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Kent County Clerk of the Peace

The Kent County Clerk of the Peace witnesses County documents; attends all formal Levy Court Meetings; records all acts as custodian for the Minutes of the Levy Court Meetings; advertises and posts County ordinances; countersigns warrants drawn on County funds; issues marriage licenses; and performs marriage ceremonies. The Clerk of the Peace is elected to a four-year term in the "on-years" when the Delaware governor and U.S. President are up for election.

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Biographical Information

What motivates you to seek or continue in this office?

Please comment on one thing this office did especially well during the last four-year term, and one area that could be improved.

How has this office responded to the challenges of COVID-19 this year? Do you foresee any permanent operational changes in response to this public health crisis?

Would you support a move to make Clerk of the Peace an appointive position, or do you believe it should remain an elected office?

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Last edit date: published 10/1/2020
Phone: (302) 316-4035
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Age 39
Education Kim earned a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education, an Associate Degree in Public Health and an Associate Degree in Allied Health while on active duty.
Work Experience In her early teen years Kim worked on the local tobacco fields of her home town sun up to sun down during the summer months. Though out all four years of high school Kim worked at an early childhood education center. After graduating high school Kim joined the military where she spent 10 honorable years serving our great nation. Following her military career Kim has worked tirelessly within her community through volunteer work, fundraising and advocacy.
Community Involvement Kim is an active member of VFW Post 3238, where she championed legislation pertaining to PTSD and hosted events such as a statewide Memorial Day Parade to honor our fallen and Gold Star Families.
Additional Information Kim and her husband Wade Petters have been married for 15 years and have four beautiful children together.
Serving the community and helping others is my passion. As Clerk of the Peace I will serve the people of our county with the same dedication that I served our country while on active duty in the United States Air Force. I believe strong marriages and healthy families build a better community. I am dedicated to serving you full time as Clerk of the Peace, bringing fresh perspective and new ideas to the office, including a website devoted to marriage counseling and family finances, partnering with community non-profits, churches, and financial planners, and resources distributed to every newly-wed Kent County couple at no extra expense to taxpayers. The Clerk of the Peace is responsible for attending and recording Levy Court meetings and ordinances. As a watchful outside eye, I am dedicated to ensuring integrity and full transparency of any and all official county proceedings.
One thing the Clerk’s office did especially well is that as the country’s laws on marriage have changed for the better, the Clerk’s office has adapted well to same-sex marriage and the increasing tolerance in our society. As Clerk my purpose is to perform a service to two people, and I’m going to give 110% to every couple because that’s what they deserve and that’s what a public servant elected by the people has a duty to do. I don’t believe it is the government’s job to dictate to others how they should live their lives and I love people from all walks of life. One area that needs to be improved is the Clerk’s attention and communication regarding county meetings and proceedings. As Clerk I will serve as your watchdog, frequently communicating with the public about ordinances under consideration and passed by Levy Court and other official county business. I’ll be the eyes and ears of the public performing my duties as an independent county official observing Levy Court.
Like many offices and businesses around the state, Levy Court shut down initially to prevent the spread of Covid. This included the Clerk of the Peace office, which ceased performing all marriage ceremonies. Eventually, ceremonies began again on a case by case basis, outdoor only. For some time, those looking to get married in Kent County had to seek services from the Sussex County Clerk of the Peace while Kent County lagged on implementing a plan to resume ceremonies. Some permanent operational foreseen changes would include a contingency plan carefully mapping out guidance on how to still provide services during a public health crisis. With the proper safety precautions all services can and should continue with minimal disruption to the community it serves.
I would not support a move to make the Clerk’s office an appointed position. The people of Kent County deserve to decide who serves as their Clerk of the Peace. If made appointed, the Clerk would become yet another position of government patronage doled out to lackeys of the majority party. It is the Clerk’s duty to record meetings and observe county proceedings. Making the office appointed would eliminate the independence of the Clerk from Levy Court and severely curtail the performance of the Clerk in ensuring transparency and integrity in Kent County government.
Last edit date: published 10/1/2020
Phone: (302) 233-1868
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Age 57
Education I am a 1981 graduate from Lake Forest High School and a 2005 graduate from Wesley College where I graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelors Degree in Paralegal Studies.
Work Experience I have over 26 exceptional years of public service in State Government including 9 years with the Justice of the Peace Court as a Clerk I, 2 years with the Hospital for the Chronically Ill as a Secretary to the Social Workers, and over 14 years with the Court of Chancery as a Judicial Case Manager II. In addition, I am currently elected in my first term as the Kent County Clerk of the Peace.
Community Involvement I have been involved in many organizations throughout my life. Currently, I am a member of Family and Communiy Education (FCE) which is an organization that strives to promote a better way of life through fellowship, continuing education and service; and to provide guidance in our homes and communities by the uniting of people to make the world a better place to live. I am past President of Delaware Association of County Row Officers (DACRO) and past member of the Business and Professional Womens' Club. I am a member of Calvary Assembly of God and also attend Lighthouse Church (virtually for now)
Additional Information All of my adult life I have served the public with passion which is my lifelong journey. I am seeking re-election for Kent County Clerk of the Peace because I enjoy helping others and giving back to the constituents of this great County that I have been privileged to serve. It is always my goal with every person getting married in our office to give them such a memorable experience and it brings so much joy to my heart to please them with our friendly and professional services. I am a proven leader who is Qualified, Experienced and Committed to serving YOU!! I am asking for your support on TUES. NOVEMER 3rd so that I can continue my passion! Thank you! PLEASE VOTE BRENDA WOOTTEN
I am a Delaware native that has proudly served the constituents in this County for over 30 years with State and County government. What motivates me to continue as Kent County Clerk of the Peace is my sincere passion to serve others and give back to the citizens of Kent County. In the last four years in this position, I have listened to the needs and desires of couples who choose us to perform their ceremony. To accommodate my constituents, I go above and beyond to make a couple’s wedding day special including performing marriages on weekends or going to a venue of their choosing to marry them. In addition, upgrades have been made to our marriage software system simplifying the process for couples to apply for marriage licenses online. I am always looking for innovative ways for staff and myself to continue to provide excellent customer services to the public while maintaining a friendly and professional working environment and keeping within our allocated budget.
In this last four-year term, our ceremony room has been totally renovated into a picturesque venue to accommodate couples choosing to have the Clerk of the Peace Office marry them, making their wedding day an unforgettable experience. When couples come to our office to obtain their marriage license, we often show them the ceremony room if they do not have a venue or other Officiator performing their wedding. Once they see our beautified room, they usually schedule their wedding ceremony with our office. Because of the recent renovations and word of mouth advertising, our revenue for this office is continuing to increase. Our office deals with many multi-cultural backgrounds, and the one area that is in the process of being improved is having the requirements for obtaining a marriage license printed in Spanish and French Creole on our website and in the office. As the office holder, I feel it is extremely important that couples fully understand what is required of them.
After Gov. Carney ordered a State of Emergency in DE effective 3/13/20, which closed our doors to the public, our office had many scheduled weddings to temporarily cancel and marriage licenses could not be obtained. I quickly developed a plan with our marriage software company to modify the online marriage license application allowing couples to sign their licenses online (which under normal circumstances would be signed in our presence). My Deputy and I met in the office to zoom the the applicants and had them fax the documents needed for verification and mailed them their licenses if they already had an Officiant 0willing to perform their ceremony since we were not at the time. All licenses were extended for a 90-day period instead of the usual 30 days. After the modification of the Governor's order on April 10, 2020, we were able to marry couples outside with limited guests, mandatory face masks and social distancing which we are still doing and permanently plan to continue.
I believe the Clerk of the Peace office should remain as an elected office. It is my firm belief that citizens want and deserve more choices in who serves in elected offices, not fewer. The election of Row Officers removes politics from the process. I trust the people’s choice and am honored and privileged to hold the Title of Kent County's Clerk of the Peace.