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New Castle County Council President

County Council is the legislative branch of New Castle County government. The County Council President presides over meetings of New Castle County Council and has the same rights and duties including the right to vote and speak therein as other council members.The New Castle County President is elected by the public to a four-year term in the "on-years" when the Delaware governor and U.S. President are up for election. He or she must be a citizen of the United States, a resident of New Castle County for at least one year, and over 24 years of age when elected.

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    Brian G Whitaker

Biographical Information

What motivates you to seek or continue in this office?

What are your qualifications for office, and (if challenged) what differentiates you from the other candidate(s)?

What do you see as the most urgent issues in New Castle County at this time?

Of the issues discussed in question 3, which can county council address in the next two to four years, and what actions should be taken?

As New Castle County develops its new countywide “NCC@2050” comprehensive plan, what strategic changes in growth & development, land use and transportation do you think should be considered?

New Castle County Council’s actions affect the welfare of county residents. How will you keep the lines of communication open with your constituents?

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Last edit date: submitted 10/1/2020
Phone: (302) 328-8633
Website or social media link:
Age 43
Education DELAWARE TECHNICAL AND COMMUNITY COLLEGE | Certificate in Drug and Alcohol Counseling 2015 Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, 4.0 GPA UNIVERSITY OF THE ROCKIES | M.A. – Human Services: Mental Health Administration 2013 Golden Key Honor Society, 3.97 GPA; Salute Honor Society for US Veterans, 3.97 GPA Final Project: Grant Proposal for Catholic Charities, for Dr. Eric Muenks 2013 WILMINGTON COLLEGE | B.S. in Behavioral Science: Criminal Justice, Psychology, and Business 2001 Thesis: Mobility and Or
Work Experience PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE KELLY EDUCATIONAL SERVICES STAFFING—NEW CASTLE, DE | K-12 Substitute Teacher 9/14–PRESENT Manage classrooms and students of all grades in all subjects in all educational environments spanning traditional, alternative, autism, extended stay (age 21), and urban schools. Teach curriculum provided by instructor. Prepare academic activities and classroom readiness. Evaluate and grade assignments. CITY OF NEW CASTLE, DE | City Clerk (Elected Office) 3/17-PRESENT Report to City Council, City Manager, and City Solicitor. Attend/record City Council meetings. Generate and transcribe meeting minutes. Witness/verify signatures on contracts, resolutions, ordinances and zoning maps. Interface with community and forward inquiries appropriately. Facilitate self-initiated projects including a Veteran’s Community Garden located at a Community Center as a part of a campaign promise. (Continued) BRIAN G. WHITAKER Page 2 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE (CONTINUED) GARFIELD PARK LENDI
Community Involvement AFFILIATIONS DELAWARE PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION | Member PRESENT AMERICAN PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION | Member PRESENT DELAWARE DISABLED AMERICAN VETERANS – CHAPTER 3 | Commander 2013–2015 INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF PEER SUPPORTERS | Member 2013 DELAWARE SPECIAL OLYMPICS | Swim Team Volunteer 2013–2013 DELAWARE DENTAL ALLIANCE | Volunteer 2010–2013 LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE HEALTH CARE COMMITTEE ADVISORY COUNCIL—DOVER, DE | Strategic Planner 4/14-PRESENT Council Participant overseeing a Disability and Health project funded by CDC and Prevention. BOARD OF SPEECH PATHOLOGISTS, AUDIOLOGISTS & HEARING AID DISPENSARIES | Board Member (Appointee) 2014-2018 Approved speech pathologists and audiologists licenses. Discussed legislation issues for industry professionals, hearing aid dispensaries, and disposable hearing aids. Assisted with medical professional determinations. VOLUNTARY GAS STATION ASSISTANCE PROGRAM—
Additional Information  Management experience gained in academia, human service, legislative, and project management arenas.  6+ years of experience in health care and education.  Leader, advocate, chairman, and facilitator in mental health, civics, and business arenas.  Use Excel, Word, and statistical software.  United States Army Veteran. Numerous Awards and Challenge Coins. PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCIES Case Management Business Administration Counseling/Facilitation Operations Planning Intake Assessments/Discharge File/Record Maintenance Crisis Intervention Report Writing
The reason why I am running for office is because I will like to bring public integrity and honesty to the government. I will like to improve the quality of life of all New Castle County residents.
I had several years in government, I went to the many conferences in workshops about local government, and I have many different committees that I chaired. I spent time in the military, I was appointed to a medical board by the Governor, and I am currently an elected City Clerk.

I would like for you to please do Google searches on the other candidate to find out the difference.
The urgent issues are:

1. Poverty 2. Lack of Employment 3. Unrest 4. Development 5. Environment 6. The handling of the pandemic
I feel as though that the environment should be a matter that would need to be addressed. The actions that should be taken is to provide solar energy to residences, provide them with electronic energy, and tax breaks for this to happen. The County could have the water in the lakes and other ways tested frequently and ensure that water treatment facilities are being regulated and provide proof that the drinking water is safe. I feel as though that trash and litter should be picked up in the cities and I would like to provide the Cities with possible incentives and I would like to have bird houses and squirrel houses made to increase the population. I would encourage bee hives to be made to keep the population of bees around to help stimulate plants and food. I would reach out to different organizations that handle these issues and I will ask them to come to the County Council Meetings to prevent their findings to the public and I would like for the County Council to hear the public.
I would like to see that we revert to solar and electric transportation, have more bus stops for the public, have different forms of transportations to get people to different places, and find ways to reduce traffic. I would encourage less housing developments, increase farm land and community gardens, and be strict in how the land is used. I would like for all these ideas to go before the City Council and the public for their review and vote.
I would stay in touch with the constituents by:

1. E-mail 2. Letters 3. Answering their telephone calls 4. Scheduling Meetings 5. Go to their developments and public events with a note pad and respond to them. 6. Schedule one on one meetings with constituents