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Wilmington City Council District 6

Wilmington City County district members serve four year terms and respond to constituent concerns in their geographical areas and hold committee leadership positions.

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    Yolanda McCoy **

Biographical Information

What motivated you to seek or continue in this office?

What are your qualifications for office, and what differentiates you from the other candidate(s)?

What are the most urgent issues facing the City of Wilmington, and how will you address them?

How do you believe that racial inequity can be reduced/eliminated in Delaware?

What steps can be taken for Wilmington City Council to work more efficiently and cohesively in the future?

Wilmington City Council’s actions affect the welfare of city residents. How will you keep the lines of communication open with your constituents?

Last edit date: submitted 8/9/2020
Phone: (302) 440-5463
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Age 49
Education Springfield College School of Human Service
Work Experience Community Health Worker 08/2018 – Present Gateway Community Health
Community Involvement SGS Ministry, 2017 – Present; I am My Sister's Keeper 2017-Present; Housing Alliance of Delaware 2020
I am running for my second term as a city council member because there are more successes to be had in the city and district despite the news stories saying otherwise. Therefore I continue to be committed to work with my neighbors and colleagues to change potential into positive outcomes that we envision for the residents for our city.
What differentiates me from the other candidates is that I am currently holding the office. The experience that I gained from my first term is invaluable, and I have conquered the learning curve. My experience as the incumbent has allowed me to learn the role and responsibilities of a councilperson.
The most urgent issue facing the City of Wilmington is ensuring the safety and well being of our residents during this pandemic. We need to understand the city and state are still not in a place to relax any measures for protecting ourselves and our loved ones from the coronavirus. As residents within the city are tested, we need to begin identifying which areas by neighborhoods that have had the least amount of tests given. Let's set up smaller testing sites and knock on doors to invite residents to participate in the free testing. If the city was not working to decrease the spread of COVID-19, public safety would have been my most urgent issue.
I believe that racial inequity can be reduced in Wilmington by ensuring all functions that are run in the city are equitable. Equal opportunity and fair pay should be mandated in all city functions.
Establishing a process for Wilmington City Council members to discuss the needs of the city will help the city work efficiently. Having one on one conversations has not promoted trust within the council. The conversations that need to take place will take place on video conferencing or a conference room rather than Council Chambers. I would suggest a Committee of the Whole meeting quarterly or as needed.
Before the pandemic, I disseminated information mostly through community meetings. I have used social media to communicate with residents, and the same platform allows them to communicate with one another. As a safety precaution, I have looked at other media platforms to provide information. For example, WITN22 is the TV channel run by Wilmington City Council. I have recorded several segments to promote upcoming events and meetings. Many who have shared their email address are receiving newsletters from Wilmington City Council and press releases from the City of Wilmington.