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    Zach Reinhardt

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How should community colleges differentiate themselves from four-year universities?

What should be the qualifications of instructors at Metro?

If elected, what would be your first year priorities?

Education University of Nebraska-Lincoln Jan 1987 - Dec 1990 Metropolitan Community College Jan 1991 - Dec 2005 University of Nebraska at Omaha Jan 1991-Dec 1997 ITT Technical Institute-Omaha Jan 2012-Dec 2014 Iowa Western Community College Aug 2015-Aug 2016
Military experience Gov Ben Nelson said indirectly "fighting for democracy is stupid" so there's no need to enlist!? (quote) "The Chinese govt. is so smart because they brought in National Guard from a different area of China to smash the students at Tiananmen Square!?"
Volunteer experience A whistleblower against bureaucratic corruption be it a mall or Republican baseball attack bureaucrats w/in our State have had a hand in covering major players in these crimes!? This link is a prime example of a cover up!?
They shouldn't and that's the phrase attitude that four-year universities advertise their students are "special" by a magical wand called the "differentiator" because the one teaching them is the same one teaching the same class down the road at a community college!? The facts be as they may, a person in this State cannot achieves success unless one has the backing of UNL or Creighton, bar none!? Why, because they have Law Schools & Medical School that will rule you off of the top!?
Shouldn't have any of the qualifications as the "feminist" running this League of Women Voters online questionnaires!? Nebraska has some serious issues that need to be addressed in an open society so we can get to the truth & not make it ten times more difficult for activist to speak out against fascist!? How can a lady call herself a feminist and cow tow to a wealthy man's every desire to hide his crimes of passions from the public eye!? Isn't that the heart of feminism speaking up "me to!?"
Create a student government that can effectively petition the people until elected officials learn to serve the public, first!? Nothing says "public" than Metro Community College!? Collecting the signatures needed to exact change can only be done in a very short period of time (30 days) juxtaposed to mail in voting which requires no signature & runs longer!? When the disenfranchised work together to recall officials & exact change will be the highest form of education a person can obtain!?
Current Public Office, dates held None
Past Public Office, dates held None
Education Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, Real Estate and Land Use Economics, University of Nebraska at Omaha 2014
Military experience None
Volunteer experience MAPA Heartland 2050 Housing and Development Committee Co-Chair, 2018-Present; Citylight Arts Project Board, 2018-Present; Greater Omaha Chamber Young Professionals Council, 2019-Present; UNO Real Estate Program Advisory Board, 2016-Present
Community colleges should differentiate themselves from four-year (often actually five-year) universities by focusing on providing affordable, real-world education that prepares students for good jobs without the crushing weight of student loan debt. By focusing on trade, technical, and job training education, and in doing so, community colleges can set themselves apart by providing instructors with real-world experience that students can learn from.
Because of its focus on real-world education, the qualifications of instructors at Metro should include real-world experience in the topic at hand, whenever possible. Industry involvement at Metro is key to providing students with real-world knowledge. An ability to translate the actual experience in each industry into the classroom should be a priority for any instructor at Metro. While an instructor’s educational background should be considered; actual industry experience is equally important.
My first-year priorities will focus on supporting the important work Metro is already doing. Metro doesn’t need someone to come in and fix it. I will be a board member that works to promote all the good that Metro is doing in our community and more ways for the college to make a positive impact. I will be a champion for the students, providing guidance to ensures that Metro continues to fulfill its mission of delivering relevant, student-centered education to a diverse community of leaders.