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Colorado State Senate District 23

The Colorado Senate is the upper house of the Colorado General Assembly, the state legislature of the U.S. State of Colorado. It is composed of 35 senators who are elected to four-year terms and are limited to two consecutive terms in office.ELECTION INFO: General Election ballots will start to be mailed on October 9th, 2020. Voter Service and Polling Centers open on Monday, October 19th, 2020. Ballots must be received via mail or at drop-off no later than Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020, by 7 pm. If you have not received your ballot or need a replacement, contact your local Clerk & Recorder Elections Office.Watch the Candidate Forum video HERE.NOTE: This Candidate Forum covers the CO Senate Dist 23, CO House Districts 49, and 51. Senado de ColoradoEl Senado de Colorado es la cámara superior de la Asamblea General de Colorado, la legislatura estatal del Estado de Colorado de los EE.UU. Está compuesto por 35 senadores que son elegidos a mandatos de cuatro años y están limitados a dos mandatos consecutivos.INFROMACIÓN SOBRE LAS ELECCIONES: Las papeletas de votación para las Elecciones Generales empezarán a ser enviadas el 9 de octubre del 2020. Los Centros de Servicios Electorales se abren el lunes, 19 de octubre del 2020. Las papeletas electorales deben ser enviadas por correo o entregadas en un centro de entrega a más tardar a las 7pm el martes, 3 de noviembre del 2020. Si no ha recibido su papeleta electoral o necesita un reemplazo, comuníquese con su Funcionario Oficial de la Oficina de Elecciones local.

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    Sally Boccella

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    Barbara Kirkmeyer

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What is your number one priority and why?

How will you address the economic crisis that has resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic?

Background I am the daughter of an Italian immigrant, U.S. Navy veteran and Purple Heart recipient. I am a first generation American citizen and first generation college graduate. My family heritage and work ethic instilled in me the principle- opportunity for all.
Contact phone 970-795-2339
Twitter @sally4CO
My number one priority is making sure that all sides are heard, and that we are working for everyone in Senate District 23, not just those at the top. I plan to reach across the aisle; our politics have for too long been divisive and haven’t worked for what really impacts our everyday lives. Protections for our climate, as well as quality job creation are my top priorities, these do not have to be mutually exclusive.

Our public lands are not only our state’s source of recreation, but a strong source of our revenue. We must protect our state’s resources for future generations to ensure they enjoy our Colorado quality of life. I am committed to economic development planning with a just transition for workers from fossil fuels to geothermal energy technology, as well as forward thinking industries, such as hemp, regenerative agriculture and incentivizing the film industry, and ensure quality employment for all Coloradans.
By addressing the challenges in our state's financial structure we can simultaneously invest in our communities while creating quality employment. I will bring together stakeholders so that we can address TABOR. In collaboration with our congressional advocates we can work together to get the federal funding we need for economic recovery. I have earned endorsements from respected elected officials on a federal, state and local level, along with community activists because they have worked with me in the past and know I can work across the aisle to get things done.

Our campaign is working with volunteers in our communities to secure DIY fabric masks for our non-direct COVID-19 healthcare workers and area homeless shelters. This pandemic has brought into focus the critical issue of food insecurity among our seniors, working families and students. We are working with community non-profits and volunteers to deliver food boxes to those in need.
Background 4th Generation Coloradan; Graduated Univ of CO; Weld Co Commissioner-20 yrs; Own/operate Floral Shop-15 yrs; Own/operate dairy farm -15 yrs; Farm operations-27 yrs; Gov Owens cabinet member- Ex Dir Dept of Local Affairs; Dir of CO Office of Emer Mgmt; Immaculate Heart of Mary-35 yr member
Contact phone 720-966-3049
My number one priority is to promote economic freedom, liberty and limited government. I will work to repeal any job killing legislation such as Senate Bill 181 (targeting oil and gas workers), oppose government overreach into private business, defend personal freedoms (for instance, we must repeal the unconstitutional “red flag” bill), promote market-oriented health care reforms instead of government-run health care, and work to make sure government lives within its means. Weld County is the only debt-free, no sales tax county in the state. Leaving future generations debt free is perhaps my proudest accomplishment. I want to take that track record of fiscal conservatism on the Weld County Commission to Denver and rein in the size and scope of government spending and regulation.
As a county commissioner, I have been instrumental in leading Weld County to ZERO debt, no county sales tax and we pay cash for our capital projects. I would build a more robust, viable partnership with local governments, the business community and key industries such as tourism, agriculture and energy and convene a working group to develop proactive strategies to get Coloradans back to work. The economic crisis was created by the Governor and current General Assembly when they passed SB 181. The economic crisis was further exasperated by the COVID pandemic and the closure of businesses throughout the state. As a State Senator, I would decrease the tax liability on the business community and eliminate the “red tape” of unnecessary, burdensome regulations. Additionally, I will work to downsize state government and eliminate those programs/services which individuals can do for themselves. State service levels need to be commensurate with the amount of revenues received.