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Clermont County Recorder

Term: 4 YearsResponsibilities: To record deeds, mortgages, plats, liens, and other written instruments.

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  • Deborah Clepper

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What is your motivation for running for office? What special skills, knowledge, experience or training do you bring?

What do you see as the primary functions of the Recorder as a part of county government?

What are your plans for updating the processes in the Treasurer’s office?

How will you improve the internal controls to run county government more efficiently?

What role can the Recorder’s office play to protect property owners from deceptive schemes?

Campaign Email
Age 66
Family Husband of 48 years- Dennis 4 children 8 grandchildren
Employer Clermont County
Experience 15 years Batavia Township Trustee 12 years County Recorder
I have served for 28 years in public service I have demonstrated strong and conservative leadership skills. The experience I have gained throughout my years of service has afforded me the opportunity to approach county business with common sense, integrity, and the ability to make good decisions regarding the responsibilities of my office. I currently complete continuing education on a yearly basis. I stay fully connected to recorders issues throughout the state and I am pro-active in assuring Clermont County is fully compliant to all legislative changes.
My responsibilities as Recorder is to protect the important vital land records of all Clermont County land and to make those records accurate and available for inspection.
I assume you are talking about the Recorder's Office. In fall of 2018 I migrated all computerized data of our county land records to a new records management system. This was a huge change for our office as the computerized records resided on the previous system for over twenty years. Our new system is more advanced and efficient and provides the county with the latest technology in record retrieval. The new company is also less costly saving the county close to $26,000.00 annually.
With the advancement of technology I have reduced my staff size by four positions over the past ten years. As staff members retired I implemented changes internally by cross training in office responsibilities and provided the ability for customers to electronically submit documents for recording through a process called e-recording. We were only the third county in Ohio using this new method of recording in 2010. we now process over 75% of the 30,000 documents recorded annually electronically.
With the constant and ever changing ways people come up with to scam or scheme people of about almost anything, the Recorder's Office is aware and cautious when looking at a document presented for recording. We would not know if a document was fraudulent if the specifications for transfer and recording were met. In October of 2019 my office provided a program through my recording system (Countyfusion), called FraudSlueth. The service is free to anyone that chooses to sign up for it and it will notify that person through an email if anything is recorded associated with their name. We have also dealt with companies sending property owners notice that they will get them a certified copy of their deed for a price of anywhere from $50.00 to $100.00. The scheme is not illegal but very deceptive as we will produce a copy of their certified deed for a cost of about $2.00 to $3.00. If they want an uncertified copy of their deed, they can print it off online from our CountyFusion website.