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Douglas County Commissioner - District 5

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    Maureen Boyle

  • Tim Lonergan

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What element of the county’s government is most effective, and why?

What are some ways to provide property tax relief? Are there any services you think should be cut, and if so, why?

What do you see as the three most compelling problems facing your office?

What should the county do to address climate change issues?

Current Public Office, dates held none
Past Public Office, dates held none
Education Marian High School; University of Nebraska at Omaha, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, major in finance; University of Nebraska Medical Center, Medical Doctor
Military experience none
The 911 Center has a critical task. Not only does the call center work within the county to send help, but it also coordinates with other counties and cities when they may be closer.

More recently, the Election Office showed us that county government can truly serve when needed. During the May primary, mail-in voting skyrocketed. The Election Commissioner was allocated money by the County Board, and in my opinion, his leadership helped the election in Douglas County run without a hitch.
Most importantly, look at spending. Minimize turnover for valuable front-line employees like CNAs, nurses, and corrections officers. It’s more economical to keep these workers satisfied than to replace them. Seek out related or duplicate city and county services and determine if economies of scale could be applied. Due to COVID, the county has expanded availability of services online. Some employees may be able to work remotely.
1. COVID. This has caused a hit on several fronts. We now understand how a public health issue can impact every aspect of our lives - physical and mental health, jobs, housing, nutrition, education, and even relationships. 2. Criminal justice. The new juvenile justice center should be delayed until all needs are understood, and data is consistent, analyzed, and validated. For adults, cash bail should be eliminated and bail decisions made by judges. 3. Property taxes. A perennial issue.
Everything possible. We should transition to electric vehicles for the county fleet. Convening with OPPD board members to brainstorm joint projects should be considered. When bidding on projects, preference should be given to contractors proficient in renewable energy. Renovations and repairs of current buildings should be undertaken with energy efficiency in mind. This is a big deal.
Current Public Office, dates held none
Past Public Office, dates held Metro Community College 9/06-12/10
Education Omaha Central HS 1980 University of Omaha, NE BA History 1990 University of Omaha, NE BA, Education, 1995 University of Omaha,, NE BA Spec Ed 2000
Military experience US Coast Guard active duty Aug 1980-Jan 1985 USNR April 1985-June1990 US Coast Guard Reserve June 1990 Sept 2000 Retired 21 years service.
Volunteer experience Knights of Columbus St. Pius X, St. Leo School St. Leo Church St. Elizabeth Ann Church Boys Scouts Ancient Order of Hibernians Am. Red Cross EPS
The Countys most efeective element is collecting the taxes owed to them. The County employess are hard working and the County gets a good value for there hard work.
Look at Technology to reduce the tax burden on the county tax payer. Look at all budgets to find ways to reduce the tax levee, Also the reduction in the County Commissioner Salary that was voted on to increase 100%
Transparency with the County Board, The 120 Million Dollar Bond issue, Public Saftey
The county could do more with Re-duce, re-use and Re-cycle.