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Responsabilidades del Mando: Los comisionados del condado de Colorado son responsables de adoptar el presupuesto del condado; declarar emergencias del condado; gestionar contratos; comprar, mantener, y vender propiedades del condado; proporcionar servicios humanos; autoridad para carreteras, y el uso de tierras y la zonificación de zonas no incorporadas; desarrollar e implementar políticas del condado; supervisar al Administrador y al personal del condado; y trabajar en cooperación con otros funcionarios electos del condado y funcionarios municipales dentro del condado. How Elected: Boulder County Commissioners are elected at large by all eligible voters within the county but a candidate must live within their specific district.Cómo se Eligen: Los Comisionados del Condado de Boulder son elegidos en general por todas las personas que son elegibles para votar dentro del condado, sin embargo el/la candidato/a debe vivir dentro de su distrito especifico. Vacant seats in 2020: Voters will be electing two of the three county commissioners for this election. District 1 (aka the Boulder District), currently held by Elise Jones, who is term limited; and District 2 (aka the Longmont District) currently held by Deb Gardner, also term limited.Cargos Vacantes en 2020: En estas elecciones, los votantes elegirán dos comisionados del condado. El Distrito 1 (conocido como el Distrito de Boulder), cuyo cargo está actualmente ocupado por Elise Jones, quien ha alcanzado el limite de su mandato; y Distrito 2 (conocido como el Distrito de Longmont) cuyo cargo está actualmente ocupado por Deb Gardner, quien también ha alcanzado su limite de mandato.Term for each seat: Four years. Limit is two consecutive four-year terms.El mandato de cada cargo: Cuatro años. El limite es dos mandatos consecutivos de cuatro años.

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    Marta Loachamin

Biographical Information

Do you see a need to revisit and revise Boulder County priorities based on the data being produced from the COVID19 pandemic?


What action(s) would you take to make living in Boulder County more affordable within 12 months of assuming office?

What action will you take to address climate change in Boulder County? Please give a response for the short term and the long term including potential obstacles.

What is your position on increasing the number of commissioners from 3 to 5 (i.e., 3 districts and 2 at large seats) and why?

Background I have lived in Boulder County since 1978. I started a small business and still operate that business today. I am married and we have three children and three grandkids. All live in Colorado. I have a deep appreciation for the beauty and rural nature of our County and I want to preserve it.
Mailing Address 104 Bohn CT
Lyons, CO 80540
Dirección postal 104 Bohn CT Lyons, CO 80540
Contact phone (303)243-3930 direct
Teléfono (303)243-3918
Correo electrónico
A survey of the studies now available regarding this virus would seem to indicate that the policy of locking down the economy was probably not necessary. Florida took a much different approach. They took care of the most vulnerable and kept much of the rest of the State open. We are also learning that "Deaths of Despair" and deaths from other conditions that were not treated because of the lockdown may actually exceed the deaths from the virus. We should clear our heads of bias, study the data and make better policy
I would do what I could to zone more land for manufactured housing. Mobile homes and manufactured housing remain the most affordable housing. A manufactured home on a permanent foundation is eligible for FHA financing with as little as a 3.5% downpayment. These are homes that many who are renting now could afford to own. Homeownership is the American Dream, not living in a rent-subsidized apartment.
I think there may be more to learn about how much climate change is caused by human activity. As with all policy issues, climate change policy requires a broad and balanced study of the costs and benefits.
I am against it. However, if it were a step on the way to true representative government in Boulder County because it would allow 3 of the candidates to be elected by the voters in their district and only two to elected at large, I could support it. Ultimately I would like to see only three County Commissioners and all elected by the voters in their district. This would only be possible by going to 5 Commissioners first and another initiative to take the County back to three with the requirement that all three be elected by the voters in their district. Adding more cost to the County is not something that I can support.
Background My background is extensive throughout Boulder County and abroad. I have experience in banking, finance, mortgage, real estate, teaching and consulting. I have been self employed since 2000 supporting monolingual Spanish speaking families purchase their first homes in Colorado.
Antecedentes Creo que el trabajo de toda mi vida ha sido conectar a la gente con el gobierno local y las agencias para resolver problemas; creando así oportunidades para todos. Tengo experiencia en finanzas, trabajando como profesora, siendo madre soltera y ayudando a nuestra comunidad.
Dirección postal PO Box 463, Longmont CO 80502
Contact phone 720-323-5089
Teléfono 720-323-5089
Correo electrónico
Twitter @marta4boco
The Strategic Plan that is in place has set priorities for Boulder County planned 2019-2023. One of the first pieces will be to compile data on the work that is being done around COVID-19 during the pandemic, results, demographics, community reach, employee data and look at gaps in access. The reality is that priorities will have to be revised due to the economic changes that will be happening the rest of 2020 and commissioners, in administration roles, will need to be very involved in a transparent day to day recovery for employees and the county. My goal will be to see which of the services both for residents and employees were successful in meeting needs to see what can be modeled or recreated without reinventing.
There are a couple of important items I want to do based on my local experience in housing and my 20 years of advocacy working with primarily monolingual Spanish speakers and first time buyers. My first project will creating more options for housing Aging Adults, Transitional Housing and People Experiencing Homelessness. I want to use my housing expertise to look at options that will allow more county workers and local families to live in Boulder County. That would require a policy similar to Fannie Mae’s First Look Initiative that gave homeowners versus investors an opportunity. We need to look at creative and innovative ways to move the percentage of renters in Boulder County down and raise the ownership amount for financial health.
Boulder County is known for significant work in climate action and we have fantastic programs that support regenerative agriculture programs, carbon sequestration, pollinator protection and other policies throughout the county that ensure our road to sustainability and commitment to EV and resolution of climate emergency. I have personally worked with the BC Office of Emergency Management and believe that preparedness for the natural disasters caused by climate action is important from a community standpoint. Building trust and relationships so that community members will know where resources are will reduce costs in the future and help folks become more connected as the climate continues to react to the damage we have done as humans.
I support a change of commissioners from 3 to 5 based on the conversations I have had with so many people around the county who do not feel heard or represented. Lack of representation whether political party, mountain community, East to West and other stories that were shared; has been a common sentiment heard on my campaign that started in Nov. 2018. It would appear that historically a small group of individuals, relevant to the full population of the county, are making the choice about who leads on the Board of County Commissioners. I believe my election is a great opportunity to get an outcome that creates new representation locally. I hope it will encourage others to run and join me to expand and make a more diverse Board to serve.