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2020 Limestone County Commissioner District 2

2020 Limestone County Commissioner District 2

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    Danny Barksdale

  • Roger Glen Williams

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Would you want Home Rule for the County Commission? If so, what would you do to work to achieve this? If not, why not?

What ideas or plans do you have to increase and/or sustain economic growth and development in your district?

Do you feel that it is important for all citizens to have a voice in their local government? How will you work to engage citizens?

What skills, expertise and talents do you feel will most inform your decision making during your term in office?

What ideas or plans do you have to improve or maintain a high quality of life in your district e.g. recreational and entertainment spaces, public roads and services, etc.?

Campaign Phone (256) 431-1477
Generally, I believe that the people closest to the work should be making the rules. I am not sure that I would be for giving County Government blanket power for every issue. Property rights are very important and that is why our State Constitution limits government's power in this area. Appropriate checks and balances should be maintained when our legislators consider Home Rule.
Providing a business friendly environment is the key for all economic growth. I want to encourage local entrepreneurship and small businesses, as well as recruiting new companies. I will target keeping taxes as low as possible, creating a strong work force, and making sure our infrastructure is in good condition.
My number 1 goal is serving the people of District 2. Far too often the people are overlooked in the political landscape. Politicians are more interested in un-elected bureaucrats, special interest groups, and big business than they are in serving the average citizens they are supposed to represent. I am not that kind of candidate and never will be. I would like to live stream County Commission work sessions as is already done with the regular meetings. I would also like to move some of our County Commission meetings to an evening schedule. This would allow working men and women the chance to attend and address the commission without being forced to take time off from their jobs.
I have a background in accounting, and also hold a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from the University of Montevallo. I believe this experience will be a great asset when working on Limestone County's almost 40 million dollar budget. I also served in the US Army, where I learned the value of hard work, honor, and service. If elected, I will bring those values to the County Commission.
I want to help clean up corruption, return fiscal responsibility to County Government, and put the people of Limestone County first. We need to make roads a priority again. Those are my four main targets in this campaign.
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