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Kent County Levy Court District 1

Kent County Levy Court is the County government. The Levy Court is composed of seven elected Commissioners, six of whom are elected from the districts in which they reside and the seventh is elected at-large to represent the entire county. The commissioners have both legislative (policy making) and executive powers and are responsible for county finances, facilities, personnel and rural zoning. They approve an annual budget, determine tax levies, issue bonds for county capital improvement, buy and sell land and buildings, manage real and personal property, manage facilities for sewage, develop recreational and employment programs, provide ambulance service, libraries and other necessary county infrastructure.Levy Court Commissioners serve staggered 4-year terms.

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What motivates you to seek or continue in this office?

What are your qualifications for office, and what differentiates you from the other candidate(s)?

What do you see as the most urgent issues in Kent County at this time?

Of the issues discussed in question 3, which can the Levy Court address in the next two to four years, and what actions should be taken?

Do you feel any strategic changes are needed in the county’s approach to growth & development, land use or transportation planning for the coming decade? Please explain.

Kent County Levy Court’s actions affect the welfare of county residents. How will you keep the lines of communication open with your constituents?

Last edit date: published 10/1/2020
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Age 73
Education College, Medical School, Internship and residency, one year fellowship
Work Experience Volunteer Nat Health service 2.5 years in Appalachia Teacher of Family Medicine, Asst Professor of fmily medicine at Penn State College of Medicine, Family Medicine Residency Programs Director , Pheonix Baptist Hospital, JFK Hospital , Edison ,N.J. Pamily Phsician ,Smyrna for 32 years
Community Involvement Worked for 2.5 years in Appalachia the poorest areas of Pennsylvania, Community involvement in Phoenix with school health and in New Jersey. Chairman of the Family Medcine Dept, Kent General Hospital, Medical executive committee, Kent General Hospital Kent county Heart Association, President , Central Delaware Pilaots Association, Coincilman ,Smyrna Town Council , Vice Mayor. Charter Member and co[founder Smyrna Library Guild, volunteer physician Delaware Rural Ministeries
Additional Information I have been an innovative physician bringing new minor surgical techniques, treating herniated discs and other cutting edge therapies to Smyrna
My life has been characterized by being of service to people since an early age. As a family doctor in district 1 for 31 years I served thousands of people and heard their many stories. I want to preserve the special life we have here. By serving on Levy Court I can be a special voice, unlike others, with my medical background to add to important decisions,
I am a small business owner for 31 years understand how to maintain a small business. I was a councilman and vice mayor of the town of Smyrna ,2006-2009. During that time I experienced all levels of town management and i realized how much government can affect your life in many ways. My life work has given me the ability to assess problems and obtain information. After careful analysis, I can provide solutions in a timely and professional fashion which could include well informed specialists. Problem solving has been my life's work.
The rapid growth in the District has created infrastructure issues, particularly with roads. The growth also has created a shortage of primary care physicians which threaten the health of our citizens. The recent sewage break in Smyrna has emphasized the need to pay close attention to these infrastructure issues. The growth also has created a shortage of primary care physicians which threaten the health of our citizens.
Levy Court needs to partner with our towns , cities, and state agencies to coordinate resources not only for District 1 but county wide. The above issues can be coordinated to achieve the best solutions. We need ot partner with the health care providers like Bayhealth and Christians to help provide permanent physicians who will settle in our communities.
Kent County is classified was rural, but with the rapid and extensive development, tha classification is in jeopardy. My motto is " Smart Choices make Better Communities." We need to examine and re-examine the comprehensive plan to ensure the right decisions are made to continue the lifestyle we have enjoyed. Developers have to be accountable and fulfill their obligations. Good paying jobs need to be encouraged to come to Kent county, partnering with the universities that exist here. Infrastructure should not follow development but precede it to ensue that roads and utilities are adequate. And finally cooperation of all government bodies is essential.
I will establish an advisory committee of citizens of District 1 and meet on a regular basis. Based on their recommendation. I will hold Disgtrict 1 community meetings to further discuss and explore solutions. I will attend Smyrna Town Council meetings to further the cooperative efforts in District !.

I Thank You for Your support and Vote on November 3.
Last edit date: published 8/3/2020
Phone: (302) 270-1747
Campaign email:
Age 72
Education Graduated from John Bassett Moore High School Smyrna, Delaware June 1966
Work Experience Worldwide Customer Service Manager --Hercules Incorporated located in Wilmington, Delaware
Community Involvement Charter Member-Smyrna High School/JBM Alumni Association; Board-Friends of Belmont Hall; VP-Friends of Duck Creek Regional Library; Board-Lillian Smith Senior Center; Treas-Smyrna Clayton July 4th Foundation; Kent Economic Partnership; Town of Smyrna Economic Development Committee; Secretary, Smyrna Downtown Renaissance Association
Additional Information Served on Smyrna Town Council-2011-2013; Mayor of town of Smyrna from 2013-2017
I am retired and want to be a full time Levy Court Commissioner for District 1. I want to part of the solution and not the problem. Having served a total of 6 years working for the residents of the town of Smyrna, I have a good idea of the problems facing the residents of Smyrna as well as the surrounding areas. I also currently serve on the Kent Economic Partnership which serves all of Kent County and have gained an understanding of the needs of the county in comparison with New Castle and Sussex counties. I want to see Kent County grow in a controlled manner which does not adversely affect our quality of life. There has to be a balance.
-previously served as town councilperson for 2 years and 4 years of the Mayor of Smyrna -Currently serve on the Kent Economic Partnership with other business leaders within Kent County representing Smyrna -41 years experience in a worldwide customer service environment with a demonstrated track record -strong interpersonal skills; excellent followup, ability to assemble teams to achieve goals -previous experience working with developers and logistical companies -Retired---have the ability to work full time for the residents of Kent County -Believe in transparency
--Good paying JOBS with benefits. Important to support economic development in order to promote job growth. It is imperative that Kent County expand its tax base to be able to maintain our current low property taxes -Public Safety---advocate for police, fire, ambulance and paramedic service. The number of over 55 communities is increasing and services must be in place to support that. -Parks & Recreation---Kent County is comprised of many young families who are relocating here and want to have activities available to them as well as to other family members. Thus far Levy Court has made strides to accommodate but more must be done. By the same token, with the increasing number of senior citizens moving here, things for them to do must also be considered.
Currently the Kent Economic Partnership group is working closely with Levy Court to bring businesses to the county. This must be done thru site acquisition, tax incentives as well as reduced permitting costs. Kent County Levy Court can able contribute to the studies that are being done thru the Rockport Group in order to target the types of businesses that are needed in Kent County. Levy Court also must continue to work with existing businesses to determine what their needs are in order to adequately know what types of manufacturers are needed in Kent County. It is also vital that our Paramedic program be fully funded on annual basis not only with facilities, but also with trained staff and state of the art equipment.
Having the advantage of serving on the Kent Economic Partnership has enabled me to have a solid understanding of where the county is headed. The partnership works very closely with members of Levy Court, Kent County Administrator, Dover Air Force Base, realtors, business leaders, the MPO-Metropolitan Planning organization which is continually looking at transportation needs of the area as well as state planning to insure that the necessary things are tied to our comprehensive plan. In my opinion, we are in a good position to move forward.
-I am approachable, have excellent communication skills, believe in transparency, and am very responsive to all inquiries. While Mayor, I found facebook to be an effective means of communication to the residents. This media can also be utilized for many of the residents of Kent County. Admittedly not everyone is on facebook, however, being retired allows me to attend HOA meetings as well as any events occurring within Kent County. Residents can always call me or email me with their needs. If there was a need for a newsletter for District 1, that can also be implemented.