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Greene County Court of Common Pleas Judge Probate Division

Responsibilities: The Probate Court has exclusive jurisdiction over the administration of estates and trusts, appointment of guardians for incompetents and estates of minors, adoptions, the issuance of marriage licenses, name changes, commitment of the mentally ill and various other actions. The Court also approves settlements in wrongful death actions and minor injury claims.. Term of office: 6 years. Additional information about judicial candidates may be available at

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    Mark Babb

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    Thomas O'Diam

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Education J.D. The Ohio State University College of Law
Experience Attorney, Managing Partner at Babb, Anderson, Rowland & Smith I have worked at LexisNexis and as an attorney for the last fifteen years.
I have not previously served as a judge.
Over the fifteen years, I have advocated strongly for my clients while maintaining civil and amicable relationships with other attorneys, judges, and court personnel. I have represented thousands of people. I’m generally in court three to four days a week. I have studied the law, had jury trials, and appealed cases. I have seen some bad judges. I have also practiced in front of some great judges. Treating people with dignity, courtesy, and respect is the key to being an effective judge. All great judges understand that the courts belong to the people and that the judge is more like a caretaker than an owner of a court. Judges have to make hard decisions, but knowledge of the law is not enough to achieve fair and just results. I have learned that the most important attributes a judge can possess are patience, thoughtfulness, and a deep concern for his fellow human beings. I will bring those attributes to the bench.
I’m running for judge because I want to be of service to the people of Greene County. I’m running for this seat because our county needs a change in leadership in our Probate Court. Our county deserves a judge that will not bring meritless lawsuits against the county. Our county deserves a probate judge that knows how to treat people with dignity and respect in his courtroom. I’m running for this particular court seat because I would never allow my immediate family members to represent parties in front of me. I’m running for probate court judge because our county deserves better.
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Education J.D., University of Dayton School of Law (1985); B.S., The Ohio State University (1981)
Experience Private practice attorney specializing in estate planning, trust, and probate law 28 years (1985 – 2013); Judge, Greene County Probate Court 7 years (2013 to present)
I have been Judge of the Greene County Court of Common Pleas, Probate Division, for over seven years. On August 2, 2013, I was sworn in to fill the remaining term of retired Judge Robert A. Hagler. I was elected to my first full term in the November 2014 general election and continue in that position today.
Probate law has been the core focus of my entire legal career. I spent the first 28 years as an attorney in private practice concentrating in estate planning, trust, and probate law. I have been in the trenches with thousands of clients, planning for their unique circumstances and guiding them through the often-complex nuances of probate court. As a practicing attorney, I was certified as a specialist in estate planning, trust, and probate law by the Ohio State Bar Association. I was the first attorney in Greene County thus certified. While in private practice, I was listed in the Best Lawyers in America by U.S. News and World Report for estate and trust law. I also held an AV Preeminent Peer Review Rating through Martindale Hubble as an attorney, and still hold that distinction. I developed expertise in probate law through years of hard work and focus. Probate affects the most vulnerable people in our community — the elderly, mentally incompetent, developmentally disabled, mentally ill, families suffering the loss of a loved one, and children searching for a permanent home. I have decades of experience working with the important and difficult circumstances these individuals and families face. I have proven knowledge, experience, and ability to handle the role of Probate Judge.
I am seeking re-election to my second full term as Judge of Greene County Probate Court because I have something unique and valuable to offer our community: my unmatched experience and expertise in probate law, an area that will at some point likely touch every family in our community. My 35 years of experience in probate law gives me a deep understanding of the difficult issues families face and uniquely qualifies me to continue serving as Greene County Probate Court Judge.

My experience earned the confidence of the Governor to appoint me to this important position in 2013. My performance earned the confidence of voters in 2014, electing me to my first full term as Probate Court Judge. My exemplary record of integrity, innovation, and focus on improving public service clearly make me the best choice for leading Greene County Probate Court in the future.
My father, Ben O’Diam (deceased 1/1/20), has been my mentor and roll model throughout my life. Although not a judge by profession, he was the best judge of character I have ever known and could see positive qualities in others that they could not see in themselves. He taught me the value of hard work, the importance of integrity, and the significance of service to others. Those core values are essential for every judge.