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Clermont County Engineer

Term: 4 YearsResponsibilities: To oversee the construction, maintenance, and repair of all bridges in the county, and of county roads and other public improvements except buildings in the county.

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    Jeremy Evans

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What do you view as critical issues for transportation in Clermont County considering varying needs? What are your priorities in addressing these issues?

How would you balance the promotion of development with protection of the environment?

Traffic at 10 am is still backed up on State Route 32 from Batavia to Eastgate area. Is there a plan to add a third lane?

Education University of Cincinnati, BSCE, 1999; Cincinnati State, Land Surveying, 2008
Age 44
Family Adele, wife of 18+ years; Will, second grade
Employer Clermont County
Experience Private sector engineering, 1999-2005; Clermont County Engineer's Office, 2005-Present; Ohio Professional Engineer #72372; Ohio Professional Surveyor #8496
My primary responsibility as County Engineer is to ensure our roads and bridges are capable of providing safe and efficient travel for all who travel on our roadways. Success requires both maintaining existing assets as well as undertaking new construction or reconstruction when necessary. Funding continues to be one of the biggest challenges facing the Engineer’s Office. In 2019 this office saw the first increase in revenue since 2005. Over that time, inflation continued to drive costs higher, ultimately leaving the condition of our roads and bridges to suffer. I plan to take full advantage of this recent change in revenue by improving as many roads and bridges as possible before inflation once again drives costs high enough to negate this change. I will also continue to seek grant funds whenever and wherever possible, leveraging our local dollars to bring in additional state and federal funding.
The County Engineer is not typically involved in development planning, which is generally controlled by township zoning. Our role is to evaluate the impact of new development to the existing road network and, when warranted, require developers to make improvements to our roads to help mitigate those impacts. Most often, a single smaller development may not have a significant impact alone, but a series of these smaller developments eventually make it necessary for our office to make roadway improvements to account for the additional traffic. Making improvements to allow for more efficient travel does help the environment by reducing the amount of emissions from idling traffic. Our roadway construction projects are also subject to the same environmental rules and regulations that apply to any other type of construction.
The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) does have plans to add a 3rd lane to westbound SR 32. All of the previously completed improvements on I-275 and SR 32, including the eastbound 3rd lane, as well as local road improvements such as Eastgate Blvd, Eastgate North, Old SR 74, and Clepper Lane are part of a large comprehensive improvement plan that has been more than a decade in the making. State and county officials have partnered throughout those years to systematically tackle pieces of that overall plan as funding becomes available. We continue to cooperate with ODOT and were recently successful in helping ODOT land a $62 million grant that will substantially complete the remaining phases of this comprehensive plan, including the removal of traffic signals at Gleneste Withamsville, Elick Lane, and Old SR 74, replacing those connections to SR 32 with interchange access, and of course the additional 3rd lane on westbound SR 32. Look for these additional phases to begin by 2022.