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Ohio State House District 66

Number to be elected: 99 (1 from each district) Salary: $60,584* *Base salary. Term: 2 yearsResponsibilities: To represent the people of the district and the State of Ohio in dealing with matters not allocated to the federal government.District Includes: Parts of Clermont not included in 65th District (Which includes Jackson Twp, Batavia Village, Batavia Twp, Amelia Village, Pierce Twp, Bethel Village, Tate Twp, Williamsburg Village, Williamsburg Twp, Monroe Twp, Ohio Twp, New Richmond Village, Felicity Village, Franklin Twp, Washington Twp, Chilo, Moscow and Neville Villages - and All of Brown County)

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  • Adam Bird

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    Alicia Gee

Biographical Information

What changes, if any, should be made to Ohio’s electoral system?

Explain your position on regulation of gun safety, sales, and ownership.

What will you do to ensure that Ohio is at the forefront of the clean energy industry, increasing job opportunities that both safeguard our environment and reduce reliance on fossil fuels?

Explain your position on reproductive health care choices for women.

What are your legislative priorities for the Ohio environment? Discuss climate change, renewable energy, water resources, and clean air.

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Education Bachelor of Arts in Psychology - NKU Masters in Education - Xavier University
Experience I have worked in the education field for 12 years and have been engraved with community development and activism for six years.
Why I am Running
One of the most important things to change about the electoral system is making sure gerrymandering ends and our elected representatives represent the people and they have to work for our votes.
Gun laws should be common sense and protect human life. This includes requiring background checks on all gun sales, prohibit teachers from carrying guns, prohibit domestic abusers from possessing guns, and laws to protect people experiencing a crisis from accessing guns.
We just learned that a power plant in the district will be closing soon. I see this as an opportunity to bring new, high-wage job opportunities of environmentally sustainable industries to my district.
Healthcare is a human right and should be free for all; the government has no place in deciding what healthcare is allowed for a person with a uterus.
Climate change is real. While it’s important to have a national plan in place to combat climate change, until that happens, it will be a priority to ensure the impact of climate change on Ohio is minimized. In my district we have East Fork Lake and the Ohio River; one of my priorities will ensuring these waterways stay safe And clean for the wildlife that call it home and for human use.