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Public Service Commission - District 2

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    Tim Davis

  • Crystal Rhoades

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Education Two diplomas in Construction and Entrepreneurship. These were received from Southeast Community College and Western Iowa Tech.
Volunteer experience Volunteered on the Don Bacon Campaign in 2018 One of the Douglas County Republican Volunteer of the Year in 2019
My opponent has been in her seat for nearly one full term. Since taking her seat she has shown through her actions and voting record that she has put her best interests before those of the voters. When I get elected, I will work to get the most up to date broadband service to the voters ahead of schedule. I will make sure the life-saving 911 system is in place allowing for fast response times. I will work to make sure we have the best rates available for all ride sharing options on the market.
I plan to sit down and discuss with the various cellular providers in the market to discuss what issues they are having when it comes to implementing the updated broadband services. I will also look into the Next Gen 911 system to make sure we are getting the best services possible.
District 2 has a number of issues they deal with. First of which is the 911 response time. There have been a number of instances where services took longer than it should have. When I get elected I will review what is needed to make sure Next Gen 911 is up and running to minimize future response time. I will work closely with the telcom providers in the state to make sure that the voters are getting the most up to date broadband services at the best possible prices.
Current Public Office, dates held Commissioner Nebraska Public Service Commission 2015 - present
Past Public Office, dates held Metropolitan Community College Board 2006-2014
Education Bachelor of Arts, Master of Science, University of Nebraska, Omaha
Military experience None
Volunteer experience Chairwoman Douglas County Democratic Party 2016 - 2020, National Association of Regulatory Commissioners, Vice Chair of Telecommunications Committee and the Rural Broadband Expansion Task Force.
This position requires a detailed knowledge of telecommunications infrastructure, consumer protection law, transportation law, and the ability to understand complex technical topics. I have a proven track record of working with state and federal law and policy makers to produce results for constituents. During my tenure I've worked with the legislature to pass laws that legalized ride sharing, legislation to reduce robocalls, and improved accountability for companies receiving public grants.
I'll continue to improve oversight of government funds such as 911 and universal service to ensure customers are getting high quality services at the lowest cost. When I started at the Commission the audits for 911 were running 3-5 years behind. I advocated to get those completed so taxpayers would have confidence their money was being spent appropriately. I've also been an advocate at the state and local level to expand access to high speed internet for low income customers.
1. Funding and improving 911 call center reliability is critical in Douglas County. Currently our community has the highest call volume and contributes more to the 911 fund than any other county but we receive a fraction of the funding back to support our call center, I will work to increase funding. 2. There are frequent telephone outages in Douglas County, I will work to reduce those outages. 3. Increase funding to low income families so they can access broadband and telephone service.