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Clermont County Commissioner Starts 1/3/2021

Term: 4 YearsResponsibilities: To exercise financial control of County expenditures; to authorize public works; to purchase land and buildings; to let contracts; to plan and administer welfare. The Board of County Commissioners also appoints other officials to operate various departments.

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    David Painter

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What impact have changes in state funding had on local government and what future funding changes would you support?

What qualifications do you possess that make you the best candidate for this office?

What do you hope to accomplish while you are a Commissioner?

Campaign Email
Education Bachelor of Science University of Findlay Findlay, Ohio
Age 63
Family Spouse: Karla Painter - 40 years 3 Children 5 Grandchildren
Military Service Not Applicable
Employer Clermont County Board of Commissioners
Experience 40 years Project Management - Construction, Engineering, and Environmental Remediation
Why I am Running
With the help of the County Commissioners Association of Ohio we were able to obtain an increase in the local government fund of 5%. To further help, I reviewed the current distribution of Local Government Fund (LGF) being used here in Clermont County over the past 30 years. The formula allowed the largest city in our county to carry a veto vote resulting in an unfair distribution of funds. I was able to identify a section in the Ohio Revised Code that allowed the veto vote to be eliminated and resulted in the townships and villages having a deciding vote in the distribution of funding. Today, our local governments participate equally in the distribution of available local government funds. To further help local governments, the fee for 911 dispatch calls was reviewed and lowered in an effort to reduce costs being incurred by police and fire departments throughout our county. I will continue to support an increase in LGF funding levels.
My previous experience includes a 40 year career in business management. My work years were spent looking for the best price, finding innovative solutions to restraints impacting government projects, ensuring a competitive opportunity was available to small businesses that wanted to compete for subcontracted work, tracking the cost and schedule and ensuring the customer received a quality product that exceeded their expectations. I work in the Commissioner’s office everyday doing the same thing for the residents of Clermont County, Ohio. For the past four years residents have had the opportunity to see my commitment to the office of commissioner. They have had the chance to look into my eyes, my heart, and hear my comments as we “raised the bar for all Clermont County citizens”. Take a look around, jobs are more plentiful, roads and bridges are being fixed, new construction is all around us, the overdose death rate has declined three years in a row.
There have been many accomplishments and promises fulfilled in my first three years as your Commissioner, but there is still more to do. The fight against the opiate epidemic was waged with your tax money. I was instrumental in the movement to sue the opiate distributors in an effort to get your money back. The effort has resulted in one of the largest multiple district lawsuits in history. The suit has progressed to the settlement discussion stage. I want to finalize this suit and see that Clermont County residents get the best return that can be negotiated on their behalf. I thought SR 32 was taking too long to complete. I had become aware that the project was going to take approximately 12 years to complete due to funding shortages that prevent full scale construction. So I lobbied for additional funding. You eventually obtained TRAC funding and an additional $68M is now available to shorten the construction schedule and ensure that SR 32 is completed in a timely manner.