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Chaffee County Commissioner Dist 1

Responsibilities of the office: County Commissioners in Colorado are responsible for adopting the county budget; declaring county emergencies; entering into contracts; purchasing, maintaining and selling county property; providing human services; authority for roadways, land use and zoning in unincorporated areas; developing and implementing county policy; supervision of the County Administrator and staff; and working in cooperation with other elected county officials and municipal officials within the county.Term for each seat: Four years. Limit is two consecutive four-year terms.How Elected: County Commissioners are elected at large by all eligible voters within the county but a candidate must live within their specific district._________Comisionados del Condado Responsabilidades del Cargo: Los comisionados del condado de Colorado son responsables de adoptar el presupuesto del condado; declarar emergencias del condado; gestionar contratos; comprar, mantener, y vender propiedades del condado; proporcionar servicios humanos; autoridad para carreteras, y el uso de tierras y la zonificación de zonas no incorporadas; desarrollar e implementar políticas del condado; supervisar al Administrador y al personal del condado; y trabajar en cooperación con otros funcionarios electos del condado y funcionarios municipales dentro del condado.Term for each seat: Four years. Limit is two consecutive four-year terms.El mandato de cada cargo: Cuatro años. El limite es dos mandatos consecutivos de cuatro años._______ELECTION INFO: General Election ballots will start to be mailed on October 9th, 2020. Voter Service and Polling Centers open on Monday, October 19th, 2020. Ballots must be received via mail or at drop-off no later than Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020, by 7 pm. If you have not received your ballot or need a replacement, contact your local Clerk & Recorder Elections OfficeINFROMACIÓN SOBRE LAS ELECCIONES: Las papeletas de votación para las Elecciones Generales empezarán a ser enviadas el 9 de octubre del 2020. Los Centros de Servicios Electorales se abren el lunes, 19 de octubre del 2020. Las papeletas electorales deben ser enviadas por correo o entregadas en un centro de entrega a más tardar a las 7pm el martes, 3 de noviembre del 2020. Si no ha recibido su papeleta electoral o necesita un reemplazo, comuníquese con su Funcionario Oficial de la Oficina de Elecciones local

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Background Veteran: Commander, US Navy (Ret): 23 years Business Owner: The Trailhead, Buena Vista: 9 years Buena Vista Town Trustee: 8 years, Mayor Pro-Tem: 4 years Chaffee County Visitors Bureau, Chairman: 3 years Friends of Browns Canyon, Exec Dir: 3 years Chaffee County Commissioner, Dist 1: 3 ½ years
Contact phone 719-963-4164
• Building Community: Good governance engages citizens in decision making while addressing their needs. I’ll continue building our new era of interagency collaboration, strive for even greater transparency, strengthening citizens advisory councils and use them to develop future civic, municipal, and county leaders. • Preserving Our Heritage: Protecting our air, land, water, and wildlife while helping our ranchers in productive agriculture. I’ll keep working to protect and preserve beneficial agricultural practices and advocating on behalf of water management and grazing updates, country-of-origin labeling for agricultural products, and advocate for heritage and historical preservation and educational programs. • Preparing for the Future: Making our local economy diverse, strong, and resilient, poised for a rapid and strong recovery from the COVID-19 downturn, through initiatives like in-county vo-tech training, enhanced workforce programs, and responsible infrastructure development.
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is one of my decision making aids. The more fundamental the human need, the higher priority I assign it. The most basic needs are survival needs like air, water, shelter, and food. You can’t move up to the next level until the level underneath is satisfied. Housing is a fundamental human need, and we need to increase funding for the Chaffee County Homeless Coalition and Shelter and implement the Multijurisdictional Housing Authority (MJHA) to generate more affordable housing. A top priority is ensuring a strong recovery and keeping people employed and earning to provide for themselves and their families. Vocational Technical and apprenticeship training for those who choose to not go to college. Increase broadband coverage for everyone and to continue to improve Interagency collaboration. Maintaining infrastructure, keeping ag lands producing, forest and watershed health, wildfire mitigation, and mitigating impacts from recreation are all vitally important.
Background I have worked in the transportation industry for 28 years. I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a BA in economics and a MA in professional writing from Chatham University. I have a certificate in accounting and project management. I am also a quality expert registered with the ASQ.
Contact phone 7198390499
COVD-19 hit us all unexpected and hard. I am thankful for the hard work our healthcare providers and people that supported us during this difficult time. I make a point of saying, "thank you." Sometimes the thank you is not enough. People in our community lost family and friends. I ask myself, did we do enough?

As a libertarian, I am for liberty and freedom. I believe the role of government is to protect our freedom. Items I would like to review for change that hinder our liberties are: (a) red flag law (which I opposed), (b) the policies and procedures adopted for COV-19 (policies and procedures were not enforced putting residents at risk), and (c) our supply chain and resources (we are a town of limited resources, and at certain times of the year the resources are in limited supply for the local residents). I would set up a team that would include local residents, to access, evaluate, and build solutions to these concerns.

I believe that government should be fiscally responsible. Buena Vista currently has $4.269 million in debt and annual revenue in the amount of $5.9 million, which is offset by $5.9 million in expenses (source: COV-19 has increased our debt overall on our nation. The size of the hole and its impact is unknown. There needs to be a focus on fiscal policy effectiveness in the short term. The longer term is unknown.

Please know that I am open to all questions. Feel free to contact me.
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