open those lines of communication more efficiently to the public.

One of the areas where we've seen a bit of improvement in recent months has been the introduction of "Town Hall" meetings to allow parents and employees to raise concerns. I don't want this to become a pandemic-specific program-- these opportunities for feedback need to continue.

Most importantly, I will be out in the community, discussing the needs and interests of all stakeholders. That's hard to do during a pandemic, but things will get better.
The TASB has some excellent examples of solid district goals and it's difficult to limit them here. Obviously, our SMSD students should be able able to meet and exceed the state standards on all tests, and it's our job to equip them to do so by hiring the best teachers possible and implementing rigorous academic standards.

I believe our district should encourse all students to push themselves-- either by taking a more challenging course, fully learning a second language, or by enrolling in an extracurricular activity-- in order to strive to be better. That requires us to do the same as board members and employees of the district to set the proper example.