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New Castle County Executive

The County Executive is the chief executive officer for New Castle County government, responsible for oversight of the the executive and administrative operations of the County, which provides the following services:Public Safety, including police and EMT services.County Library System, which includes maintenance, event, and service programing for 14 public libraries.Parks & Recreation, which oversees protection and maintenance of several county-owned parks, as well as recreational and educational activities and programming for adults and children.Property, which includes oversight of land use planning and development, deeds, assessment and taxation of owned property (real estate), issuance of building permits and licenses, and recording of documents such as deeds and wills.Senior Services, which provides facilities, activities, and special programs to protect and enrich the lives of the County’s older citizens.Community Development & Housing, which provides a wide spectrum of community development and affordable housing services within the confines of the County, outside the metropolitan areas of Wilmington and Newark.Wastewater and Sewers , which designs, builds, and maintains this infrastructure as well as wastewater treatment facilities throughout the county. The County Executive must be a citizen of the United States, a resident of New Castle County for 5 years and 27 years old when elected. He or she is elected to a four-year term on presidential election years, and takes office on the first Tuesday in January following the election. The County Executive may serve an indefinite number of terms, provided that a four-year break is taken after each two consecutive terms.

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Biographical Information

What motivates you to seek or continue in this office?

What are your qualifications for this position, and what differentiates you from the other candidate(s)?

If elected, what are your primary goals for the coming year?

If elected, what measures will you develop and/or support to increase community confidence in law enforcement personnel?

How do you believe that racial inequity can be reduced/eliminated in Delaware?

As New Castle County develops its new countywide “NCC@2050” comprehensive plan, what strategic changes in growth & development, land use and transportation do you think should be considered?

Last edit date: published 8/3/2020
Phone: (302) 897-1579
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Age 49
Education BA, Brown University (Political Science & Computer Science) JD, University of Michigan Law School Certificate in Elementary Education, Trinity College (Washington, DC)
Work Experience Middle School Math Teacher Legal Aid Attorney, Community Legal Aid Society, Inc. Co-founder, Ecosandals - First E-commerce company in East Africa Founder, VituMob Senior Economic Adviser, US State Department Associate, Simpson Thacher & Bartlett
Community Involvement Former Board Member, Community Legal Aid Society, Inc. Creator, See It Believe It Achieve It After-School Program
Additional Information Fluent in Kiswahili
Four years ago our country changed for the worse. Our White House was taken over by self-service, rather than public service.

In New Castle County four years ago, we moved in the opposite direction. After years of self-service, we ushered in a government that serves all communities of our county, driven by public service. We created the most diverse and transparent county government in history. We put all county government expenses online, so you can now see how your tax dollars are spent as easily as you can view your own bank statement, at

We instituted police reforms, pre-arrest criminal justice reforms that focus on support and treatment, rather than arrest and incarceration. We created the only behavioral health unit in criminal justice in our state, a model among the over 18,000 police agencies in our country. We have taken on the COVID-19 challenges like few other counties in our country and are eager to serve you another four years.
I have lived a unique life of service, living in a village in Kenya, where I co-founded a global e-commerce business. I have four years teaching experience as a Math teacher in high needs public schools. My school was twice closed for a collapsing roof. I have served as a diplomat for our country, embedded with a US Army team in Mosul, Iraq for one year, and I have been a legal aid attorney. Doing justly and service to all communities, righting past wrongs and building a more equitable future for those shut out guides everything we do in leading your county government.

I am also simply a Delawarean who loves hiking and biking and preserving those outdoor spaces that make our community so liveable.
1. Eradicate this virus from all of our communities. We will continue to read, research and listen to leading scientists, locally and globally, to lead our state and our country in eradicating COVID-19. In a pandemic, we will prioritize public health over other interests.

2. Protect the most vulnerable. Amidst the pandemic of the century, the fastest economic downturn in our history and the civil rights movement of our time, we will emphasize protecting families who are most vulnerable. We understand the terrible tragedy of a pandemic also presents opportunity to remake our society, to address previously intractable problems like homelessness and insufficient health care.

3. Address historic injustices. The murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and countless others highlight not only inequities in criminal justice, but longstanding racial inequities older than our country is. We will fight to address those inequities in every respect.
1. Expand the New Castle County Police Behavioral Health Unit Within months of my inauguration, we began sending out mental health counselors on patrol with police officers. We funded our Hero Help substance use assistance program for the first time. Last year, we more than doubled those programs. An overwhelming majority of police incidents have mental health or substance use elements. The best result is support and treatment, not arrest and incarceration. 2. Ban the over-militarization of the police. There are times police officers need to be warriors. Most of the time, they are guardians. We have developed internal policies, such as banning choke holds, that limit police officers' ability to do harm. We are putting many of those policies into law so that they hopefully will never change. 3. Recruitment and training We will continue to recruit an agency that looks like our county. We need to train officers to understand, such as including protest leaders in training police officers.
I am a teacher. It starts with education. From the youngest age, children need to learn and play and live in integrated environments. We need to work in environments that are not only guided by tolerance but by understanding. I, as a white guy, need to understand and celebrate Blackness, and we need to foster understanding that diversity is to be celebrated, not feared. We all have differences. We all were born into or came to an America with a horrific history of injustice. We must understand that history and work for a future that is fundamentally different from our unjust past.

We are collaborating with the YWCA and NYT Bestselling Author Dr. Ibram Kendi on a community conversation regarding "How to Be an Antiracist."

We need to ask hard questions. Look at Bancroft Elementary School. Look at Bayard Elementary School. Look at schools in Hockessin and Greenville. Is there a comparison? How do we speak honestly and openly about addressing inter-generational poverty and inequality?
First, we need greater public input. The Youth Planning Board is one step: Infusing Land Use processes with inclusive technologies and engaging public meetings is another. For too long, due to ridiculous national campaign finance law, our land use process is in the hands of few, wealthy individuals and companies rather than us. As elected officials, we must make sure to prioritize public input to put sunshine on the process.

Second, we need greater collaboration. Complete Community Enterprise Districts are our future. DelDOT, DNREC and municipal and county land use all should be coordinating to create transportation districts infused with bikeable-walkable trails, bus routes and more aesthetically pleasing places to live, work and raise a family.

Third, we must preserve our land. We created the first two new county parks in over 15 years. We need to actively preserve land, air and water for future generations.
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