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2020 Morgan County District Judge Place 3

2020 Morgan County District Judge Place 3

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  • Paul R Holland

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    Kevin Kusta

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What is the most significant challenge facing the court for which you are running? How can that challenge be addressed?

What is your general judicial philosophy?

How will you balance being a partisan elected official with being an independent judge?

What do you perceive as the greatest obstacles to justice, if any?

Do you believe the composition of juries adequately and fairly reflects society at large? If not, what can we do to change this?

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Campaign Phone (256) 303-4489
I have 16 years of experience working in District Court, which includes criminal, civil, child support, child custody, juvenile dependency and juvenile delinquency. I also have experience working for and representing all backgrounds of people regardless of their economic status, religion, race, age, or sex. Because of my diverse clients and cases, I have learned to balance work, family, and church. Multi-tasking is a must when working in so many areas. My father-in-law, who passed away from cancer at a young age said, “No one says that they want to work a ½ day on the on the day on the day they die. He regretted spending so much time at work. He stressed family first and take pride in your work. Since my wife is a teacher, I have a lot of practice listening. I have found that most individuals just want someone to hear their side of the story. This is true of judges, too, because they spend most of their days listening. Ultimately, I try to listen first, then speak
By far, drugs are the most significant challenge. Drug-related issues affect every aspect, and it appear first in a criminal case when a parent is arrested. The police officer contacts DHR because the environment is unsafe for children or the parent is incarcerated. DHR files a dependency action in District Court asking for custody of the children. Once the Department is awarded custody, the Department then files for child support against the parent. The parent has lost his/her job because of drugs or incarceration. The parent is unable to pay rent, so the landlord files an eviction in District Court. Essentially, drugs create a domino effect that negatively impacts families. I hope to work with local organizations and churches to provide services and treatment. I hope to identify the problem early before it cascades in paternity, civil, child support, and child custody cases not just criminal and juvenile dependency cases.
I will balance being an elected official with being an independent judge by explaining to the voters that I do not make the laws. My job is to hear facts from the witnesses, apply the current law to those facts, and make a ruling based upon the law.
I will ensure equality for people of all backgrounds in my courtroom by being consistent and equitably applying the law. Unless there are mitigating factors or aggravating factors, everyone should receive the same sentence. Because I am consistent, attorneys who try cases before me will be able to anticipate the outcome and properly advise their clients.
I do not feel that conflicts of interest are going to be a potential issue for me on the bench because when a conflict arises, I will recuse myself from the case and another district judge will be assigned. If a conflict arises will all judges in the county, then an outside county judge or retired judge will be assigned the case.