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Colorado CU Board of Regents District 2

The Board of Regents consists of nine members serving staggered six-year terms, one elected from each of the state's seven congressional districts and two from the state at large. The members select their own chair and vice-chair. The board is charged constitutionally with the general supervision of the university and the exclusive control and direction of all funds of and appropriations to the university unless otherwise provided by law.ELECTION INFO: General Election ballots will start to be mailed on October 9th, 2020. Voter Service and Polling Centers open on Monday, October 19th, 2020. Ballots must be received via mail or at drop-off no later than Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020, by 7 pm. If you have not received your ballot or need a replacement, contact your local Clerk & Recorder Elections Office.Regentes de CULa Junta de Regentes está conformada por nueve miembros que sirven durante mandatos espaciados de seis años, uno elegido por cada uno de los siete distritos del congreso y dos por el estado en general. Los miembros eligen su propio presidente y vicepresidente. La junta tiene la responsabilidad constitucional de supervisión general de la universidad y la dirección y el control exclusivo de todos los fondos de, y apropiaciones para la universidad, a menos que la ley dicte lo contrario. INFROMACIÓN SOBRE LAS ELECCIONES: Las papeletas de votación para las Elecciones Generales empezarán a ser enviadas el 9 de octubre del 2020. Los Centros de Servicios Electorales se abren el lunes, 19 de octubre del 2020. Las papeletas electorales deben ser enviadas por correo o entregadas en un centro de entrega a más tardar a las 7pm el martes, 3 de noviembre del 2020. Si no ha recibido su papeleta electoral o necesita un reemplazo, comuníquese con su Funcionario Oficial de la Oficina de Elecciones local.

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What is your number one priority and why?

What is your recommendation(s) to keep tuition costs controlled with the potential of the state budget shortfall and cuts to higher education?

How do you envision providing quality education during and after the COVID-19 pandemic in regard to safety and affordability?

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Background Callie Rennison, PhD is a tenured full professor in the School of Public Affairs at the University of Colorado Denver and has served in multiple leadership roles across the CU System. She is a proven scholar, mentor, and supporter of students, staff and faculty.
Antecedentes Callie Rennison, PhD es profesora titular titular en la Escuela de Asuntos Públicos de la Universidad de Colorado en Denver y ha ocupado múltiples puestos de liderazgo en todo el Sistema de CU. Ella es una académica, mentora y partidaria comprobada de los estudiantes, el personal y la facultad.
Dirección postal 615 South Snowmass Circle, Superior, CO 80027
Contact phone 303-514-9306
Teléfono 303-514-9306
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Ensuring that CU remains affordable and accessible. I’m a first-generation college student, and attending college changed my life. I want to ensure others get the same opportunity. CU is no longer affordable for our middle and lower income households given poor state funding. That means only the most privileged can attend, and it means too many CU students graduate with mountains of student debt. Worse, it means that too many CU students are burdened with huge debt and no degree as they are forced to leave before completion. And by far the worst situation is that too many people are priced out from even trying. As Regent, I pledge to ensure every decision I make will be focused on affordability, opening the doors to all who want to try, and prioritizing academics so students can change their lives.
As a Regent, we must do everything we can to keep costs of attending CU down. That means the every Regent must be vocal about supporting legislation to end TABOR. We must educate the public so they understand the crippling effects TABOR has on our institutions of higher education. Regents must also work with our state legislators to find creative way to fund our universities. Further, we must ensure CU operates as efficiently as possible. Redundancies in the system must be eliminated, and our focus must be on prioritizing academics and providing an educated work force to take Colorado into the future.
I am certain we can provide quality and affordable education during and after COVID-19. Our #1 priority must be the safety and health of our students, staff and faculty - and members of the community. The Regents announced that tuition would not increase for the 2020-2021 year, which is good news in terms of affordability. Many of our units across campuses have been providing quality online learning - same faculty, same material and same quality - for many, many years. Other faculty who have not taken advantage of online tools and methods can learn to do so. By holding many classes online, it allows social distancing possibilities for labs and other classes that are best held in person. I have faith in the faculty and staff of the system and that they will provide quality education as they always have.
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