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Ohio House District 65

Term: 2 YearsSalary: Base $60,584Responsibilities: To represent the people of the district and the State of Ohio in dealing with matters not allocated to the federal government.

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    Alan Darnowsky

  • Jean Schmidt

Biographical Information

What do you see as the state’s role in addressing women’s reproductive health?

Since the recession ended in 2009 and the heroin crisis has escalated costs in every sector from court, jails and police to mental health addiction services and child services, is it appropriate to continue retaining tax money collected from local communities while reducing funding to these agencies?

Do you approve of allowing guns in any agency, including the state house?

Should Ohio raise the minimum wage? Why or why not? If so, what should it be?

What is your position on legalizing marijuana?

Campaign Email
Education BA in Math and Computer Science from Yale
Age 68
Family Sabrina Darnowsky - wife; Philip Darnowsky - son; Peggy Darnowsky - daughter-in-law; Nina Darnowsky - daughter; Mark Lieberman - son-in-law; Alex Nelson - step-son; Nikolai Lieberman - grandson
Military Service None
Employer None
Experience Ran my own software firm for 17 years; worked as an IT professional for Citibank, Barnett Bank, Unisys, and others
Why I am Running
The state should stop trying to legislate abortion out of existence in Ohio, and recognize that 60% of Ohio residents accept Roe v. Wade as settled law. Ohio is now tied with Georgia for the second most restrictive laws regarding abortion, just behind Alabama. Of course, even though these laws are on the books, they can’t take effect because they are clearly unconstitutional. All they accomplish is to cost the state money in defending them in court. This doesn’t even take into consideration the medically impossible law proposed by the current Representative from the 65th, John Becker, that mandated the reimplantation of ectopic pregnancies.

Planned Parenthood is often the only provider of reproductive health services to low-income women. If Ohio can’t restore the cuts to Planned Parenthood, then it will have to follow Toledo’s lead and open clinics addressing reproductive health services around the state.
No. There is currently about a billion dollars in the Local Government Fund. This is money that should be invested in the localities in our state to provide the services we need to make Ohio a better place to live, work, and play. Instead it is being used to burnish the governor’s image as a fiscal conservative.
No. There is no need for anybody to carry a gun into any public building.
Yes. The current Ohio minimum wage of $8.70 an hour comes out to a yearly wage (for 40 hours a week) of approximately $18,000 a year, which is nowhere near the living wage needed in Ohio. Raising it to $15 an hour would bring the yearly wage to approximately $32,000 a year, which is estimated to be a living wage for a single person.

In addition to being the moral thing to do, raising the minimum wage makes economic sense. It puts more money in the hands of people who would spend it. This would stimulate the local economy.
Marijuana should be treated in a way similar to the way alcohol is treated in Ohio. It should be taxed and regulated. It should be sold only for personal use. The DUI statutes should be extended to include marijuana use. People should be able to grow a limited number of plants in their home for personal use and not to distribute. To carry the analogy to alcohol further, we want people to be able to make their own wine and beer at home, not become moonshiners.
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