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New Castle County Clerk of the Peace

The New Castle County Clerk of the Peace oversees the issuance of marriage licenses at the New Castle County Marriage Bureau. The bureau also performs ceremonies in the office and offers name change kits. In addition to performing ceremonies, the Clerk of the Peace also pays special tribute to couples celebrating their anniversaries by reaffirming and renewing their vows. Unique heirloom certificates are available for commemorating the occasion.The Clerk of the Peace is elected to a four-year term in the "on-years" when the Delaware governor and U.S. President are up for election.

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    Lisa Marie Darrah **

Biographical Information

What motivated you to seek or continue in this office?

Please comment on one thing this office did especially well during the last four-year term, and one area that could be improved.

How has this office responded to the challenges of COVID-19 this year? Do you foresee any permanent operational changes in response to this public health crisis?

Would you support a move to make Clerk of the Peace an appointive position, or do you believe it should remain an elected office?

Last edit date: published 8/3/2020
Phone: (302) 423-1420
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Age 45
Education Certified Paralegal
Work Experience Extensive legal background with prominent Delaware Law Firms and Chief Deputy Clerk of the Peace New Castle County Marriage Bureau since 2015
Community Involvement I advocate for victims of domestic violence and the homeless.
When Clerk of the Peace Ken Boulden announced his retirement, he encouraged me to succeed him. I have had the honor of serving as his Chief Deputy for more than five years.
IT advancements have enabled the office to upgrade all of its technological services and systems. It is my hope that we continue that trend in an effort to constantly improve the customer service experience.
Marriage Bureau protocols are mandated in the Delaware State Code. Thus, we requested and received authority to temporarily suspend many of them under an Executive Order from the Governor. By doing so, we were able to develop and institute new policies and procedures that enabled us to continue serving the public. At the conclusion of this pandemic, we will explore the possibility of permanently adopting some of those changes. However, doing so will require amending the Code.
Personally, I favor giving the electorate more choices in determining who will serve them, not less.