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(2 Year Term)The Will County Board is the policy-making body of Will County government. Its mission is to determine vision, set policy, and appropriate resources for the delivery of countywide services.

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    Gerald W. Smith

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How should tax revenue from the sale of recreational marijuana be allocated?

What changes do you propose for the upcoming budget year to ensure that services are maintained for Will County residents?

What are your qualifications for the position of Will County Board Member?

Tax revenue from the sale of recreational marijuana should be used on programs that support criminal justice reform efforts, mental health support, substance abuse programs, and education.
One of the main reasons I decided to run for Will County Board was because too often, attention in Board Meetings is paid to issues that are not handled at the county level. Therefore, it is my priority to discuss and more importantly, to fund critical services that best serve Will County constituents. These sorts of services include (but are not limited to) allotting funds for new construction projects that will create good-paying union jobs for people struggling right now in the midst of a recession and pandemic; community infrastructure; long-term projects that will help to address a growing environmental crisis; and adequate funding for senior citizen services. Moreover, one of our collective top priorities in this year’s budget should be the provision of resources and funds to essential workers.
I am a mother, grandmother, wife, former teacher, and resident of Will County for nearly a decade. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in education from Eastern Illinois University, and my Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Concordia University. When my husband and I started moving around the country for his engineering job, I continued to work in classrooms by volunteering with remedial students, English-language learners, and their teachers. I am active within my church and with ParentWISE, a program through Lurie Children’s Hospital that offers support to parents of children facing life-changing medical procedures. Throughout my life, I have lived in small rural towns and in suburban cities—most of which were right here at home in Illinois. As a result, I understand the hardships that people are experiencing, because I have lived through the same hardships. Combined with my education, those lived experiences have equipped me to help support and improve Will County.
Local tax revenue from recreational marijuana should be used to help fund Addiction & associated Mental Health issues.
Where needed, increase staffing levels to diminish overtime demands on budgets.
Eight year member of the Will County Board advocating for Safety of senior citizens and good paying union jobs.
The main objective with the local will county recreational marijuana revenue would be to fund the additional expenses and financial burden that the expungement process will cost our county. Legal fess and office expenses should be paid by the revenue for the pardon process and not pushed onto the tax payer.

At this point there are so many unforeseen issues due to Covid 19 hitting our county. There will be dramatic differences and demands this upcoming year like nothing previous. We will have to address various losses and special needs for our county with the aftermath of Covid19. It is difficult to establish changes to the budget at this time,
I have lived in the Joliet / Plainfield area for 18 years. My husband and I have raised our three children here and absolutely love our community. I am a two-term elected Plainfield Township Trustee. I have worked to hold the line on taxes while also increasing services to our township residents. In addition, I'm the Chief of Staff for a local State Representative for the last six years. This position has enabled me to be involved daily with our residents, resolving constituent issues / concerns, and handling many outreach programs throughout our district.

Serving - I have always been very active in volunteering and serving in my community. I assisted at all of my children's schools and also serve in various ministries at my church. During the recent Covid19 pandemic I volunteered at a local Mobile Food Pantry that served over 7,000 households with boxed foods and produce. I also organized blood drives and helped our seniors citizens with errands and grocery pickups.
Campaign Phone (217) 433-0700
I believe we should look at the opioid crisis and the homeless population and the possibility of using this new revenue to assist with tackling these problems on a local level. Why not use new drug revenue to assist with fighting ongoing drug problems and growing homeless problems.
The Will County budget was increased nearly 5% (actually 4.9%) this year. Social Security provided an annual cost of living increase of 1.6% and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that the total compensation costs for private industry workers increased 2.4% in the Chicago-Naperville area this past year. Why should Will County have an overall budget increase that more than doubles these cost of living increases? With the economy doing so well right now, we should be looking at ways to lower our spending rather than increasing it. I do like the idea of placing more emphasis on county infrastructure (which is an investment in the County's future), but I believe we could possibly cut spending in many of the county departments.
I served four years as a Board Member/Trustee of the Village of Mahomet (just outside Champaign) before moving to Will County four years ago. In that capacity, I was able to assist with developing budget reductions and curb unnecessary spending. I have a Ph.D. in Management (which was what I taught at the college level), which assists me with examining fruitful and not-so-fruitful management techniques and methods. I was a Senior Professional in Human Resources, which would allow me to examine County personnel issues without any fear or trepidation. Spending over 21 years of active duty in the US Military, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel, I understand the importance of honor, character, integrity, and making tough decisions - these I would bring with me to the Will County Board. As a practicing attorney, specializing in employment law, labor law, and school law, I clearly understand (from a legal perspective) what it takes to monitor, operate, and control a county government