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Wilmington City Council District 3

Wilmington City County district members serve four year terms and respond to constituent concerns in their geographical areas and hold committee leadership positions.

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    Davon "D" Marque Hall (write-in)

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    Zanthia Oliver **

Biographical Information

What motivated you to seek or continue in this office?

What are your qualifications for office, and what differentiates you from the other candidate(s)?

What are the most urgent issues facing the City of Wilmington, and how will you address them?

How do you believe that racial inequity can be reduced/eliminated in Delaware?

What steps can be taken for Wilmington City Council to work more efficiently and cohesively in the future?

Wilmington City Council’s actions affect the welfare of city residents. How will you keep the lines of communication open with your constituents?

Last edit date: published 8/3/2020
Phone: (302) 354-1700
Website or social media link: http://DMarqueHall.WIN
Age 33
Education *Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League Community Organizing Training with Mandela Fellowship in 2018 *Cecil County College Diversity Team Certification 2016 -ITT Technical Institute-King of Prussia, Pennsylvania- Computer Systems Networking Associates Degree Program 2010 -Concord High School-Wilmington, Delaware- High School Diploma 2006
Work Experience D. Marque Hall Pub./ Sole-Proprietorship and Minority Business Enterprise Registered in the State of Delaware since 2016 Creating Artwork including Coloring Books about Diversity and Inclusion since 2014
Community Involvement -Meeting with Gov. Jack Markell about "How We Would Prevent a Ferguson-like Situation from happening here in Wilmington" & marched with Delaware Repeal to eliminate the Death Penalty in 2014. -Awarded by the City of Wilmington for "Promoting Boxing in a Positive Way" and for "Commitment to the Youth" in 2015. -Volunteered and Presenented before the Coalition to Dismantle the New Jim Crow in 2016. -Organized and Spearheaded Protests to Restore Bus Service to Rodney Square in 2017. Also petitioned over 1,000 on the buses and at bus stops to urge Gov. Carney to restore bus service. -Had 1st Amendment rights violated & was assaulted on camera by white Wilmington Police Officers who were ordered by Police Chief Tracey at Rodney Square on September 28th, 2018. -Organized several Arts & Advocacy events including "Artivist Artifacts" at the Urban Bike Project, "Our Stories Matter" at MKT Place Gallery & more... Introduced Black Lives Matter & Food Not Bombs leaders to protest for justice
Additional Information Leadership should be on time, healthy, compassionate, sober & attentive. Leadership should bring the community they represent with them wherever they go even if only in heart & spirit. Leadership should not be influenced by power & greed. A foundation & value-system must be established & cemented in a candidate otherwise they are doomed to be unethical, lazy & careless. I believe that we must be kind to one to another to work together cohesively but we also must be courageous & bold to make change happen for the greater good. The interests of the community should be put before any other. I believe that "Service is the rent we pay for our room here on Earth"- Muhammad Ali I will do everything in my power for the community as our work-horse for public-safety, the youth, transparency & accountability for all in power. I will not be a MULE for corporations who prey on poor people of color & use easily influenced Black representation and exclusive systems to do it.
I want to serve more people & end needless suffering- that is my obligation to my community and to God * To earn respect for myself and my community that deserves better treatment and to prove that all of us are worthy of 2nd chances * For vision of what's happening to the most vulnerable demographics of people in our community who deserve peace & justice * (IN SHORT) My lived experiences & current condition and that of my community.
I'm aware and active because of my mind & heart. My devotion on my 33rd birthday. FRIDAY, July 31 Matthew 28:19 Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Ignatius of Loyola's conversion was a traumatic experience. Because of recklessness born of a desire to be famous, he sustained a life-threatening injury in the 1521 Battle of Pamplona. During his recovery, he discovered a spiritual connection to Christ and a new direction for life. His writings about these devotional experiences became what he called the Spiritual Exercises. While studying for the priesthood, he and six classmates decided to take vows of poverty and service to the poor based on the Spiritual Exercises. This was the beginning of the Jesuits (The Society of Jesus), an order centered on these vows and dedicated to evangelism and education. We don't need trauma in our lives to hear Jesus’ call in our lives BUT EMPATHY MAKES A DIFFERENCE
Segregation & injustices because of Discrimination by Neglect of the MOST vulnerable & systematically excluded & oppressed. PUT THE COMMUNITY FIRST INSTEAD OF LAST. STOP MAKING DECISIONS FOR THE PEOPLE IN MY DISTRICT WITHOUT THE PEOPLE IN MY DISTRICT OR OUR LIVES, SAFETY & HAPPINESS BEING CONSIDERED. Trauma is a harsh reality that TOO many people treat with drugs & alcohol. We need paid/trained counselors & support staff walking the streets in the 3rd District. Think Downtown Visions with the Yellow Shirts in the Business District securing property & "approved" people but envision similar resources being used to protect people here further down 10th Steet. Imagine the training opportunities going to people in my district who need a career. This would reduce unemployment, crime, suicide, overdose, poverty, pollution & every ill in the poorest & darkest places where there is so little hope. With "Covid-1619", as our new Pastor-Elect calls it, there is even more hopelessness now.
People need to know that someone cares about them & sees their suffering & wants to do something about it-I will do everything I can. Black people who are impoverished, who are doing everything they can to survive & take care of their responsibilities need help. Black people who are losing the battle of addiction & mental-health need support and alternatives. Black people who have achieved success also need help seeing how valuable of a resource they could be as inspiration, hope and direction to those in need. They need more help than anyone because if they were willing to teach-not carry- but just teach, "The least of these" from our community we would all benefit & strive. Our community would look alot different. As a representative we should know our history of, "The Old Eastside" & Urban "Removal", Desegregation & Resegregation and we must be aware of what this is. We will reduce inequity by voting out Black representatives who are selling out their constituents, "By Any Means".
New Leadership that is competent, compassionate and ethical.
I'm always accessible even during this Pandemic- I show up *with my mask*. My number is readily available for all calls or texts 302-354-1700. If I miss a call I always get back.

I am on every major and some "not-so-major" social media platforms- LinkedIn is my favorite - D. Marque Hall☝🏿❤ I'm also on WhatsApp. My website is

I have been sharing City Council meeting footage on my platforms for a couple of years now @iamblackamerica on Instagram, YouTube.comDMarqueHall -Please Subscribe so you'll receive all my notifications. You won't find 95 percent of the content shared by me anywhere else.

My Facebook is Davon D Marque Hall. I'm also going to have my city email, office line, City Council website, which provides live streamed meetings on Channel 22 and I'm not afraid of engaging with anyone. I've been interviewed by media. Hopefully no one finds me too hard to talk to. Believe it or not, I'm a part of the 5 percent of people on this planet who do listen.
Last edit date: submitted 8/17/2020
Phone: (302) 377-4967
Campaign email:
Age 55
Education Bachelors in Marketing - Delaware State University
Work Experience Entrepreneur
Community Involvement Zanthia’s other volunteerism includes prior service as a board member for Addictions Coalition, Inc., and current service on the board of NOR Enterprises, Inc. She is also a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
Additional Information Zanthia currently serves on Wilmington City Council. She is amember of the Community Development & Urban Planning, the Finance & Economic Development, and the Public Works & Transportation Committees. She is also a member of the Wilmington Cable, Video and Telecommunications Commission.
I am a life-long resident of Wilmington and was active in community involvement and outreach. It was the murder of one of my neighbors that forced me to run for office. I knew that I had the experience and connection to represent my constituent well. I ran because I saw a chance to serve in a more official capacity.

During my time on Council I've had the ability to directly impact the lives of Wilmington residents. It is my passion for change and love of community that keeps me focused in the seat.
I have been active in my community for over 25 years. Through my non-profit organization, Zanny’s Inc., I mentored at-promise female students in the Christina School District, assisting them with self-esteem, personal development, and encouraging the pursuit of higher education. My time at NOR enterprises gave me direct insight into the challenges students and families face.

Violence - There is no one solution. I think it is crucial we have quality mentors and community activities to provide an outlet for families. We also need to reinvigorate the pride in Wilmington. We have to bring everyone to the table to find solutions.

Education & Family supports - Increased after school activity, tutoring opportunities for Wilmington students, wraparound services, a quality ecosystem of non-profit providers that work to complement each others efforts towards a common goal.

It is essential that we start the crucial conversations that center around inclusion, diversity, and equity. We need to bring to light the barriers that many people, particularly people of color, have experienced for years.

We cannot solve this issue working in silos. We also need leaders willing to take the necessary and appropriate steps. And we cannot shut out community voice.
Increased transparency about Council operations and decisions. We need to ensure our community holds us accountability. And we need members of City Council who know we are all working towards improving the quality of life for our residents and that we cannot become distracted by negativity.
Continue to attend public meetings and hosting civic association meetings. Making my contact information as public as possible. And I will continue to be present in my neighborhood and district.