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Will County Chief Executive Officer

The County Executive is responsible for the day-to-day operations of all county departments and also presides over Will County Board meetings.

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    Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant

  • Nick Ficarello

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What are your plans to use technology or other means to modernize your office and make it more efficient while ensuring data security?

Describe your role in ensuring board members work together effectively for all Will County citizens.

How has climate change impacted Will County and the Will County Forest Preserves? What should the County Board do in response?

Our county's government needs to utilize technology smarter. By doing so, we will save taxpayer dollars, be more transparent and services will be more accessible and affordable. Changes need to start from the Will County Executive’s Office, prioritizing the importance of updated and secured technology. The county needs to modernize its technology and expand the accessibility of services by using new technology and collaboration with other county departments. My record reflects that I am an advocate for various consumer protection issues. I voted to amend the Personal Information Protection Act so citizens are more informed when their information is compromised. I also sponsored legislation that prevents the sale of consumer information. I believe that our county government should live up to these standards since it is our duty to ensure the safety of our citizens and employees from personal and digital harm.
My entire career has depended on working with others to be productive. Being a teacher, administrator and elected official have all required me to understand and respect differences to accomplish results. In the Senate, I have worked with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to serve my constituents. It is important to know when compromise is and is not an option. When Bruce Rauner pushed for anti-worker “right to work” zones, I could not compromise my working class beliefs. When it came to education funding, in order to ensure our schools received the adequate funding it needed- compromise was needed to make progress. The most important aspect of working with any individual or group of people is respect. As chairperson of Education, a committee where emotions may run high, I conduct my meetings firmly, orderly, but ensure questions are answered. It is important people are heard, without being disruptive. I am a listener and prefer balance to ensure the best results are possible.
Climate change is a very real threat that is already impacting the residents of Will County, especially because of the amount of truck traffic we experience. I am a sponsor of the Clean Energy Jobs Act, which will bring Illinois toward 100 percent renewable energy, create jobs through public and private sector partnerships, and help our citizens save money on their energy bills. I also believe the county is on the right path as they incorporate the Greenest Region Compact.

In Will County, we are blessed with a number of nature preserves that protect our wildlife and serve our communities, and as your next Will County Executive, I will work toward ensuring that those preserves are protected as we expand the county’s job sector and infrastructure. Again, the guidelines set out by the Clean Energy Jobs Act and Greenest Region Compact are both solid steps in the right direction.
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